Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler

Chapter 194 - Someone Played Tricks (I)

Chapter 194: Someone Played Tricks (I)

The big carriage entered the city through the side gate, which was naturally noticed by common people.

They were stunned, then clamored, “Who are they? Why are they allowed to enter?”

“Right. Didn’t you say it was not allowed to enter the city? How could they have the privilege?”

“Are they distinguished nobles? Damn it! The noble can enter the city, but we common people can’t?”

“Right. Let us in, we wanna go inside too!”

“Release us, we all wanna go inside!”

The clamor outside couldn’t influence Long and Shi.

The carriage was permitted to go inside, and even the highest-ranked soldier garrisoning the city gate was reverent and respectful to them. It could be seen that that people in the carriage were indeed the noble and powerful.

The common people’s protest were suppressed again by the soldiers.

At the same time, the carriage carrying Long and Shi had went inside, with the clamor left behind.

But with the carriage keeping going, Long’s face turned to be more and more serious.

The condition inside the city was not optimistic.

They kept seeing some patients with disgusting faces wandering in the street.

It turned out that the disgusting face was the symptom of the pestilence.

“Why are those people staying outside?” Long asked Shi in a low voice, even though he didn’t know if Shi could give him the answer.

Shi glanced at those people, then replied gently, “Because they do not want to stay at home, or they’re not the native and couldn’t get out of the city now.”

Long was stunned, then understood his meaning. There were a great number of non-native population in this city. Some of them were infected with the pestilence and forced to be isolated inside the city.

As a matter of fact, Shi guessed right.

Most of patients staying in the street were not the natives.

They lodged in inns before. But after the the pestilence outbroke, some inns were filled with guests, and some other inns were closed, so they had no place to stay.

Fortunately, people could stay outside in such a warm season.

With respect to consumable supplies, the government had made appropriate arrangement.

The carriage did not stop for a moment, but directly was driven up to Right-Prime Minister’s Mansion.

Right-Prime Minster got infected too, and was dying.

When Long and Shi got there, everyone in the mansion felt insecure. People staying in the mansion all got infected and had little opportunities to survive. Thanks to Right-prime Minister’ talent in managing subordinates, they were devoted to their duties even if they knew they were dying.

Therefore, Right-Prime Minster’s Mansion was not chaotic.

Of course, there were many people uninfected in this city.

Such as soldiers garrisoning the city.

It was possible that those infected people would riot under the life-threatening situation. If no soldiers garrisoned there, those people couldn’t be controlled at all.

With respect to the soldiers, anyone infected would also be sent to other places.

Long and Shi got off the carriage.

“Who are you?” The manservant guarding the door questioned them.

Shi showed his token, “Lead me to see Right-Prime Minster.”

Seeing the token, the manservant widened his eyes, then hurried to lead the way.

On the road, Long asked, “Are Miracle Worker and his friend here?”

“Yes, they are both here.” The manservant answered immediately.

Long nodded, “Since Miracle Worker was here, you can feel relieved. You’re gonna be okay.”

The manservant was a little excited, “Yes, yes.”

Long stopped talking. Then a housekeeper came to him.

As soon as that manservant mentioned the token, the housekeeper understood and then knelt down before Shi reverently.

As for Long, he dressed like a manservant and looked nothing extraordinary, just like commoners walking on the street. Although Long looked like a common people and the housekeeper didn’t know his status, it was necessary to show them his respect.

How could such a person keeping pace with Shi be a common one? But what on earth was his status? Since Long didn’t want to reveal his identity, the housekeeper had to pretend to know nothing!

Under the leading of the housekeeper, Long and Shi walked to the door of the Right-Prime Minster’s room.

Long waved his hand, “It’s okay. We’ll go inside by ourselves.”

“Yes, I’ll wait outside. Feel free to ask me if you need anything.”

The housekeeper went out. Long and Shi stepped into the room together.

A maid was wiping Right-Prime Minister’s face with a wet towel at the bedside.

The maid was also infected with the pestilence. Half of her face looked horrible.

Shi frowned, then gave an order coldly, “You can leave now.”

The maid guessed Long and Shi were led to the room by someone, so she directly left.

Hearing the sound, Right-Prime Minister opened his eyes from a dead sleep. When catching the sight of Shi’s face, he was stunned greatly and subconsciously widened his eyes.

“Your Grace… It’s really Your Grace!”

Shi nodded coldly, “Right-Prime Minister, long time no see.”

Right-Prime Minster struggled to sit up, whose action showed he was better than the dying.

Long smiled, “Right-Prime Minister, how are you doing? Are you alright?”

Right-Prime Minister stared blankly, “You…” He was not familiar with Long’s face, but the voice…

Long removed the mask with a smile.

Right-Prime Minister was extremely stunned, with the voice trembling, “Your… Your Majesty… ”

Long waved his hand immediately, “Right-Prime Minister, don’t be excited. It is me.”

“Your Majesty, greetings… ” Right-Prime Minister was about to kneel down in excitement but was stopped by Long, “No need for the empty formalities. Take care of yourself.”

“Thanks, Your Majesty… ” Clearly knowing his physical condition, the Right-Prime Minster was definitely touched to see the noblest Emperor here, for both him and the common people infected by the pestilence.

The present Emperor did things vigorously and effectively, was not coward at all and distinguished the good from the bad as well. He was a really good emperor.

“You came.” When Long was about to say something, Liu Suifeng and Ouyang Chuan came in.

Shi just glanced at them indifferently.

Long was a little enthusiastic, “Liu, Ouyang, How have you been since I saw you last time?”

Liu smiled, “Eh. You are very courageous to come here when the pestilence is raging the city now.”

Hearing this, Long only laughed, “It’s okay. I’m not afraid with you beside me.”

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