Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 298: The Price Is Too Low

Chapter 298: The Price Is Too Low

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Wan-Er nodded and said, “Certainly not. Whoever is capable like that is always a terrifying figure. No matter whether he is an evil or a noble, Feng Zhiling must be a frightful man. He is such a stable person, and such a man should have great achievements.”

Master Bai nodded slowly and said, “I can feel that he has deep hostility to me. It is unable to be solved.”

Wan-Er smiled and said, “That is reasonable. He should be. If he doesn’t see you as an enemy, that would be strange. After all, the kingdom you are trying to collapse is his home country. His spirit is to protect his home. If he didn’t show hostility against you, we should be alert.”

“Maybe I have been lonely for too long. What a good luck to have such an opponent now.” Master Bai smiled blandly. “If this Feng Zhiling can be a real enemy to me, that would be very exciting.”

He took a long breath out. “For such a long time, it has always been you and Xiu-Er who do the work. I haven’t moved for so long…”

Wan-Er spoke with a low voice, “Feng Zhiling is an outstanding figure… but he is not qualified enough to get you to a fight. Let Xiu-Er and me deal with him for now… If he truly has the capability to be against us, or even defeat us, it won’t be late for you to make a move then. After all, if he is just an easy piece to defeat, he won’t bring you any joy.”

Master Bai smiled and nodded.

“However, honesty goes first. I truly don’t want to work with him at all, but I promised I will. Since we have to take care of the two great sects, We have to do it well.”

Mater Bai spoke in a deep voice, “When we are in the battle, we fight for different sides. We surely can do whatever we like. However, now that I promised something, I shall accomplish it. No matter whether it helps our allies or our enemies!”

Wan-Er nodded. “Naturally. I understand.”

Wan-Er was actually so happy. It was a good surprise to her what happened this day. It meant her master’s legs would be cured after not long! To Wan-Er and Xiu-Er, that was a great thing to know!

However, when somebody was feeling happy, there would always be some others to ruin the joy, no matter whether it was on purpose or not.

At the moment, it happened.

When Wan-Er was feeling happy, she heard somebody speak in a deep voice, “We, the Sunlight Sect offer ten million for this Bone Ablutionary Dan bead! We will get it!”

The entire hall suddenly fell into silence.

Many people looked to where the voice came from. Some people lowered their heads and didn’t do anything more.

The price of a supreme level Bone Ablutionary Dan bead should be at least 300 million in this auction!

The starting price was ten million!

The Sunlight Sect actually yelled out a price of ten million!

They didn’t raise a bit of the price and wanted to take the item down on its starting price!

Apparently, they were bullying others!

They were playing the rascal. [We are the Sunlight Sect. We call ten million, and we will get the dan bead!]

It wasn’t difficult to know the meaning behind it. [We are the Sunlight Sect. You better not be against me! We are going to buy this one for ten million! Who dares to snatch it, we will remember you…]

That was absolutely threatening!

Wan Zhenghao nearly jumped up when he heard that. The killing intent showed up again on Liu Changjun.

They both turned over to look at Ye Xiao. They were apparently waiting for his order.

Ye Xiao was just silently stood there with a smile on his face; it seemed like he didn’t want to do anything.

Guan Wanshan, the master on the stage, was also stunned when he heard the bidding. He didn’t know what to respond. After a while, he raised the hammer and said, “Ten million from Sunlight Sect the first time! Anybody who wants to raise the price? A supreme level Bone Ablutionary Dan bead! Any bids beyond ten million?”

He sounded weak; he was acting so differently than he had been in the stage earlier.

He realized that this supreme dan bead was very likely going to be bought by Sunlight Sect for ten million taels of silver. Nobody would dare to bid against the Sunlight Sect.

People would surely do the Sunlight Sect a favor. It was the No. 1 sect in the Land of Han-Yang after all.

However, an item that should be worth 300 million was now sold for ten million, and that was just the starting price. Now that it was in an auction… that was so unbelievably ridiculous if it was sold this way.

Nobody said anything. People from the Sunlight Sect were smiling. [Wan Zhenghao didn’t want to save us something good. Fine. We will take it our way. We will get something we want anyway.

We will get to you soon after this!

We will take that dan-maker with us! We will not let anybody in Ling-Bao Hall go! Even though you have been holding a great auction, even though we are not going to have most of the supreme dan beads, we will have what you earn today. We will tell the whole world what would happen if anybody dares to offend us, the Sunlight Sect. Even though you are the No. 1 salesroom in the world, you won’t be able to survive.]

“Ten million, the second time…” Guan Wanshan sounded tired. He was more like an old man now, and his voice sounded weaker and weaker.

In the Sky No. 1 Room, Wan-Er’s face had turned green.

She should be in a good mood, yet she heard the words from the Sunlight Sect. She was actually threatened… Right after the Ling-Bao Hall and the House of the Chaotic Storm agreed to be allies, they were threatened!

That was not just a problem about annoying her.

Wan-Er felt like she was slapped hard on her face while she was smiling.

It should be a coincidence, but it was a bad one!

The flame of anger suddenly raised inside her.

It was a coincidence indeed, but somebody had to be blamed!

Master Bai’s eyes showed a flash of cold light. [This Sunlight Sect must be very stupid. They have seen Feng Zhiling just walk out of my room. Even though he is not my friend, he should be somebody I am connected with, yet they still dared to do such a thing. They are clearly disgracing me!”

“Ten million. The third…” Guan Wanshan raised the hammer. He was about to helpless hit it and say the words he didn’t want to say: “deal”.

“Wait!” A clear but sullen voice sounded from the Sky No. 1 Room. “You actually want to take a supreme Bone Ablutionary Dan bead by ten million taels?”

The man who spoke for the Sunlight Sect was shocked. [I bid for the Supreme Dan bead by forcing them with the power of my sect. What does it have to do with your House of the Chaotic Storm?]

Wan of the Clouds loudly spoke in the hall, “This price is too low and it desecrates the fame of supreme dan. We, the House of the Chaotic Storm bids for it; 300 million! How much do you want to add, Sunlight Sect? You said you will get it, don’t you? You have to continue!”

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