Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 271: The Killing Strike!

Chapter 271: The Killing Strike!

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Furthermore, Ye Xiao drew back all of his spiritual qi including those he had used as a shield to guard himself. He was now ready to take in, rather than to let out.

It was the exact same thing he did while fighting against Wenren Chuchu as he tried to break through.

He was like a huge whale absorbing the water of the ocean!

In other words, he was once again forcibly trying to break through under such a desperate situation. If he didn’t, he would have no chance to survive this fight.

Even if he could still stand it for a while, he would eventually die in the fight.

Nan Tianxing’s full-power palm strike pushed the energy into Ye Xiao’s dantian like high-pressure water!

- Boom! - Ye Xiao couldn’t help moaning when he was hit firmly by that attack. He rapidly fell back like a fallen leaf. Nobody knew that there was a shock inside his body at the same time. The boundary between the first level to the second level of the Sky Origin Stage was broken at this moment.

Ye Xiao was truly bold. Under such a dangerous situation, facing the moment of life and death, he chose to take such a reckless action. He was actually using the energy from the attack of his enemy along with the spiritual qi that surprisingly filled his body to crash down the boundary. And... he actually succeeded!

It was truly seeking life opportunity in death! He was rushing forward along the way of death!

When the boundary was broken, endless spiritual qi rushed into his Jing and Mai like tide.

Although he had broken through the second level of the Sky Origin Stage, he had paid a price for it. It was actually quite a huge price to him.

While the boundary was broken, he spat out blood three times. His Jing and Mai were wounded in an instant. In fact, even his organs were damaged because of that shock. Nan Tianxing’s full-power attack wasn’t ordinary. It was not only Ye Xiao’s mouth that came out with blood, so as his nose, ears and eyes. He was apparently seriously hurt!

Nan Tianxing was surprised. He was stunned and then turned more furious. There was blood coming out between his lips. His entire body was bleeding, however, he didn’t stop attacking. “How dare you! You are a dead meat on my bowl, and yet you actually believe that you can escape! I have to kill you, you bastard…”

Ye Xiao’s eyes lit up. He looked at all those wounds on Nan Tianxing’s body, especially the wounds on his slightly collapsed chest. He was enlightened.

All his effort was worth it. He finally got the opportunity.

When Ye Xiao failed with his needle attack, he realized that Nan Tianxing was in a very high cultivation level, and he must be stronger than all the superior cultivators who were in the same level in the Land of Han-Yang. Even though the needle attack was fierce and powerful, it barely harmed Nan Tianxing.

That was why Ye Xiao had made a special plan to deal with this situation.

At first, he made Nan Tianxing suffer in cold damages so that the latter would be too cautious to make any attacks. And then Ye Xiao made a series of attacks to push Nan Tianxing to defend. It bought Ye Xiao time to prepare his soul and saint soul power. What came next was his Monarch’s Sword, the special martial art. It would have been perfect if he could strike Nan Tianxing down at that time, but even though he didn’t, at the very least, it had caused Nan Tianxing great trouble. At the same time, it increased the chance for Ye Xiao to win the fight anyway…

That was Ye Xiao’s plan. Surprisingly, breaking Nan Tianxing’s chest bone wasn’t in this plan.

Nan Tianxing was far too stronger than him in cultivation, so he didn’t expect too much.

However, Ye Xiao didn’t expect that Nan Tianxing could have such a good reaction and strength. He was thinking that he would get an absolute advantage when he ran the Monarch’s Sword. It turned out Nan Tianxing had defended against it really well. Nan Tianxing was so good at defense. Ye Xiao had stricken three sword attacks, yet none had caused any fatal damage to Nan Tianxing.

The biggest mistake Ye Xiao made was that he overestimated himself. Even though he had broken through to a new stage, the Sky Origin Stage, and simplified the technique of the Monarch’s Sword, the three strikes had still ran out his spiritual qi. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been hit so hard by Nan Tianxing and been stepped on.

The Boundless Space had helped him a great deal this time.

It was a surprising situation.

In fact, even if the Boundless Space didn’t do anything to help him, he could still have a chance to save himself and defeat Nan Tianxing. However, it was surely better to have help!

Now, Nan Tianxing got hit, so he was furious. He jumped up to the air and it was exactly what Ye Xiao wanted at this moment. He had just broken through the second level, and that gave him confidence!

And it also gave him luck!

In Nan Tianxing’s eyes, this Feng Monarch was falling down like a fallen leaf, and he must have lost all power to defend himself.

However, he would have never expected that it was right at this dangerous moment when Ye Xiao risked his life to push himself into a new level! If he knew about it in advance, he would have stopped and observed Ye Xiao for a while even though Ye Xiao couldn’t even move.

However, Nan Tianxing would never know that a man could break through a new level under such circumstances.

There was no precedent in the entire history!

In fact, he had noticed something different, but he just didn’t pay attention to it.

All his mind was focused on was how to torture Ye Xiao once he captured him. All he was thinking was to make Ye Xiao beg for death, make him regret coming to this world, and regret messing with his future master!

In his eyes, there was only torture and excitement.

[I am going to catch you and break your arms and legs. And then I will fix them before breaking them in pieces again. And break them then fix them again and again. Let it be the first game we play once you become my slave!

Show me how you can resist it if you dare!]

He was just lost in such an enjoyable thought while Ye Xiao twisted his own body in a strange way in the air.

Nan Tianxing didn’t pay much attention to that either.

Rolling in the air after being strongly hit would surely make the victim twisted. In most cases, they were just unconsciously doing it. It was normal.

Suddenly, there was some special aura in the air. A stream of black qi showed up and disappeared shortly!

The true killing strike of Ye Xiao finally came!

The next moment, Nan Tianxing started to screech all of a sudden.

Over a dozen of the wounds on his body started to become extremely painful, and they were all making Nan Tianxing feel cold!

It felt like there were lots of hidden weapons stabbed into his body in an instant.

As the black glow shined in the air, three flying knives shot into his chest. Twelve flying needles got into everywhere of his body!

It stabbed real deep!

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