Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 1840 - Truth (1)

Chapter 1840: Truth (1)

The scene in front of its eyes made Little White Tiger freeze. It wanted to move forward and save Ye Qingtang, but with the Cursed True God’s pressure over the entire Cemetery of the True Gods, it couldn’t go against the God’s fury.

“Only death can pay for your sins.” The Cursed True God’s voice was heard above all and she shot a beam of red light at Ye Qingtang with her eyes.

That was it!

Ye Qingtang’s heart sank.

But even before the beam of red light reached her, a small figure suddenly appeared in front of her, taking the fatal blow from the Cursed True God for her.

“Little Heavenly Demon!” Ye Qingtang’s eyes widened in shock as she looked at the little figure who had taken the Cursed True God’s devastating attack for her.

The red beam of light surrounded little Heavenly Demon and small cracks started forming on its body.

“Don’t bother about me! Leave!” Ye Qingtang felt suffocated.

Little Heavenly Demon was no longer as obedient as it used to be. The moment the red light surrounded its tiny body, it turned its head around, trying hard to open its eyes as wide as possibly to look at Ye Qingtang.

The next moment, with a loud blow, it exploded.

It had reached its limits. In absorbing all of the destructive forces from the Cursed True God, it had resulted in an immense buildup of energy. The resulting explosion threw Ye Qingtang onto the ground.

At the same time, Little Heavenly Demon’s tiny body collapsed into a tiny heap.

Ye Qingtang couldn’t care less about her pain, she rushed towards Little Heavenly Demon and held onto it frantically.

“Heavenly Demon, humans… betrayers… You all must die.” The Cursed True God’s was still in a fury, and the red light in her eyes became even brighter.

Not seeming to notice, Ye Qingtang held Little Heavenly Demon in her arms and looked at it. It’s eyes were closed and she couldn’t help but feel sorry for it. Her chest hurt, feeling as though someone had cut her flesh and lit it on fire.

Little White Tiger was dumbfounded, but its gaze remained on the black armor. The black armor seemed to not have any intentions of attacking them for now.

“Wake up… Wake up…” Ye Qingtang tried to wake Little Heavenly Demon up, but it still didn’t open its eyes. It was rapidly losing its vitality, even its originally warm body was gradually losing warmth and turning cold.

No! It couldn’t be like this!

Right when the little Heavenly Demon was disappearing, cracks suddenly started appearing on the black armor’s body.

What was happening? Before Little White Tiger could hazard a guess, huge cracks suddenly appeared on the black armor as it shattered, collapsing onto the ground.

At that exact moment, Little Heavenly Demon’s body suddenly left Ye Qingtang’s arms and flew up towards the void. While it was flying upwards, Little Heavenly Demon’s body suddenly exploded.

Beams of light shot out from the little Heavenly Demon’s body.

In that instant…

The scene before Ye Qingtang’s eyes had become an illusion. It was a chaotic scene, but also felt really familiar to Ye Qingtang.

It was a few hundred thousand years ago, when the primordial humans worked with the Heavenly Demon to launch an attack on the True God…

Ye Qingtang had seen it before in the shrine.

But this time, it was different.

In her illusion, the Heavenly Demon named Tu Fu seemed to be confined in a secluded underground prison. That time, he had defeated the primordial humans who guarded him and escaped.

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