Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 415 - Parting Ways

Ch415 – Parting Ways

Old man Hong Kui said, “Unfortunately, some people ran faster than us. However, I didn’t expect for your Corpse Palace to also want a share of the pie.”

Corpse Palace’s Palace Master, Old Corpse Ghost, gave a strange laugh. “Tell me, who in the Five Continents doesn’t want the Twin Lotus Lamp right now? That’s an ancient and divine relic. If you obtain it, you can ascend into the sky with one step and become the new master of this Five Continents.”

Old man Hong Kui narrowed his eyes. “Unfortunately, those two brats, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen, got their hands on it.”

Old Corpse Ghost fixed him with a stare while saying, “I heard that there are also the Huangfu, Ji, and Yuan families together with them. How do you know that it fell into Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen’s hands?”

Old man Hong Kui gave two cold chuckles. “This information came from Sky Peak Sect’s Ren Bulin.”

“Ren Bulin?” Old Corpse Ghost’s eyeballs turned. “The barrier around the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest has only just disappeared in the past few days. He is far away in Sky Peak City, so how can he know?”

Old man Hong Kui smiled mysteriously and replied, “Naturally, an expert gave him advice.”

Old Corpse Ghost stared at old man Hong Kui and gave a Hmph. “I’m too lazy to chat so much with you. Since they’ve already fled, I won’t waste any more time here either — little ones, let’s go.”

When he saw Corpse Palace’s members disappearing right in front of his eyes with a whoosh, old man Hong Kui spoke to his several disciples with a cold expression, “It seems that Lin Xuanzhi and the others have gotten wind of this and fled already.”

A disciple frowned and asked, “Then what shall we do next?”

“The monk can run, but the temple cannot. Since they refused to make themselves an easy target by staying in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, they must have fled outside.”

Old man Hong Kui squeezed the staff made of bones in his hand. “It’s not just us who want to catch them. I want to see exactly how capable they are. Can they protect that Twin Lotus Lamp?”

It seemed that the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest had never been so lively before.

The demonic beasts in the forest poked their heads out and looked at the cultivators in various clothing, who clearly looked like they came from different forces, searching for some unknown item. A few demonic beasts deliberately jumped in front of the cultivators, but they were completely ignored.

The demonic beasts immediately felt insulted and howled to call their friends over in order to besiege these cultivators who actually violated and ignored the rules, give them a good beating, and then greedily take those magic treasures and medicinal pills on the cultivators.

“Shoot, are these demonic beasts fucking crazy? They usually run when they see people. How come today, they’re going crazy instead when they see people?”

“Fuck! It’s the wolf pack, run quickly.”

“Like hell we can still look for Lin Xuanzhi right now. When Laozi came to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest before to hunt, how come I didn’t see so many demonic beasts!?”

“Ahhhh! Hurry up and run! Wisdom Stage three stars demonic beast ancestor ah!”

The Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest was too large and had a lot of barriers and obstructions. Plus, the demonic beasts were going crazy and stirring up trouble everywhere, so Lin Xuanzhi was able to run all the way to the edge of the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest without hindrance by relying on magic treasures and talismans.

From afar, they saw many cultivators on the outer edge waiting for something unknown — yeah right.

On the road, Lin Xuanzhi and the others passed right by the cultivators who entered the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest several times, and Lin Xuanzhi even released Ling Chigu and Feng Jingyu, who had been hiding and kissing inside the soul plate, so that they could secretly scout for news.

Only after hearing the results did they realize that all these people had heard that the Twin Lotus Lamp was on Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen. Thus, they all ganged up and came in to look for him to see who could swallow such a pie.

As for those people outside, some came to see the excitement, but most of them were hostile forces who wanted to guard the entrance of the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest to block Lin Xuanzhi and others’ escape routes.

Of course, Profound Sky Sect and the Lin and Yuan families also sent their own people to receive Lin Xuanzhi and the others, which made the atmosphere very tense for a while, as if they were about to start a fight with just a few words.

When they almost reached the entrance, Lin Xuanzhi parted ways with Sky Peak Sect’s Ren Fuyao, Leng Jixue, and others. Anyhow, their paths after this were different.

Before parting, Yan Tianhen told Ren Fuyao, “Young Sect Master Ren, after you go back, you must tell Ren Bulin that the Twin Lotus Lamp really isn’t on my Dage, so he shouldn’t listen to that prophet’s nonsense.”

Ren Fuyao’s entire face looked tired and he nodded awkwardly. “Don’t worry, I will persuade the Sect Master.”

Leng Jixue was reluctant to go. “If there is a chance another day, you must visit Sky Peak City as a guest. I will act as the host.”

Huangfu Jin stepped up and blocked Leng Jixue behind him with a dark expression. “Acting as the host; I can do that. There’s no need for you guys to look for Ah Xue when you visit Sky Peak City.”

Leng Jixue sighed, quite helpless.

Yan Tianhen tried to endure it, but in the end, he couldn’t endure it. He said to Leng Jixue, “Leng Dage, do you have any unspeakable thoughts about my Dage?”

Duan Yuyang sighed in his heart and silently gave a thumbs-up to Yan Tianhen — so cool.

Leng Jixue asked, “If I say that I really do have unspeakable thoughts, are you going to fight with me?”

Yan Tianhen answered hesitantly, “Probably can’t.”

Nobody knew whether he meant Leng Jixue couldn’t have ideas about his Dage or they couldn’t fight, but Leng Jixue smiled. “It’s impossible for me to have those kinds of thoughts about your Dage.”

Yan Tianhen asked, “Why? My Dage is such a good person; how can you have no thoughts about him?”

The corners of Xiao Linfeng’s mouth twitched. He felt that Yan Tianhen’s words were as though he was asking for a beating.

Leng Jixue still explained with a good temper, “After getting along for so long, I might as well also tell you a secret, so that you can rest assured. I cultivate the Dao of Indifference, so I am innately coldhearted and unfeeling. My heart is a piece of stone, so it’s impossible for me to feel emotions for anyone.”

“Oh, so it turns out that you are cultivating the Dao of Indif–” Yan Tianhen almost bit his tongue as he stared at Leng Jixue. “The Dao of Indifference; that is the most emotionless, loveless, and most difficult Dao to cultivate in this world.”

The seven emotions and six desires were human nature, and even cultivators found it difficult to abandon them completely. However, if one truly lost all worldly desires and became unfeeling with no distractions in their heart, then the day when they ascend and become an immortal would be right around the corner, since their cultivation speed would be a thousand miles a day.

Because it was difficult to cultivate, it was extremely rare. It could be said to be as rare as phoenix feathers and Kirin horns; one in a million.

Unexpectedly, Leng Jixue actually cultivated such an extreme Dao.

In fact, if it were someone else, everyone listening would definitely give a thumbs-up and praise, “That’s amazing!” At this moment, however, everyone couldn’t help but look towards Huangfu Jin, who was standing beside Leng Jixue.

Huangfu Jin’s expression was stunned at first. Gradually, his surprise disappeared, and he fixed his gaze on Leng Jixue for a while. Then he spoke with a normal expression, “Let’s go, someone from home has come to receive us.”

Leng Jixue seemed to have never expected for Huangfu Jin to not even ask anything and was even so calm about it. He was also stunned for a while, then nodded. “Okay, then we’ll see you guys later.”

Ren Fuyao left with them.

Only Lin Xuanzhi and the others were left. Yuan Tianwen couldn’t help but say, “I used to think that Huangfu Jin always looked so annoying, but now I think he is quite pitiful.”

Along the way, everyone had experienced a lot together, so their relationship had unconsciously become closer.

“Falling for a cold-blooded animal who cultivates the Dao of Indifference. I truly respect him. What a man.” Duan Yuyang’s face was full of admiration.

Qing Zhu said, “However, after finding out about this sudden lightning bolt out of the blue, he was actually quite calm. This is rather unexpected.”

Lin Xuanzhi was also quite surprised. Based on how Huangfu Jin went crazy in the past life, his response shouldn’t have been like this.

Yan Tianhen, however, was very happy. “The Dao of Indifference is good ah. This way, he won’t think about my Dage.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled. “Oh, you…”

There were many people who thought about him, but there weren’t many people who thought about him like Yan Tianhen did.

The barrier around the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest had already ceased to exist, so it was very simple to contact people outside.

Yuan Tianwen pinched a Voice Transmission Talisman and exchanged messages with the other side before telling everyone, “My dad gave me a location’s coordinates. He and the Yuan family’s several elders, as well as your two masters and senior martial brothers, are waiting together to meet us.”

Yan Tianhen exclaimed, “Ah, my master is here!”

Wan Yitong was a little happy. “Master has gone out too. It seems that we can leave safely.”

Bei Shitian warned, “Don’t be happy too soon. Since Master came in person, this shows that the situation is critical.”

In any case, it was a good thing to have someone to receive them. It was better than fighting alone.

Because the rumors outside right now all said that the magic treasure was on Lin Xuanzhi, the lives of Huangfu Jin and his party of three were much safer.

When they walked in a straight line to the edge of the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, they were immediately surrounded by people from Sky Peak City who came to meet them.

There were also several disciples of other major sects and large families who surrounded them — “Young Sect Master Ren, I heard that you guys broke the Great Demon-Sealing Array in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest and obtained the Twin Lotus Lamp, is that true?”

“It’s said that the Twin Lotus Lamp is on Lin Xuanzhi, where is he right now?”

“Young Master Huangfu, didn’t you all leave together? Besides the Twin Lotus Lamp, what other good things are there ah! Gentleman Leng?”

It had only been three years.

Leng Jixue and Ren Fuyao exchanged glances. They simultaneously revealed expressions of clear helplessness when faced with the cultivators chattering nonstop, which gave them headaches.

Although Lin Xuanzhi blocked most of the public spears and secret arrows for them, that didn’t mean they wouldn’t be surrounded by an impenetrable crowd.

Soon, Ren Bulin came in person.

His cultivation was at the peak of Profound Realm. As soon as he arrived, his natural pressure scared the cultivators around him so much that they were afraid to speak.

Ren Fuyao first saw Ren Bulin, and only then did he see the Mo Yan beside Ren Bulin. He immediately understood who had revealed the information and seriously regretted not killing Mo Yan to eliminate future troubles.

Ren Bulin walked in front of Ren Fuyao, but his face showed neither joy nor sorrow. “Did it come out?”

Ren Fuyao shook his head. “I didn’t get the Twin Lotus Lamp. I’ve disappointed Sect Master.”

“Where is Lin Xuanzhi?” Ren Bulin’s eyes suddenly became cold as he asked.

Ren Fuyao sighed in his heart. “Sect Master, I can assure you that the Twin Lotus Lamp is not with Lin Xuanzhi. He was always with me. None of us have ever obtained the Twin Lotus Lamp.”

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