Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 192 - Felt Refreshed

Chapter 192: Felt Refreshed

“Right-Prime Minister was infected with a pestilence which was raging in Quanzou.”

Long and Shi received this unexpected message in the late afternoon.

“How could the pestilence outbreak at this time? Quanzhou just showed signs of prosperity. ” Long frowned greatly.

Shi was calmer than Long. In other words, Shi was more indifferent and callous now.

“The pestilence is not incurable. Liu came from Quanzhou. He probably can find a solution.”

“Eh, I forgot Liu.” Long clapped his hands, “Let’s go for him.”

Shi did not refuse. They walked toward Liu’s room.

But… before they approached the door, Long was stopped by Shi.

Long was confused, “What’s wrong?”

“They are having sex.” Shi answered slightly.

Long was stunned a bit. Shi spoke of sex in such a cold tone… This was what Long didn’t expect.

“Ahem.” Long cleared his throat on purpose. “Having sex, eh… the pestilence is not so urgent, we could wait.”

Shi took Long’s arm and dragged him away as if he didn’t want Long to get close to that room at all.”

Long even staggered by Shi’s drag, “Qingzhou, don’t walk too fast.”

Shi did not slow down but sped up.

Long wanted to cry but had not tears left, “Qingzhou, why did you walk so fast? I didn’t want to have a look inside.”

Shi suddenly stopped, “You wanna have a look?”

Long widened his eyes, “I said I did not want to have a look!”

“Oh.” Shi pursed his lips.

Long couldn’t help twisting his lips. Although Shi looked indifferent now, he was cute sometimes in Long’s eyes.

Long pinched Shi’s face, “I didn’t want to watch that.”

“Hmm.” Shi responded slightly, “Let’s leave and come back later.”

They left.

Long and Shi returned after about two hours.

By the time, Liu and Ouyang had cleaned up themselves.

Long behaved as normal as if he completely had no idea about what happened here.

With the face getting red, Ouyang glared at Liu.

Liu felt innocent. He held Ouyang’s hand to comfy him under the desk, but Ouyang brutally shook his hand off.

Long said, “Liu, A pestilence was raging in Quanzou.”

“Quanzhou?” Liu frowned. Quanzhou was the place where he stayed the longest since he went downhill. Then he immediately said, “I’ll go and check it.”

Pausing for a while, Ouyang also felt a little worried, then he reluctantly said, “I’ll go with you.”

Liu curled his lips slightly, “Good.”

Ouyang curled his lips, then looked away.

Long said, “Okay, you go there first. Qingzhou and I will act according to circumstances.”

Liu nodded, “I will make the pills tonight before we leave.”

“Good. Thanks.” Long expressed his appreciation.

Liu shook his head. He couldn’t wait, then he left Long and Shi alone and hurried to prepare pills.

Chatting with Ouyang for a while, Long felt the breath of Shi getting colder and colder. Long laughed, “Okay, we have to go now..”

Ouyang nodded, realizing that Shi had been staring at him with a murderous look just now.

Long held Shi’s hand and walked out.

Under the moonlight, Long stopped and gazed at Shi’s face, “Qingzhou, you don’t like me to speak with others, do you?”

Shi narrowed his eyes, “No, You think too much.”

After sighing, Long kept going ahead with Shi hand in hand, and said, “Qingzhou, Quyang and Liu helped us a lot, right?”

Shi noncommittally said, “Hmm.”

Long slightly scratched the center of Shi’s palm, “Qingzhou, You don’t think so?”

Shi answered indifferently, “Yes, I agree.”

Long nodded, “Alright. But I just want you to know I only love you, so you don’t have to be jealous of anyone. You are my only lover.”

Shi paused for a long time before slightly responding, “Hmm.”

Long laughed and had a peck on Shi’s lips, like a surprise attack.

With his lips puckered, Shi felt the wetness and warmness. Looking at Long’s brilliant smiling face, Shi gave a slight smile after a while.

That gorgeous smile almost blew Long’s mind.

Long softly took Shi in his arms, “Let’s go back.”

Shi nodded, “Hmm.”

When Shi sat up in bed late at night and was about to get out of the bed, Long woke up in a daze.


Shi stopped moving, then turned to Long, “Eh?”

“Are you going out?”

Shi paused and said, “There’s an action.”

Long frowned, “Ask Ying Feng to take charge.”

Shi did not reply.

Long pulled Shi to lie down beside him forcefully, “You accompany me to sleep. Leave everything to Ying Feng.”

Shi kept silent for a while, then nodded. “Oh.”

Long kissed Shi’s face in satisfaction. “Hmm, good.”

Shi glinted.

Feeling perfectly content, Long fell asleep with arms around Shi.

Looking down, Shi thought of one problem.

It seemed… they hadn’t had sex for a long time.

Why didn’t Long make love with him?

His physical condition did not allow Long to do it before.

But now?

With light redness flashing in his eyes, Shi pursed his lips, moved close to Long and kissed Long on his lips.

“Huh?” Long was stunned, “Qingzhou?”

Shi kissed him more passionately, which soon turned Long on. But Long pushed him away at last, “Qingzhou, stop.”

The red in Shi’s eyes was getting stronger in the dead of night.

“Why? You don’t want to touch me?” Shi’s voice was a little cold.

Long was burning up with sexual desire, so he didn’t notice it and gave a bitter smile, “I want. But for your sake, I would like to wait until you take the pills made by Liu and fully recovered. Yum… ”

Long didn’t finish his words because Shi’s violent kiss followed.

Long had forgotten other things under Shi’s kiss, wondering he couldn’t be called a man if he held back his desire under such circumstances.

Making a low roaring, Long reversed the position and kept Shi under his body…

It was late at night. There was no candlelight in the room, only a low wheeze arising…

At this night, the guardians also fulfilled the task under the leading of Ying Feng.

At the same time, someone was losing his temper in the crown prince’s palace in the Eastern Darkness.

“Shit, shit!” A desk was split into chippings.

In front of this young man, two men in black knelt stiffly, with their heads bowed.

“You stupid jerks! Jerks!” This young man was enraged.

The two men in black didn’t dare to talk back at all.

“Tianlong Dynasty got rid of all my lurkers! You stupid jerks! Jerks!”

“Your Highness, His Majesty summoned you. Please hurry to the imperial palace.” An eunuch’s voice sounded outside.

The young man then suppressed his rage and snapped, “You two, go to Quanzhou of Tianlong Dynasty immediately. You must take down Quanzhou by cooperating with Du Long.”

“Yes, Your Highness!” Both of them answered at once.

“If you fail again, just die there. Don’t come back.” The voice of the young man was as cold as ice.

“We will fulfill the task even at the risk of our lives.”

“Get out.”

Long didn’t know the crown prince of the Eastern Darkness had gone crazy for his nation.

On the next day, Long felt refreshed when getting up.

The fact that Shi behaved actively last night pleased him.

Turning his head around, Long smiled after seeing Shi was still asleep beside him.

Long got close to Shi and kissed Shi on his lips.

At the moment, Shi’s light red eyes opened. Long kissed him on his eyes lovingly.

He loved to see Shi with his figure reflected in Shi’s eyes, because he was the only one in Shi’s eyes.

“Qingzhou, you are awake…” Long’s voice was a little hoarse.

Shi nodded, “Hmm.”

Long gave another kiss on Shi’s eyes, “Are you tired?”

Shi shook his head, “No.”

Long still massaged his waist blandly for a while.

Shi did not refuse, just enjoyed Long’s service.

“Feel comfortable?”

Shi nodded, “Hmm.”

Long pulled Shi up, “Qingzhou, let’s get up. We had to ask about the guardians’ action last night.”

“Hmm.” Shi nodded slightly.

Long asked, “What do you want to eat for breakfast?”

Shi answered unconcernedly, “Anything will be fine.”

“Alright.” Long walked out with Shi, hand in hand, when Ying Feng appeared immediately.

“Ying Feng, how was it going last night?”

“The task was fulfilled.”

“Eh.” Long nodded, “Good job! Yingfeng!”

Shi glanced at Ying Feng slightly, making Ying Feng sense a cold homicidal intent.

Being frightened, Ying Feng felt lucky that the intent did not last long…

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