Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 1839 - The Fury of the True God (2)

Chapter 1839: The Fury of the True God (2)

There was no time to waste. Without further ago, Ye Qingtang rushed straight towards the huge figure of the Cursed True God.

As she landed on the bones of the Cursed True God, Ye Qingtang felt immense pressure crushing her from all sides as a familiar song started playing beside her ear…

Thump, thump. Ye Qingtang’s heart sped up and she lifted her eyes to scan around her subconsciously. But the Cursed True God was nowhere to be seen.

It was as though the song was coming right from her heart.

A loud crack suddenly sounded from behind the Cursed True God. As Ye Qingtang lifted her eyes to look, she saw a pair of gray wings growing from the back of the Cursed True God.

What was going on?

A sense of dread rose from within Ye Qingtang. Instinctively, she concentrated all her energy and constructed a huge sword of black flames which she swung directly down at the bones of the Cursed True God.

There was no time to think!

This was her only chance!

As her sword swung towards the bones, the Cursed True God suddenly opened her mouth and let out a soul-piercing howl. The moment the howl spread through the cemetery, Ye Qingtang felt as though her body was being ripped apart.

Blood started spurting from her eyes, nose and mouth.

The song in her heart gradually became more intense, inciting a deep-rooted insanity that was filled with a bitter resentment.

The sense of dread in Ye Qingtang’s heart soared.

Even though the black armor had been lured away by Little White Tiger, the Cursed True God’s overwhelming resentment still remained in her body.

This was from the True God’s anger!

The blood spurting from her mouth seemed to aggravate the undead below her and they let out heart-wrenching groans of anguish. Their bodies twisted as they crawled upwards, as though trying to crawl out of the ground.

“Lowly humans!” the Cursed True God’s voice sounded out.

“You betrayed your God. You traitors… you’re just like him… all traitors. And the only thing that awaits traitors… is death.” The Cursed True God’s voice was filled with malicious contempt.

Ye Qingtang had not expected the Cursed True God’s resentment to appear now. She wanted to escape but it was too late.

The Cursed True God’s red eyes were already fixated on Ye Qingtang. Unwittingly, she felt a force grab her.

Ah! Crushed within the grasp of the force, she was lifted into the air. Every inch of her bones hurt so badly that it made her scalp numb.


While Little White Tiger was in the midst of luring the black armor away, it suddenly heard an earth-shattering howl.

The black armor which had been chasing after it suddenly paused as it heard the sound. As though he had sensed something, he quickly flew back towards the Cursed True God.

Sensing something had gone terribly wrong, Little White Tiger pelted back as quickly as it could to warn Ye Qingtang.

It never expected to see the awoken Cursed True God holding Ye Qingtang midair.

Its heart rose to its throat in an instant.

The pain was unbearable and Ye Qingtang wanted to use the twisted space to escape, but the moment she tried to activate the Deity Ocean, the pressure around her increased.

It hurt so much! It was so painful and an endless stream of blood came from Ye Qingtang’s mouth.

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