Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 273: Tiger Comes down to the Plain?

Chapter 273: Tiger Comes down to the Plain?

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That man looked so surprised and happy like he had found something extremely valuable. He felt so good looking at the dead body of Nan Tianxing and Ye Xiao who was unable to move even a bit.

He didn’t look old at all. He should be about forty.

He was low in cultivation, no higher than the sixth level of the Earth Origin Stage. Even when Ye Xiao hadn’t upgraded to this level, he could easily defeat this guy. However, at this moment, Ye Xiao was the one who would be easily defeated!

Ye Xiao opened his mouth with great difficulty, “Who are you?”

The man suddenly heard Ye Xiao’s voice. He suddenly turned vigilant and stared at Ye Xiao. Apparently, he was an alert man. He laughed and said, “You are not trying to allure me and kill me like you kill Nan Tianxing, are you? Hah, hah. I surely would fall into your trap if I didn’t see what happened to him. However, I have seen enough of your schemes.”

He ridiculed, “To be honest, Feng Monarch, I know everything including how many hidden weapons you have and where you keep them.”

He pointed out a finger and said, “Feng Monarch, they are in your hands, arms, ankles and even your neck. Feng Monarch, you do have a profound thought. You actually made yourself like a hedgehog. How admirable. By the way, is there any in your crotch? I think that that would be the most secret spot to hide them.”

He sounded so wretched. He showed like he was in control of everything and he talked boldly.

Ye Xiao coughed and spat out some blood. He said blandly, “It is me who should be admiring you. You have observed quite carefully. As the monarch of the Ling-Bao Hall, I have to carry something with me so as to protect me from death.”

The man laughed and said, “Feng Monarch, you are being rodomontade now. Do you want to threaten me? Do you think you can get away by bragging? Now that you are in my free hands, if you truly are thinking about doing something against me, you are truly a fool.”

And then he drew out a sword. - Shring! - He said, “Feng Monarch, now, please take off all of those teeny tiny little things on you. Otherwise, with this long sword in my hand, I can easily kill you without moving one step ahead. I won’t take any risk. Feng Monarch, although you are a valuable person alive, but if I die, it won’t do me any good no matter how valuable you are. Hmm. Let me do you a favor then. Keep your pants. I don’t think you would hide those needles and knives between your legs anyway!”

He laughed, “I was thinking that I should let you take off your pants. You killed Nan Tianxing of the Starlight Sect after all. I am just a small figure. You could kill me easily. I just cannot let you have the chance. Now, I will count to three. If you don’t take off all those stuffs, I will kill you right away! No hesitation!”

He smiled, “Now, I am going to count. Feng Monarch, please listen carefully and think carefully… One!”

Ye Xiao smiled bitterly. “You are truly a cautious man. Is everyone in the… Sunlight Sect as cautious as you?”

He felt relieved in his heart actually.

The man came late, so he didn’t know Ye Xiao’s true identity. He knew a part of the truth. Maybe he just thought of something according to what he did see about the fight. He knew nothing about what had happened at the beginning.

That was reasonable.

At the beginning of the fight, Nan Tianxing was not so seriously wounded yet. His spiritual mind was all over this zone. If this man came over before that, he would be discovered by Nan Tianxing. If so, Nan Tianxing would surely kill him first.

After all, this man would stop Nan Tianxing from having Ye Xiao on his own.

Nan Tianxing didn’t want anybody else to know the truth, just like Ye Xiao.

If Nan Tianxing was to deal with this guy, it would be as easy as raising up his hand!

Ye Xiao smiled bitterly because he had just put all those stuffs back, and it costed him quite a while. Now, he actually had to take them off. He felt lucky though, as that man didn’t insist that he should take off his pants. With such a cautious man, the guy would very possibly make him do so.

“Feng Monarch…” The guy smiled blandly. He grabbed the sword harder. “I am counting… Two!”

Ye Xiao sighed. He didn’t hesitate. He started to take them off from the hair. He moved quickly.

The guy was afraid that as time went by, Ye Xiao would recover from the fight. That would be disaster for him for sure. In fact, Ye Xiao was afraid that as time went by, there would be another guy getting into this mess.

“There is truly no such place with absolute privacy!” Ye Xiao was upset. “This is such a nice and secret place, yet today it felt like a market or something… That is so annoying!”

The guy’s eyes turned sharp. As Ye Xiao took off one item, he counted once. Eventually, Ye Xiao had taken off the last item which was on his ankle. He was exhausted. The guy finally felt relieved as he said, “Feng Monarch, you are a reasonable man. A wise man submits to fate.”

Ye Xiao smiled with difficulty. [He doesn’t even dare to step forward a bit. Now, he is truly a little out of my reach. I am not sure if I can kill him with just one strike.

Now that I am so badly wounded, if I fail, I may die in his hand instead. He is a cautious man. Life and wealth, he would definitely choose life.]

Ye Xiao couldn’t handle it anymore. He lied down lightly and tiredly said, “Who are you? Who are you in the Sunlight Sect? I would have never expected that there is a man like you in the Sunlight Sect.”

The guy laughed and he seemed proud. “Feng Monarch, my name is Chen Yuanfeng. I am a nobody. Nothing to mention about.”

Ye Xiao closed his eyes and nodded. He said, “That’s right. You are a nobody. I, Feng Zhiling, has traveledaround all my life. I have never expected to fall into some nobody’s hands. What a fate of mine…”

Chen Yuanfeng’s voice turned pungent, “That’s true. No matter how strong you are, you are now nothing but a drowning dog! Feng Monarch, let me give you an advice. When you are unable to do anything, you better keep your mouth shut or say something nice.”

Ye Xiao kept his eyes closed and blandly said, “That’s true. A dragon fell to the seaside. A tiger came to the plain. That is what I am.”

The guy couldn’t bear it anymore. He shouted, “How dare you ridicule me? Under such circumstances, you actually dare to ridicule me?”

While speaking, he walked ahead.

He was angry, but he didn’t stop being cautious. He didn’t put down the sword in his hand. He knew that he was always in danger as long as Feng Zhiling was breathing. This guy was a man who killed Nan Tianxing after all. He knew that he might get himself killed by any reckless move.


[1] When tigers comes down to the plain, of what use are their claws?

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