Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Heaven-Spinning Wheel (1)

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When she thought up to that point, Ye Xun immediately spun the Heaven-Spinning Wheel.

Ye Xun’s force did not seem to be much, but the direction of her energy did turn the wheel.

In an instant, the Heaven-Spinning Wheel spun a whole round. When the dragon groan sounded, Ye Xun could not help but smile.

Seeing the scene, a look of satisfaction flashed across Duan Tianrao’s eyes.

“I never expected Ye Xun to actually improve so much. I remember that when she spun the Heaven-Spinning Wheel last year, she only managed to spin half a round. Who would have thought… she actually was able to spin the wheel for one whole round this year.”

“No wonder Duan Tianrao would like Ye Xun this much. With her natural talent and beautiful appearance, if Duan Tianrao becomes the family master of the Duan family, Ye Xun will also have the qualifications to be the mistress of the Duan family.”

Everyone was optimistic about Ye Xun and increasingly thought that Duan Tianrao’s annulment of his previous engagement to marry another woman was reasonable.


“But… now that Ye Xun has gone onto the stage as a member of the Duan family, what will happen to the Ye family?”

Uncertainty aroused in everyone’s minds.

In the previous years, the Ye family had always sent either Ye You or Ye Xun up to the worship stage. However, now that Ye You left for Yunxiao Sect and Ye Xun went up the stage as a member of the Duan family, was not the Ye family only left with Ye Qingtang?

If it was in the past, it was without a doubt that Ye Qingtang would go up the stage. However… now that Ye Qingtang’s spirit root was broken, how would she be able to turn the Heaven-Spinning Wheel?

At that thought, everyone’s gaze could not help but be directed towards where the Ye family was.

Under everyone’s watch, Ye Ling’s face darkened to a shocking shade. Although he knew that Duan Tianrao would cancel the engagement publicly, he never expected that Duan Tianrao actually got together with Ye Xun and would publicly announce his engagement with Ye Xun.

At this instant, Ye Ling had no time to attend to the onlookers’ gaze and hurriedly looked at Ye Qingtang beside him with mixed feelings.

He originally planned to send Ye Xun up the worship stage, yet he never expected such a turn of events.

“Tang Tang…” Ye Ling’s eyes were full of worry. Only the younger generation of the three greatest family clans could go up the stage. Even if he wanted to go on stage, the rules did not allow him to do so.

Now, there was only Ye Qingtang…

From the start, Ye Qingtang had been standing beside Ye Ling silently. Even when Duan Tianrao announced his engagement with Ye Xun, she had no reaction at all.

Ye Qingtang saw Ye Ling’s worry-filled eyes, and she could not help but look down.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Ling said, “Tang Tang, you’ll represent the Ye family and go up the stage.”

If not for the fact that there was no one else, Ye Ling would definitely not let his daughter go up the stage in front of everyone.

He was not concerned whether Ye Qingtang could turn the Heaven-Spinning Wheel. All he wanted was to end the worship ceremony as soon as possible. Sending Ye Qingtang up was merely an act of formality.

Ye Qingtang nodded her head obediently as a sly expression flashed across her slightly droopy eyes. Lifting her eyelids, she glanced across at Duan Tianrao and Ye Xun, who were standing side by side on stage, as her lips covered under the veil curled into a slight smile.

The next second, Ye Qingtang slowly took a step forward and walked towards the worship stage.

This attracted the attention of many onlookers.

Everyone had mixed expressions. Before Ye Qingtang’s spirit root broke, she had never gone up the worship stage. Even on normal days, Young Lady Ye rarely left the Ye residence.

Today was the first time Ye Qingtang appeared before everyone.

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