Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Worship Ceremony (2)

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“In the previous years, either Ye You or Ye Xun would go on the worship stage. It seems like Ye Xun will be sent on stage today now that Ye You isn’t here.”

“Although Ye Xun is adopted by the Ye family, she has pretty good qualifications: a good nature and an outstanding appearance. It is suitable for her to go up the worship stage.”

The public discussed privately. During their conversation, the worship ceremony was about to start, and people from the three great family clans arrived at the side of the worship stage.

Drums sounded below the stage, marking the official start of the worship ceremony.

Si Ye was the first to walk up the worship stage. Standing in front of the Heaven-Spinning Wheel, he prayed for blessing and subsequently raised his hands, directing all his strength to spin the extremely heavy Heaven-Spinning Wheel.

The huge Heaven-Spinning Wheel turned. Hearing a loud dragon groan, everyone below the stage prayed for blessings with devotion while their eyes were locked on the Heaven-Spinning Wheel which was still spinning.

After spinning two rounds, the massive Heaven-Spinning Wheel stopped.

Other than its weight, the Heaven-Spinning Wheel’s chained points were very stiff as it had been passed down for hundreds of years. It was not just ordinarily difficult to spin the wheel; spinning just one round was already very strenuous to ordinary cultivators. Hence, the fact that Si Ye spun it for two rounds naturally attracted much praise.

“As expected of the Eldest Young Master of the Si family, his strength is indeed impressive.”

Below the worship stage, Duan Tianrao expressionlessly watched Si Ye walk down from the stage. Duan Tianrui, who was beside him, was full of smiles as he said to Duan Tianrao silently,

“Second brother, I see that there is nothing great about Si Ye. He is at most at Connate Level 5. You have just made a breakthrough to Connate Level 6 last month. You can beat him effortlessly.”

Duan Tianrao’s lips tugged up while his gaze directly looked past Si Ye and onto the good-looking Si Bai below the stage.

The real genius in the Si family was not Si Ye, but Si Bai. Although Si Bai had not revealed his strength before, Si Ye was not even comparable to him based solely on talent. The only person who Duan Tianrao actually wanted to beat had always been Si Bai.

Yet, it was a pity that Si Bai did not seem to intend on participating.

After Si Ye came down from the worship stage, it was the Duan family’s turn to go on stage. With a jump, Duan Tianrao flew up to the stage.

When Duan Tianrao’s tall figure appeared on the worship stage, many looks of admiration from young girls below the stage landed on him.

In Lin Town, Si Bai’s appearance was the most outstanding among the males of the Si family. However, Si Bai had a weak body and rarely left the house. So instead, it was Duan Tianrao, who had a nice tall figure and a handsome appearance, who received the admiration of many ladies in the town.

Standing beside the Heaven-Spinning Wheel and fixing his eyes on the wheel, he directed his energy all at once and spun the Heaven-Spinning Wheel with all his might.

In an instant, the Heaven-Spinning Wheel turned. As it was turning, the citizens below the stage suddenly widened their eyes.

Under Duan Tianrao, the massive Heaven-Spinning Wheel actually spun three rounds!

This was exactly one round more than the number of rounds Si Ye spun previously!

It was the highest count in recent years.

“Second Young Master Duan’s strength has improved again!”

“Second Young Master Duan is certainly the successor of the next Duan family master. This kind of strength is not comparable to that of an ordinary person.”

Although Duan Tianrao maintained his usual expression, a hint of glee flashed in his eyes. Turning around to face the masses below the stage, he cupped one hand in the other and announced, “To be able to pray for Lin Town’s blessings today is my honor. On this day, I have two things to announce.”

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