Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 272: Benefit From The Tussle?

Chapter 272: Benefit From The Tussle?

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Nan Tianxing couldn’t hold the spiritual qi he had forcibly gathered in the air anymore. He embarrassingly fell down to the floor like a blown off kite.

He felt his body starting to get stiff. He tried to move but failed.

- Boom! - Ye Xiao fell off and embarrassingly hit on the floor too. His bones and muscles were severely injured. It took him a long time to get up from the floor.

Nan Tianxing was right in front of him. He could easily reach his hand to touch Nan Tianxing’s body. Nan Tianxing was on the floor like a dead body.

The cold death qi inside his body had fully burst.

The Demonic Blade Weapon!

It made a great effect at the very important moment!

The wounds on Nan Tianxing stopped bleeding. They became purple cyan within seconds. His blood veins were gradually freezing. After just a while, more than sixty percent of them were broken.

He kept his eyes widely opened as he stared at Ye Xiao. In his eyes, there was only desperation, unwillingness, and also doubts.

He just couldn’t believe that the guy who was supposed to be much weaker than him could actually take him down!

Just minutes ago, he was still the one who occupied the higher position in this fight like everything was under his control!

He stared at Ye Xiao and asked with great difficulty, “What… What is that?”

Ye Xiao took a breath and sat on the floor. He reached out his finger with a disdainful smile on his face. He drew out a needle from inside Nan Tianxing’s chest.

It was a narrow flying needle.

And then he put the needle back into his hair.

He then drew out another and put it back again and again…

While drawing out the seventh one, he rolled his sleeve and showed his wrist. He revealed the fake skin on it, put the needle into it, and then put the skin back on. The whole process was shown clearly to Nan Tianxing. He didn’t even try to cover it. When the fake skin was put back on his wrist, it didn’t even show a tiny bit of flaw.

When he finished all of that, he looked up at Nan Tianxing and blandly said, “Do you understand now?”

Nan Tianxing was astonished. He couldn’t believe it, yet he still nodded and said, “I see…”

And then his head fell to the side. He finally died.

This man who had been called the fierce star in the south sky, who had been conquering the whole world, was now dead in Ye Xiao’s hand.

At this moment, his face became purple cyan and purple dark.

The moment he lost his life, he finally understood why he died. He died with a clear mind after all.

He got to know that this Feng Monarch pretended to fight like crazy at the beginning and then tried to look exhausted. He thought Ye Xiao was going on a desperate fight, yet all Ye Xiao had done was for a bigger plan. Ye Xiao just wanted to make Nan Tianxing treat the fight lightly. The fact was, his true killing strike was only shown at the last moment.

When the killing strike was shown, Nan Tianxing died.

He looked at Ye Xiao taking back the needles from his body and put them into his hair and his wrist… He finally understood what Ye Xiao was truly doing when he made that strange move in the air.

He was operating the last trike when Nan Tianxing thought that he would certainly win!

It was a strike that made the final call!

It turned out that Ye Xiao could actually make such an attack under such desperate circumstances!

With only one strike, he ended the fight, and the would be winner had been changed!

If Ye Xiao made the last strike earlier, it wouldn’t work at all! It only had such power because it was used at the very last moment and killed the man who was too much stronger than him.

Nan Tianxing thought that he didn’t deserve to die in Ye Xiao’s hand. However, it was quite reasonable since Ye Xiao had such a big plan in mind.

“Actually, you are not fully aware of what happened,” Ye Xiao sneered and lightly spoke to Nan Tianxing’s corpse. Then, he also took back the flying knives on that body and put them into his hair…

He looked around and made sure nobody saw that. Then, he picked up those needles that missed the target.

One by one, he put them all back to where he kept them.

Taking care of the mess after the fight, Ye Xiao took a breath of relief. He was relaxed. All of a sudden, he felt that his body was like going to break apart. He felt like his bones were cracking at the same time. He didn’t even want to move a tiny bit.

As he relaxed after the crisis ended, the negative status on his body took place. He didn’t have energy anymore.

At this moment, he felt so sleepy. It seemed that he could pass out right at the next moment. Although he had broken through to the second level during the fight, his Jing and Mai were seriously damaged. Thus, he didn’t feel any pleasure in it.

He was lucky to break through at that very moment. The power that should be used to proceed with the breakthrough appeared, and most of it was used on the upgrade. Yet, what was left in him supported him on the last strike after all. It made him win.

Otherwise, he might not have the power to operate the last strike as he was seriously wounded. He might have passed out in the air, and that would be a real disaster!

“That was close!” Ye Xiao murmured. He didn’t dare to loosen his mind. He tried his best to stay awake and operate the spiritual qi in the Boundless Space to recover his body.

There was an auction waiting for him. He couldn’t delay it. It was not a good time for him to sleep and rest.

Sleeping was the most efficient way to recover himself though.

The egg had poured so much spiritual qi from the world to Ye Xiao. It helped Ye Xiao regain his capability to fight. However, the purple qi the egg released was huge. There was still a great big amount of purple qi stored in the Boundless Space. As long as Ye Xiao had time, he could easily recover from the fight and even heal himself well.

At this very moment, a figure suddenly flashed in with a smile on his face, “The well-known Feng Monarch is actually such a great cultivator. He can actually kill a master of the Starlight Sect. Well, their fight eventually benefits me… Hah, hah. It truly is my luck to have this unexpected opportunity.”

This man laughed in a weird way. It sounded as bad as an owlet.

Ye Xiao closed his eyes and sighed in his mind. [The fight has drawn people who should be informed after all.

I was preparing to leave right away, yet I am too weak to move myself.

Who is this man anyway?

I was fully concentrated on the fight seeking for the chance to win. I couldn’t pay attention to the surroundings at the same time. I didn’t even notice when that man came.]

He opened his eyes and saw the man. The man was wearing cyan clothes and a tall hat. It was the dress of the Sunlight Sect.

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