Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Worship Ceremony (3)

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Ye Ling, who was amongst the crowd below the stage, had a darkened expression. He instinctively looked towards Ye Qingtang beside him with eyes full of worry.

Everyone was still waiting for Duan Tianrao to speak. Glancing at the crowd, he announced without further ado,

“Today, may everyone witness that the engagement between Ye Qingtang and me is canceled. From now on, we have nothing to do with each other.”

The moment his words were said, gasps sounded throughout the public square.

“Duan Tianrao actually wants to cancel his engagement with Ye Qingtang? What is going on?”

“Isn’t he embarrassing the Ye family in public?’

Everyone was shocked by the surprising news. The Duan and Ye family are both part of the three greatest family clans, and the engagement between both families had long been a relish to people. Yet, Duan Tianrao actually announced the annulment of his engagement with Ye Qingtang today.

Ye Ling’s expression turned extremely ugly. However, he was aware that if he were to make trouble, Ye Qingtang would still be the one to suffer. Thus, he could only suppress his anger for now.

Duan Tianrao observed everyone’s response without caring much and continued, “This is the first piece of news. The second piece is that Lady Ye Xun from the Ye family and I are in love with each other and will be spending the rest of our lives together.”

As he spoke, he turned around to look at Ye Xun, who was standing beside Duan Tianrui below the worship stage. Following his gaze, everyone’s eyes turned towards Ye Xun.

Ye Xun was donned in a beautiful-looking white top. A faint smile which moved people was etched on her exquisite small face.

“Xun, come up.” Duan Tianrao looked at Ye Xun, who was even more beautiful with the elaborate makeup, and stretched his hands towards her.

With everyone’s eyes on her, she walked up the worship stage with a shy smile and stood beside Duan Tianrao while holding his hands.

“Xun Er, you are now my fiancée and will be a member of the Duan family in the future. On the worship day today, how about you pray for blessings for the citizens as a member of the Duan family as well?” Duan Tianrao looked at Ye Xun with gentle and doting eyes.

Ye Xun nodded her head obediently. Her gentle and appealing appearance stunned many.

Everyone in Lin Town knew that the top beauty in the town was Ye You from the Ye family. No one expected Ye Xun to be this beautiful as well. Standing beside Duan Tianrao in a white top, the two of them looked like a golden couple, picture-perfect.

“Lady Ye Xun was born with good looks and is really compatible with Second Young Master Duan.”

Everyone was stunned by the two announcements Duan Tianrao made. Just an instant ago, he broke off the engagement with Ye Qingtang, and in the next, he professed his love for the Ye family’s adopted daughter, Ye Xun, with whom his engagement was publicly announced.


Although everyone thought that Duan Tianrao’s sudden annulment of his engagement with Ye Qingtang was unexpected, they felt that the golden couple on stage was even more compatible.

Even though Ye Xun was adopted by the Ye family, she was very pretty and treated everyone well. Such a lady was naturally the most suitable choice as a wife in the hearts of many men.

“Since it’s what darling Duan wants, I’ll give it a try,” Ye Xun said humbly with a face full of smiles which infatuated many onlooking men.

Duan Tianrao nodded slightly and silently took a step back.

Ye Xun quietly directed her energy and took a sharp look at the Heaven-Spinning wheel in front of her. At that point, she was no longer the adopted daughter of the Ye family but Duan Tianrao’s fiancée and the future mistress of the Duan family.

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