Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 262: Was It an Illusion?

Chapter 262: Was It an Illusion?

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All the Nine Spaces inside the Boundless Space were running under an extreme circumstance, but it was just enough to hold it. The balance was so close to collapsing. A moment later, Ye Xiao, who was deeply lost in cultivation, finally had a reaction. His body was swelled like it was going to explode. He suddenly woke up. The East-rising Purple Qi that had been running in an extreme speed suddenly stopped too.

At this moment, Ye Xiao found that his dantian wasn't empty like it had been earlier. It was suddenly so full, and it was almost going to explode. The spiritual qi had filled his dantian, to the point where it was about to explode.

He was surprised.

He wondered how would such an unbelievable change happen within just a single night?

So he stopped the East-rising Purple Qi right away. The purple qi from all over the world stopped rushing into him!

It was actually that simple to stop a disaster from happening!

Surprisingly, he heard Bing-Er moaning. She seemed in pain with her eyebrows frowned.

The next moment, she became peaceful again. She actually took a light breath out and looked casual.

Ye Xiao asked, "Bing-Er, what's wrong?"

Bing-Er was confused as she said, "I felt ill all of a sudden, like my body was about to explode. But I feel better now. Nothing wrong. And I actually feel comfortable. That's weird..."

Ye Xiao knew that he might have caused an effect to Bing-Er while he was cultivating. Now that she was alright, he felt relieved.

However, he would never know that the reason for all the changes was his East-rising Purple Qi. When the East-rising Purple Qi was running inside Bing-Er's body, it attracted the purple qi from all over the world. Furthermore, the purple qi filled Ye Xiao's body and the Boundless Space. When he suddenly stopped the East-rising Purple Qi, the purple qi stopped rushing into him. However, what he didn't know was that the last rushing mass of purple qi all rushed into Bing-Er's Jing and Mai instead of rushing into his.

That was the reason why Bing-Er felt ill, and her body felt like it was about to explode.

However, the next moment, the purple qi that remained inside Bing-Er, which was quite a lot, just disappeared inside her. She returned to normal all of a sudden. Bing-Er was the one who was experiencing it, yet she didn't know anything about it, that's why she was quite confused.

Well, Ye Xiao knew nothing about this either.

He totally had no idea how the spiritual qi could change so much. And in fact, he didn't know that if Bing-Er was a normal person, she should have already exploded into pieces moments ago...

As for why Bing-Er felt comfortable, it wasn't her illusion. She truly was comforted. A huge mass of spiritual qi had moistened her Jing and Mai that had been dry for a long time. She was completely nourished by it. It would be real weird if she didn't feel good about it!

Ye Xiao had poured spiritual qi into Bing-Er so as to wash her Jing and Mai. However, he treated her as an ordinary girl who had no cultivation capability at all. He had been pouring the spiritual qi in a too peaceful rate several times. Even though the East-rising Purple Qi was mysterious and incredible, Ye Xiao was in a low cultivation level. The several times of spiritual qi washes were nearly nothing to Bing-Er's body.

Although it had helped recovering her body, it would still take a long time. That's why Bing-Er was still yet to fully recover. This time, when the spiritual qi poured into her body in a massive amount, her Jing and Mai, which had been nearly dried out, were incredibly moistened. That surely brought her a good result!

Ye Xiao made sure Bing-Er was alright, and then he started to check on the Boundless Space. And he was shocked by what he found.

Inside the Boundless Space, the purple qi was all around. It was so dense that it seemed to be solid. The Nine Spaces were trying so hard to absorb and continually convert it into nutritions that they needed. Even though they were absorbing and digesting so hard, the spiritual qi inside the Boundless Space didn't seem to be reduced at all.

"What the hell!" Ye Xiao was stunned.

[What the hell is going on?

That is so horrific and so against the nature, isn't it?!]

Even though he was experienced and well-informed, he truly didn't understand what happened through the night.

How come there could be such a huge change within just one night.

He had just broken through the first level of the Sky Origin Stage, yet now he was almost about to break through the second level. The spiritual qi inside the Boundless Space was so full that it seemed to be about to explode at any second...

"If I can make this happen everyday, I will have a breakthrough every day..." Ye Xiao murmured as he rubbed his lower jaw, "That means I will only need ten days to return to the Qing-Yun Realm."

He couldn't help smiling while thinking about it.

However, he didn't know that he was simply having a good dream. What he had done was to kindly take care of Bing-Er's Jing and Mai. However, he didn't know that when he was doing that, he entered a special condition himself. That was when he mentally became one with the nature.

It was a wonderful thing to enter a condition where he became mentally one with the nature. It made him deeply devoted to cultivation. What he could achieve by cultivating under such a situation for one day could be as much as what he got after cultivating a hundred days under normal circumstances. In such a deep cultivation state, he was certainly lost in it. He was certainly lost in that absurd state, and his body had automatically cultivated. That was the best way to improve his martial art!

Bing-Er's Jing and Mai seemed normal. She was just like some ordinary person, but in fact, her Jing and Mai were profound like oceans.

While Ye Xiao was in that into-nature condition, he accidentally activated the hidden power inside Bing-Er. Because of that, the vortex that connected the sky and earth showed up. With the help of the East-rising Purple Qi, it suddenly wiped out all the purple qi all around the world within a second!

None of them noticed what had just happened. Although they were having profits from it, it brought a huge crisis to them at the same time. If Ye Xiao didn't have the Boundless Space to contain the purple qi from all over the world, and if Bing-Er accidentally kept the last part of the purple qi, both of them would have been killed by self-explosion, because neither of them could contain the massive amount of the purple qi!

However, even if they wanted to return to this state again, it wouldn't be that easy. It required chance, luck, position, time... and all other factors. It wouldn't happen without having all those at the same time. As such, what Ye Xiao was dreaming of was nearly impossible to happen.

This accident had truly brought many dangers, but it turned out Ye Xiao got all the profits. Bing-Er got some of hers too. At least, she would be totally recovered by the next few days!

That was the purest energy of life!

Ye Xiao was feeling the spiritual qi inside him. He was confident. He murmured, "After the auction today, I am going to try to break through the second level!"

He simply washed himself and talked to Bing-Er before he left.

When Bing-Er saw Ye Xiao off, her big pretty eyes were blinking. It seemed she wanted to say something, but she didn't say it.

Ye Xiao's figure was out of her sight.

Bing-Er frowned and murmured, "Why do I feel weird about Brother Xiao? It is like... Like his body is filled with blood, with some kind of... horrible thing. What is wrong? Is it my illusion? Hmm. It must be!"


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