Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 263: Secret; The Intent To Kill!

Chapter 263: Secret; The Intent To Kill!

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Ye Xiao found a secret place to avoid being recognized. He changed into Feng Zhiling again.

He had been to this place for many times. It was a dead end. He could never get caught changing his appearance there. He had done it many times.

It was, however, a significant matter to not reveal his real identity, so he had to find somewhere safe to do the disguise. That place was the perfect option.

However, there was nothing sure in this world!

When Ye Xiao just finished changing his appearance and was prepared to walk out, suddenly, the wind blowed, and a man's sneer seemed to have echoed out.

"That is really beyond expectation. Truly is. The only son of the great General Ye, the head of the 'Three Lords in Town' known all over the capital, is actually the real boss of the Ling-Bao Hall. Heh, heh. Should I call you Lord Ye, or Feng Monarch?"

The voice was cold and sneaky, with a sense of viciousness.

It sounded like someone accidentally found a great treasure in a weak person's hand. The surprise, the pleasure and the viciousness of being ready to kill and rob were so obvious in that voice!

Ye Xiao was anxious. He was stunned.

[I have been so careful, and yet I am still discovered?]

He slowly turned around and looked to the direction where the voice came from.

At the same time, he activated his spiritual mind to cover the entire place.

A person in black casually walked out with his two hands behind his back. He looked at Ye Xiao with a smile on his face. He seemed confident.

It was like in his eyes, Ye Xiao was already his food on the plate. He had nothing to fear.

Only by reaching out his hand, he could capture Ye Xiao. As simple as that.

The way he acted could absolutely make every man want to punch him hard. It was the standard look of a sneaker!

Ye Xiao spoke blandly, "Who is talking?"

The man in black laughed. He was still staring Ye Xiao with that look. He praised, "Indeed, the capable Lord Ye, the Feng Monarch, under such a situation, you can still act so calmly. You really impress me. Haha."

Ye Xiao didn't get pissed. He still blandly said, "I just asked you a question."

His voice was peaceful and calm. He was in an inferior position indeed, yet through his tone, he was still high-profiled and proud.

It sounded like a king censuring his underlings. He was full of unchallengeable dignity!

He felt relieved inside his heart, because the man in black was alone.

Most importantly, when the man showed up, his face showed that he was tired. It seemed he had just slept. That meant it was totally an accident that this man discovered Ye Xiao's secret location!

The man was annoyed being asked by Ye Xiao with that ignorant tone. [You are caught in my hand yet you actually dare to speak to me like that!

You truly need to learn what death means!]

Thinking about that, he actually forgot to reply. While he wanted to say something back, he heard Ye Xiao speaking again.

Ye Xiao's eyes lit up. He suddenly spoke, "Turtle Breath Art! You are from the Sunshine Sect?"

The man was surprised, "Yes, that's right. You are actually able to tell my background by noticing my breathing method. You are impressive. What a shame. Even though you are able to recognize my identity, you cannot escape this. At the very least, even if you escape, how can your house escape? Ling-Bao Hall or House of Ye, none of them could escape. Don't you think?"

Ye Xiao nodded slowly and said blandly, "Truth be told, I have never thought about escaping. I don't need to."

The intent to kill was suddenly aroused inside his heart.

[This guy caught me, and he isn't carrying a kind heart. Besides, he is from the Starlight Sect. No matter how it should be seen, he deserves to die!

Since so, how can I leave without killing this man?]

And he felt relieved at the moment. [It turns out he was operating the Turtle Breath Art of the Starlight Sect. He was apparently having a rest and running the Turtle Breath Art here. My spiritual mind can discover every sign of living things indeed, but the Turtle Breath Art can make him like a corpse. That is reasonable that I didn't discover his existence.]

He was confused about not discovering that man, that's why he said that to probe. That man was bold, so he admitted it right away. It somehow solved the confusion inside Ye Xiao's heart.

[I have been acting cautiously enough. How come I was still caught by this man?

That is the reason.

The Turtle Breath Art of the Starlight Sect is the reason. I am in a low level in cultivation. It is reasonable that I couldn't notice it.]

However, he was more cautious at the same time. He should pay more attention to information about the Starlight Sect from now on.

Just in case, the cautious boat stays safe for ten thousand years!

"Hahaha? What did I hear? You said you didn't want to escape? ... Hahaha..." The man turgidly laughed, "Can I understand it as the Lord Ye saying that he is going to keep me here forever... Feng Monarch, you actually want to kill me? That is what people usually say, the dream of a nerd!"

He called Ye Xiao "Lord Ye", and then "Feng Monarch". He was reminding Ye Xiao that he knew his biggest secret!

Ye Xiao smiled coldly. He didn't speak.

Hi eyes, however, became extremely sharp.

At this moment, Ye Xiao's spirit was gathering up in a fast speed.

His entire body, his full heart, his all intention, his soul and his spirit were all operating in an extreme level.

No matter who that man was, this time, he wouldn't be allowed to leave this place alive. Ye Xiao's secret had concerned too many people around him. If that man was left alive, he would definitely tell his secret to somebody else. That would bring endless disasters to him and his friends!

However, that man walked out so casually. It apparently meant he was confident. He must have lots of unique skills.

Not to mention other issues, his eyes, which were emitting a blue glow, showed that he was at least at the top level of the Sky Origin Stage. Apparently, that man had noticed Ye Xiao was weak. He was sure that Ye Xiao couldn't defeat him. That's why he walked out so casually and acted so boldly.

"It will be a death or life fight today. You should better call all your men out, lest you complain that you didn't have all your men when you are at the end of your life."

The killing intent inside Ye Xiao's eyes were getting heavier. He probed again.

It would be perfect if he could figure out who that man exactly was, and whether he did bring help or not.

"It looks like the Feng Monarch is having the intent to kill me." The man in black pretended to sigh and frowned. He said, "Actually, we can talk. We don't need to have a life-and-death battle so soon. We can just make friends and try to benefit each other from now on."


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