Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 299: Stop Bidding? No Way!

Chapter 299: Stop Bidding? No Way!

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Now, the salesroom fell into an absolute silence again.

The man of the Sunlight Sect who bid showed an embarrassed face.

The House of the Chaotic Storm was threatening more obviously than they did. They didn’t even try to cover it.

They actually directly mentioned the Sunlight Sect!

[You want to suppress people with the name Sunlight Sect. Now I use the House of the Chaotic Storm on you!

You said you will get it? Well, continue the bidding then!

Do you dare?]

That was quite a retribution that everybody would love to see!

Everybody else sincerely felt good about it.

[We don’t dare to mess with you Sunlight Sect, but somebody does!

And they did. Now, even you Sunlight Sect will have to stay quiet.]

The man of Sunlight Sect didn’t speak. He sat down with a dark face. The House of the Chaotic Storm was such a mysterious and powerful organization. The Sunlight Sect had to play deaf now. If they kept being tough on this, it would bring them a fight that would definitely cause a loss of them.

On the other side, Li Wanchun of the Starlight Sect nearly laughed out. [You deserve it! Didn’t you think you are so awesome? Now you swallow your pride? Hahahaha…]

Now that the Sunlight Sect was quiet, Guan Wanshan was spirited. He said, “The supreme level Bone Ablutionary Dan. 300 million the first time. 300 million the second…”

“Wait!” Wan-Er said.

People was shocked. [Another ‘wait’? What is it now?]

Wan-Er spoke loudly, “Sunlight Sect, do you think everything will be just fine if you play deaf? Didn’t you say that you will surely get it? Now I name my price, yet you suddenly become deaf and mute? Is this the way you claim to be a super sect?”

The Sunlight Sect was directly pointed at again.

This time, it was about their sect’s reputation. They knew they had to do something. If they kept playing deaf and mute, even if they could get through this situation, things would be really bad for them when they returned to their sect!

The faces of the three people from the Sunlight Sect all turned red. They would rather hide under the table when they felt the eyes from everybody in the room.

They were surprised. [We never heard that Ling-Bao Hall and the House of the Chaotic Storm are connected.

Why are they helping the Ling-Bao Hall? They are helping with full efforts!

There must be something wrong about it.

That lady, Wan of the Clouds, is obviously quietly waiting for our response.]

The old man of the Sunlight Sect stood up; he looked friendly and calm. He smiled and said, “Although we really want to have this Bone Ablutionary Dan bead, since you, Lady Wan, bisd, we should surely make a step back for you.”

“Who do you think you are? Do I need you to?” Wan-Er said, “We don’t need you to make a step back. I don’t want people to think that I am playing some dirty trick against you, like I am using the power of the House of the Chaotic Storm to threaten you. I don’t want that reputation. I will not damage the fame of our house.”

That was basically swearing. She was talking about how dirty the Sunlight Sect was to use the power of their sect to force others.

The three people from the Sunlight Sect gritted with their teeth, yet they didn’t dare to do anything. The old man tried to smile. “Lady Wan, you are taking it too seriously. Who on earth dares to disgrace the House of the Chaotic Storm? Besides, you are making a fair price here. That supreme dan bead should be yours.”

“I am not making it too serious. I am telling the truth.” Lady Wan cold said, “However, since you said that my price is fair, why did you make a price of ten million? What was that about? Is your ten million taels so valuable that it is equal to our 300 million?”

The men from the Sunlight Sect was furious.

[What the hell is wrong with this gal? We are trying so hard to be humble in front of her. Why does she have to get on us?

We have never offended you.]

They didn’t know that if this happened fifteen minutes earlier, the House of the Chaotic Storm would never mind. They would wait and see how things would go; they might just let the Sunlight Sect take the dan bead by a price of ten million and see it as a joke.

After all, the House of the Chaotic Storm coming here this time was just to accompany their master. They never wanted to snatch anything.

Now, things were different.

Feng Zhiling went upstairs for what? For exactly what was happening now. If the item was sold for ten million to the Sunlight Sect, the agreement of cooperation would be as useless as fart.

Lady Wan-Er, Master Bai and the whole House of the Chaotic Storm would never allow that shame on them. How could they let new allies to be bullied like this right after they agreed on the alliance?

Nobody answered to the question about the price of ten million from Sunlight Sect.

It wasn’t a good time to argue now.

If they dared to say anything, they would totally offend the House of the Chaotic Storm.

However, even though they didn’t say anything and tried to give up, Wan-Er wouldn’t let them go. She said, “The auction is to let the one who bids the highest price to have the item. It is a historical rule. You said you will surely get this dan bead, yet now after I bid, you actually become silent. You make it look like I am bullying you. I cannot take that. You have to bid now quickly!”

People all understood what was happening after she said so. [Lady Wan-Er decisively want to make some trouble for the Sunlight Sect today!

They couldn’t stop bidding, yet they wouldn’t dare to go on bidding!

The Sunlight Sect must be very embarrassed…

They suppressed everyone so that they could take the dan bead with only ten million.

Now, their retribution has arrived, and their retribution was even forcing them to buy it!

Lets see what you can do now, Sunlight Sect!]

The old man from the Sunlight Sect sighed. His face was full of wrinkles. He said, “Since the lady has said so, we cannot let the House of the Chaotic Storm be disgraced. Well then, we bid 500 million!”

The old man was also a vigorous figure.

He actually added 200 million on the price.

He had clearly made his point: [We do this only to flatter you. If not so, we won’t bid. Now we are showing enough respect to you, aren’t we?]

It was easy for him to say that price, yet deep in his heart, it was painful like suffering a cut from knife.

As the top super sect in the world, when did they ever have such a shame before?

They were challenged, yet they had to smile, flatter, and bid.

He felt that he was like a prostitute now!

People all felt he fierceness from the House of the Chaotic Storm. They all felt fearful. [That is so terrifying! Only by talking, they have actually made the Sunlight Sect bow like this!]

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