Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 1838 - The Fury of the True God (1)

Chapter 1838: The Fury of the True God (1)

“That’s the armor of the Heavenly Demons. Do you really think you’ll be able to conceal yourself completely in front of him?” It was clear that Little White Tiger was sceptical.

“I have my ways.”

Although Ye Qingtang seemed confident, Little White Tiger had no idea what she had in mind. In the end, it could only follow along if they were to leave this mystic realm.

Little White Tiger quickly brought Ye Qingtang and Little Heavenly Demon away to a safer distance and put Jiang Shaobai and the other unconscious two somewhere outside the Cemetery of the True Gods.

Originally, Ye Qingtang wanted Little White Tiger to take Little Heavenly Demon along with it just in case, but how could Little White Tiger feel safe with something that wanted to eat it?

For all it knew, the black armor wasn’t going to do any harm to it at all. It couldn’t say the same for Little Heavenly Demon! That greedy thing was always staring at it like it was a delicious morsel waiting to be cooked.

“It’s a Heavenly Demon. As long as it doesn’t attack the bones of the Cursed True God, the armor probably won’t attack it,” Little White Tiger said.

Even though Little Heavenly Demon was still young, it was a Heavenly Demon after all, and was the strongest out of the three of them.

“Instead of worrying about it, shouldn’t you worry about whether your plan will work? You only have one chance. Even if I can lure it away successfully, we’re not going to have a second chance if you don’t manage to destroy the bones of the Cursed True God this time.”

Ye Qingtang knew this as well.

She threw Little White Tiger a look.

It was time.

With a sigh, Little White Tiger looked at the huge bones of the Cursed True God in the distance, then opened its mouth and rushed towards the bones with flames around it.

The moment it attacked the bones of the Cursed True God, the black armor which had been standing there quietly, suddenly jolted. A red glow appeared in its empty eyes.

It was clear that the attack on the bones of the Cursed True God had angered the black armor. In an instant, the black armor rushed straight towards Little White Tiger.

All of the hairs on Little White Tiger’s back stood on end and it immediately fled. It was about to remind Ye Qingtang to conceal herself properly but suddenly realized…

That Ye Qingtang who had been beside it had vanished!

What was going on?

Although Little White Tiger was shocked at her disappearance, it didn’t dare pause for another second. It quickly went along with their plans and ran towards the border of the Cemetery of the True Gods.

It seemed the black armor was able to sense that Little White Tiger had attacked the bones of the Cursed True God. As if attracted by an unknown force, it rushed straight towards Little White Tiger.

The two figures vanished suddenly from the Cemetery of the True Gods. The moment the black armor vanished, twisted space suddenly appeared in the void.

In the next second, Ye Qingtang dropped down from the twisted space and straight onto the mass of contorted undead beneath her.

It was impossible for Ye Qingtang to conceal her breath from the Heavenly Demon, but the Deity Ocean within her could twist space.

The moment Little White Tiger attacked the bones of the Cemetery of the True Gods, Ye Qingtang had activated the Deity Ocean and crossed through to the other dimensional space. Once she had entered it, her breath naturally disappeared from the Cemetery of the True Gods.

When Ye Qingtang looked around, she realized that Little White Tiger and the black armor had already vanished from her sight.

Yes! Her plan had worked!

But it was too early to celebrate and she didn’t dare get distracted. She had no idea when the black armor would reappear.

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