Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 297: The Prince, Chen Zhi

Chapter 297: The Prince, Chen Zhi

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[What the hell! What is that question about? What is he talking about? It is already such a great favor to donate the dan beads. That is not his responsibility. He has given out such a lot, so how come you actually questioned him about it!]

[Honestly, it is such a reckless question!]

Ye Xiao was shocked and surprised.

The three princes were surely powerful competitors in the fight for the crown. They actually had no connections to Feng Zhiling at all. The three of them just saw Feng Zhiling offer such a great donation, so they thought Feng Zhiling was a very close friend to the Kingdom of Chen, and he would surely be very friendly to the future king of the kingdom. That was why they were so eager to ingratiate themselves with him. They didn’t care about how the war was going, and they didn’t care if their men in the other three battles would have their dan beads or not.

The youngest prince, who was impossible to win the crown, asked such a question all of a sudden.

The boy’s whole life was decided by the king when he was born!

It wasn’t a good question and it was unreasonable to ask, but he cared about it!

“It takes time to make the dan beads and it needs many materials. I don’t have it for now…” Ye Xiao was enlightened, so he said as a test, “But you can talk to Lord Lan and see if he can give some of them to the soldiers in other battles. I already gave him the dan beads, so he owns them. No matter what he will do with them, I will not be against it!”

Chen Zhi heard that and plumped his cheeks, and then he shook his head. “Forget it. Soldiers will be saved in the south with these dan beads. It may change the result of the battle. If we give some of them to other sides, the south will have far less dan beads to use. That would make no efficacy. For the same reason, the other three sides will also lack it.”

Ye Xiao was surprised about this boy’s thoughts. He said, “Does the southern side really need so many dan beads?”

Chen Zhi was shocked; his eyes rolled as he said, “Hmm. It may not need all these dan beads for now!” And then he was enlightened. He loudly spoke, “So it is… I see.”

Ye Xiao was praising this boy in the heart, and he asked on purpose, “What do you see? Why are you talking so oddly?”

The other princes, Lan Langlang, and Zuo Wuji all looked over. They didn’t understand why the Monarch of the Ling-Bao Hall would be so interested in this little prince, who was not even over ten years old. It was apparently an unreasonable question, yet the Monarch still answered.

Chen Zhi was a prince, but he was the least valued one. If the Crown Prince, or the King of the Kingdom of Chen himself was here, Monarch Feng wouldn’t certainly show such kindness!

Chen Zhi clearly didn’t know much about all this. His brightly shone as he said, “Kingdom of Chen is facing enemies from four sides. It is a dangerous moment. Since the strange thing happened in the south, the situation became so weird. The normal military attack didn’t work anymore. However, everyday, there are fights between some superior cultivators from both sides. Powerful superior cultivators from the enemy forcibly breaks through the boundary and make surprise attacks, so less soldiers died, but more superior cultivators in our side die…”

“Since so, even though it is such a waste to have two Leading Generals in the south battle, we cannot call any of them back recklessly. If anything happens and the god given boundary is snatched by the enemy, it will be a disaster to us.”

“Now that we have these marvelous dan beads, General Lan can let the superior cultivators in our side be on duty by turns so that the injured ones can be taken cared of. General Lan will be able to guard the south by himself. Prince Hua-Yang and his people can be back and go to the east or the west. That will save the kingdom from a great crisis.”

The boy was enlightened again and he said, “No wonder you asked Lord Lan to take the dan beads to General Lan. It will go to General Lan, not to Prince Hua-Yang, who was in charge now. You are trying to remind Prince Hua-Yang and General Lan that one of them needs to head back. It’s such a waste for both of them to stay there.”

After the boy’s explanation, everybody understood it now.

They didn’t know that the Monarch of the Ling-Bao Hall giving three bottles of dan beads actually had such a profound meaning.

At the moment, Zuo Wuji interrupted, “Your highness, do you know… why Feng monarch didn’t say it clearly?”

Chen Zhi thought for a while with his eyes wide opened and said, “Well that… Feng Monarch is not in the court after all. He should avoid arousing suspicion on some issues. Even though he doesn’t care, somebody does.”

Zuo Wuji’s lit up as he clapped. He then said, “That’s right. You do have a good view.”

And then he added, “Very good.”

Ye Xiao glanced at Chen Zhi. He didn’t expect this little prince to be so smart.

At the moment, the auction was has reached its middle point, and it was getting more and more intense. The supreme level Pei-Yuan Dan beads were all sold, and the last bead was even sold for sixty million.

The other dan beads were half sold. The lowest price of them reached a hundred million!

Although the other dan beads were all more valuable than Pei-Yuan Dan, it was still an astonishing thing that one hundred million was the lowest price!

It made this auction the most significant and most luxurious auction in history. The total amount of money that was spent in this auction would very likely be more than all other auctions together in one year.

It might even be a lot more.

Unlike the perfervid situation downstairs, the six guys in the Sky No. 2 Room and Sky No. 3 Room were showing dark and sullen faces.

They could be sure about one thing now. Apparently, Ling-Bao Hall didn’t save them anything good!

The threats they had made meant nothing. If they kept sitting there doing nothing, they would bring nothing back!

Thus, they prepared to do something now.

They had to bring some dan beads back after all.

As for Ling-Bao Hall disgracing them, they would never let it go!

[How dare you disgrace the Starlight Sect/Sunlight Sect. It won’t be forgiven…


At the moment, the only one group who didn’t care and wasn’t even going to pay attention to the auction, stopped being silent. It was the Sky No. 1 Room. Since Feng Monarch left the room, Master Bai had been quiet. Now, he finally spoke.

“Wan-Er, what’s your thought?”

Wan-Er was surprised. She then understood the question. She answered, “Feng Zhiling? He is obviously a very capable man.”

Master Bai smiled. “Only capable?”

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