Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 988 - Rare Treasure (3)

Chapter 988 Rare Treasure (3)

The Duan Family was the Long Family’s lackey. Every action had its consequences; when one beat a dog, one must answer to its master. Previously, Ye Qingtang had entered the match in her capacity as a member of the younger generation and defeated a younger member of the Duan Family. This was excusable, and others would have no grounds for accusing her.

However, Ye Qingtang had now taught the entire Duan Family a vicious lesson. Given the vengeful nature of the Duan Family, they would certainly not let it go. If the Long Family also got involved, the consequences were unthinkable.

To the Ye Family, the divine treasures that Ye Qingtang had taken out of her space ring were like hot potatoes.

Ye Qingtang swept a glance at everyone. Did this mean that they were blaming her?

“Ai, Eldest Young Lady, I’m afraid we aren’t fortunate enough to own these treasures. Considering how you treated the Duan Family today, the Long Family will certainly make an appearance… Why don’t we hand these treasures over to the Long Family first? That would be better than the Ye Family being exterminated,” said the Third Elder.

Although everyone in the Ye Family was extremely unwilling to follow the Third Elder’s suggestion, it was presently the most appropriate plan.

With these treasures in hand, their abilities would increase so greatly in a short span of time that they would be vastly different from their past selves. But no matter how powerful they were, they were still no match to the Long Family.

If they were unwilling to hand the treasures over, the Long Family would snatch them away. Then, they might lose their lives, not to mention their possessions. After weighing the pros and cons, the Third Elder’s plan seemed to be the most reliable.

“Hmph, how can we just give these treasures to the Long Family for no reason? If we do that, what kind of standing will the Ye Family have?” The Second Elder shouted coldly.

“That’s right.” The Great Elder nodded and chimed in, “The Duan Family went too far and even severely injured my grandson. If our Ye Family now hands all these Dharma treasures over, we will have no reputation left!”

“Great Elder, of course I understand what you are thinking…” The Third Elder looked at the Great Elder and the Second Elder and said, “If we retain these treasures, they can indeed cause our martial arts abilities to span several levels. It will be an easy matter to crush the Duan Family and their ilk. But can we depend on these treasures to oppose the Long Family?! Ultimately, which is more important: the treasures or our lives?”

“So what. If worse comes to worst, we will fight the Long Family to death!” shouted the Great Elder.

“Great Elder, I know you are angry because your grandson was injured. But let go of your anger. Opposing the Long Family is like using an egg to smash a rock. Even if we die, they won’t be harmed.” The Third Elder sighed.

At present, all Ye Family disciples, including the majority of the senior members of the Ye Family, all agreed with the Third Elder. They were willing to offer the treasures that Ye Qingtang had brought to the Long Family.

“Are you making this decision without consulting me? These things belong to me.” Ye Qingtang swept a glance at the Ye Family’s disciples and senior members before speaking calmly.

When they heard that, one of the senior members of the Ye Family frowned and said, “Eldest Young Lady, what are you saying? If you had not forced the Duan Family’s hand, would we need to do this?”

“That’s right. Eldest Young Lady, even if you have entered the Sect’s mystic realm and obtained a great destiny, you cannot possibly oppose the Long Family. Furthermore, the Duan Family is the Long Family’s lackey. You are well aware of all these facts, but you still battered the Duan Family without restraint. Aren’t you aware of the consequences? As the Eldest Young Lady of the Ye Family, what you said is truly disappointing!”

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