Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 990 - The Long Family (2)

Chapter 990 The Long Family (2)

“Is this your so-called ex-fiancée?”

Long Rui, who had not spoken until then, suddenly looked at Duan Tianrao, who was standing in front of her.

She had naturally heard about Duan Tianrao’s past since her arrival in Lin Town.

Duan Tianrao smiled helplessly when he heard Long Rui’s words.

“Which of us is better?” asked Long Rui.

“Ruiler, how can you lower yourself by comparing yourself to her? I don’t know what my parents saw in her… both of you are from different worlds,” said Duan Tianrao as he looked at Long Rui.

Veins immediately popped out on Ye Ling’s forehead. No matter what, Duan Tianrao had been his daughter’s ex-fiancé. Even though the engagement had been dissolved, he should not treat her like that…

However, Ye Ling did not dare to say anything in front of the Long Family, for fear that something he said might lead to the Ye Family being exterminated.

“Ye Qingtang, why aren’t you kneeling!”

With that, the maidservant from the Long Family looked at Ye Qingtang and shouted at her coldly.

“You… want me to kneel?” Ye Qingtang’s lips curved slightly in a trace of a bemused smile, as if she had just heard the world’s funniest joke.

“Why, do you dare to refuse?!”

The eyes of the two maidservants from the Long Family glittered coldly.

All the senior members of the Ye Family quavered at this scene.

“Everyone from the Long Family, please don’t be angry. The Eldest Young Lady of our Ye Family was in the wrong. Of course she should kneel and apologize, of course she should!”

“That’s right, we will certainly make the Eldest Young Lady apologize and give the Long Family a satisfactory account!”

A few senior members of the Ye Family spoke ingratiatingly while cold sweat seeped from their brows.

“That would naturally be the best, so that we won’t have to waste time,” one of the maidservants from the Long Family said.

“Eldest Young Lady, this is the Young Lady of the Long Family… We cannot afford to offend them. Just kneel and apologize. I’m sure the Long Family will be gracious and drop the matter.”

“Qingtang, please don’t be impulsive. If you don’t kneel, not just the Ye Family, but even you will not leave Lin Town alive!”

“Eldest Young Lady, it’s just kneeling for an apology… in any case, you were in the wrong in this case. If you were showing off in the match between the Duan Family and the Ye Family, then you should have left it at that. Now, even the Master of the Duan Family has been… hurry up and kneel to Miss Long Rui and these two young ladies from the Long Family and admit your guilt!”

All the senior members of the Ye Family looked at Ye Qingtang and spoke in rapid succession.

Before Ye Qingtang could say a word, a maidservant from the Long Family said, “Ye Qingtang, if you kneel, you will live. If you refuse, you will die.”

When she heard that, Ye Qingtang nodded slightly and responded. “Now, I am giving you a chance. If you kneel and admit you were wrong, I will allow you to live. Otherwise, you will die.”

“Ye Qingtang, what nonsense are you spouting!”

With that, all the senior members glared at Ye Qingtang in rage. How dare she talk to the ladies from the Long Family like that! Did this Ye Qingtang really have a death wish?

“Ye Qingtang, as a senior member of the Ye Family, I order you to immediately kneel and apologize to the two young ladies from the Long Family!”

“That won’t be necessary.”

One of the maidservants from the Long Family laughed coldly. “We already gave you a chance. A pity you did not treasure it.”

As the maidservant from the Long Family finished speaking, the two of them swiftly vanished from the yard.



Two longswords were unsheathed and swung straight for Ye Qingtang.

However, Ye Qingtang was still standing motionless in her original spot.

The two maidservants from the Long Family were extremely fast. However, to Ye Qingtang, they were basically like crawling ants.

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