Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 193 - Let’s Get Inside

Chapter 193: Let’s Get Inside

Three days later, in the city where Shi was staying, all the people on the list were eliminated.

Shi didn’t participate in the action with Ying Feng and the others for the three days.

And he spent all the three nights with Long.

Long cared about Shi’s body, so he didn’t want to do too much.

However, thinking that Shi might go to kill people, Long thought it was good to keep him around in such a way!

In addition, Liu Suifeng’s pills had been ready, which made Long feel relieved.

Since it could keep his lover from going out at night, Long was very happy.

They wouldn’t need to stay there after three days anyway.

However, what made Long feel a little strange was the murder case that he heard when he just arrived there.

The result of the investigation was that it was just a revengeful murder in the martial arts world.

Moreover, Long still remembered what Shi said that day. “They deserve to die.”

Long felt a little strange, but his empress obviously didn’t want to talk about it.

At last, Shi still didn’t tell Long what exactly was going on.

Originally, Long thought that he’d just let it go since Shi didn’t want to tell him.

But this day, they found that a man was still alive in that house.

And that man went straight to Long and Shi!

Although that man was killed at last, he shouted before he died, “Shi Qingzhou! You’re a maniac! Go to hell!”

Long’s face darkened after he heard those words.

Compared with Long, Shi looked much better.

Long grabbed Shi’s hand and asked what on earth happened to that house.

Shi frowned and didn’t speak.

“Qingzhou! You must tell me!” Long said seriously.

Shi pursed his lips. Finally, he said calmly, “Most of them were from Eastern Darkness.”

Long was stunned. “Eastern Darkness?”

“Yes. They were capable spies from Eastern Darkness. Fang Shuoyang sent me the message that that was a dangerous place.”

“This man was from Eastern Darkness, too?” Long asked.

“I don’t think so,” Shi said coldly, “He’s local.”

“He colluded with Eastern Darkness and slandered you. Damn it!” Long got angry.

Shi said calmly, “In order not to arouse suspicion, Eastern Darkness hired many common people.”

Long finally understood. “The murder case… Qingzhou, those people were killed by the Shadow Guardians?”

“Yes.” Shi nodded.

“They also killed the innocent people?” Long was a little worried.

Shi was very indifferent. “Those people were not innocent from the very beginning.”

Long didn’t know how to argue with him.

Shi stared at Long. “Do you think I’m cruel?”

“No.” Long let a long breath out. “Qingzhou, you’re not cruel at all. I’m just worried that it will bring retribution.”

Those words stunned Shi.

Long suddenly held Shi into his arms. “Qingzhou, if there is really retribution, I just hope it won’t come to you. You belong to me. I will suffer that for you…”

Shi was completely shocked.

Long said softly, “We’ve killed so many people. Qingzhou, if someone must be punished, I hope that man is me. Qingzhou… I’m scared. I’m scared that something bad will happen to you… So, if someone needs to be killed in the future, let me do it.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? We should share happiness and woe. What’s more, they just deserved to die,” Shi said coldly.

Long smiled bitterly. “Alright. But Qingzhou, promise not to hide anything from me in the future. You said that we should share happiness and woe. I bet you know what that means.”

Shi stared at Long and nodded slowly.

Long smiled. “So, don’t make any decision alone, especially when it’s about you. Qingzhou, you know what I’m saying, don’t you?”

Shi nodded gently. “I see.”

“Okay. Where are we going next?” Long smiled.

After thinking about it, Shi said, “Quanzhou. Let’s go there to have a look.”

Long nodded. “Good. Let’s go to have a look. I’m also worried about that place.”

Shi smiled. “Then let’s go.”

“Okay, let’s go!” Long held Shi’s hand.

It wouldn’t take long for them to get to Quanzhou because it was on the same route. Long went there by carriage and naturally, Shi was with him.

Long asked Shi to close his eyes and have a rest in the carriage. Even though Shi didn’t feel tired, he didn’t refuse Long’s kindness.

It took them two and a half days to reach the boundary of Quanzhou.

“Is it here?” Long lifted the curtain of the carriage and looked out.

Shi also took a look and nodded. “Yes, that’s it.”

Long frowned at once. “The atmosphere here…”

That was outside of the city, but many people were gathered there.

Those people gathered there and none of them looked good.

“Why did they drive us out of the town?”

“Yeah. We should stay in the town. Why can’t we go in?”

“That’s our home. Let us in!”

“Yes, let us in!”

“Stop yelling.” A man looking like an officer shouted in front. “You know why you were sent here. The doctor has confirmed that all of you are fine. There is an outbreak of plague in town and almost every family is suffering. The doctor is trying to find a way. In order not to let you be infected, you were sent there. It’s good for you to stay outside of the city. I know, your family members are in there. You feel sad and you’re even willing to die with them. But they’re still alive, aren’t they? The doctor is trying his best. We should believe him!”

“That doctor has been here for several days. If he was capable, he would’ve already figured out a way.”

“Yes, what if he has no way? We won’t see our family members at the end of the day?”

“I’m going in. No matter what you say, I’m going in!”

“My son is still in there. Let me in! I need to take care of my son!”

That officer was a little angry.

“What’s the use of you going there? You’ll get infected and increase the doctor’s burden. What do you think you can do? Your family members are in there. So are ours. Your family members may have the chance to receive treatment now. But if you go there and get infected, the number of patients will be increased. Because of your recklessness, your family members may die. Do you want that to happen?”

That officer shouted loudly and the crowd finally quieted down.

Long and Shi heard that clearly in the carriage.

It seemed that the situation in the city was very tense…

Shi commanded, “Ask the person in charge to come here.”

The Shadow Guardian did his bidding.

Soon after, the person in charge arrived.

“Greetings, Your Grace. Long live Your Grace.” That was a fat middle-aged man.

“Tell me what’s going on.”


It turned out that the plague had already started a month ago, but only a few people were infected at that time.

Later, it became more and more serious.

However, a so-called “miracle-working doctor” went there over ten days ago.

That doctor gave prescriptions and some people who were sick got better after taking the medicine, which brought hope for all the people.

Because the situation was under control, the officials in the city didn’t report it to the imperial court.

Unexpectedly, seven days ago, the people who were getting better suddenly became extremely ill.

Then, the people who got infected doubled.

And that doctor… went missing.

Later, the right prime minister also fell ill and it was quite serious.

Therefore, the officials reported it to the imperial court quickly and imperial doctors were sent there. But… there was nothing they could do for the moment.

Three days ago, Doctor Liu Suifeng arrived at this place.

Liu could be really called a miracle worker. His arrival stopped the disease from spreading.

But the plague was so horrible. If healthy people stayed with the sick or even breathed the air of the same place, they would be infected.

So, some people who had been confirmed to be healthy were driven out of the city.

There were four gates in total in the four directions. Shi and Long were at the east gate. In fact, the situation at all the four gates was the same.

Nobody knew whether Doctor Liu had come up with a solution.

But the officers and soldiers were ordered to tell the common people that the government could solve the problem and they couldn’t make things worse.

Therefore, a lot of officers and soldiers were sent there to pacify the crowd.

The official in charge told Shi the whole story. After asking several more questions, Shi let that official go.

Long knitted his brows. “I didn’t expect it to be so serious.”

“Mhmm.” Shi nodded. “Shall we go in?”

Long also asked Shi. “What do you think?”

Shi said, “I must go to have a look, but you…”

“I’ll be with you wherever you are,” Long said firmly.

After a pause, Shi smiled. “Alright, let’s go in together.”

Long was very happy that Shi agreed. “Okay, let’s go in…”

Shi nodded. “Let’s go.”

As the curtain of the carriage was closed, they slowly went toward the city gate…

Looking at the flustered crowd outside, Long clenched his fists in the carriage. All of them… were his people…

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