Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 989 - The Long Family (1)

Chapter 989 The Long Family (1)

As a few of the Ye Family members spoke coldly, many of the Ye Family disciples started to discuss the matter among themselves.

“Although Ye Qingtang is powerful, her power depends on the treasures obtained from the mystic realm. It was pretty good for her to be able to crush the Duan Family, but opposing the Long Family… that’s a joke!”

“That’s right. As the Eldest Young Lady of the Ye Family, she clearly knew the relationship between the Duan Family and the Long Family but still relied on the treasures she obtained from the mystic realm to humiliate the Duan Family. She wasn’t just humiliating the Duan Family, she was trying to exterminate the Ye Family!”

“Hmph… Ye Qingtang still can’t bear to let go of her treasure at this point. She doesn’t care if the Ye Family is exterminated!”

A few of the Ye Family disciples looked resentfully at Ye Qingtang.

At that moment, Ye Ling’s expression was extremely gloomy. If his daughter was really like that, would she have distributed the treasures to everyone in the Ye Family?!

“Shut up, everyone!” Ye Ling shouted coldly.

However, before Ye Ling could say anything more, a few young men and women strolled to the front door of the Ye House.

Among them was a man dressed in white, with a cold and arrogant demeanor. It was Duan Tianrao, who had doubled back after leaving with the Duan Family.

Standing in front of Duan Tianrao was a girl in red who carried an aloof expression. The girl had also brought along two maidservants.

“Young Lady of the Long Family… Long Rui?!”

Everyone in the Ye Family was shocked when they saw the girl in red.

The girl in red’s name was Long Rui, and she was the beloved daughter of the Master of the Long Family. Furthermore, her ability had entered the realm of the Second Heaven of Martial Qi Level Two, and she was the most outstanding supernaturally talented person in the Long Family!

Duan Tianrao was currently sweeping a glance around him. When he saw the Ye Family shrink back, he glanced at Ye Qingtang with a trace of smugness.

Fortunately, he had made a clean break with Ye Qingtang previously, and Ye Xun had also suddenly disappeared. Otherwise, he would not have had the immense good fortune of meeting Long Rui and have the hope of becoming the Long Family’s high-ranking son-in-law.

Ye Qingtang could never compare with his Long Rui, whether in terms of family background, martial arts ability, or talent. It was almost as if they were from two different worlds.

“The presence of the Young Lady from the Long Family is a great honor for our humble Ye House…” The Third Elder looked at Long Rui smilingly.

However, before Long Rui could speak, one of the Long Family’s maidservants said, “Who is Ye Qingtang!”

When they heard that, everyone from the Ye Family was shocked. Could it because of the incident with the Duan Family…

“May I ask… why are you looking for the Eldest Young Lady of our Ye Family…” The Third Elder asked gingerly.

“Enough nonsense!” The maidservant of the Long Family shouted coldly. “I’ll ask the questions, and you’ll answer. Who is Ye Qingtang!”

“You’re looking for me.”

Ye Qingtang spoke first without giving the Third Elder an opportunity to reply.

“You are Ye Qingtang!” The maidservant from the Long Family looked Ye Qingtang over coldly with an attitude of superiority. Her eyes were full of disdain.

“Your Ye Family is really bold!” The maidservant from the Long Family suddenly shouted coldly. “Doesn’t the Ye Family know about the relationship between the Duan Family and the Long Family? What gave you the courage to condone this reckless and contemptible buffoon from your family, who provoked the Duan Family!”


At that moment, everyone from the Ye Family looked at each other, unsure of how to reply.

“A misunderstanding… there must be a misunderstanding. It is not what you think…”

“That’s right. Our Young Lady has just returned. She hasn’t been in Lin Town for two years and did not know the rules… We hope the Long Family won’t blame her!”

A group of senior members from the Ye Family hurried forward to explain matters.

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