Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 261: The Terrible Spiritual Qi

Chapter 261: The Terrible Spiritual Qi

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After all that, he started to focus on cultivation.

This time, Ye Xiao clearly felt that there was another kind of energy inside his body. It seemed to be increasing...

He couldn't help praising in mind, [Bing Xinyue is truly marvelous in cultivation. I fully operated my martial art, yet I only managed to absorb about ten percent of the cold qi inside her. I have been working on it for such a long time, but I can't actually digest it all.

Moreover, that ten percent cold qi is still unbelievably powerful, and it feels like it is going to increase...]

"She is truly the inheritor of the Misty Cloud Palace. No wonder Lian-Lian would like her so much. Bing Xinyue is indeed a gifted one among all geniuses. It is remarkable that she has improved herself to such a level in cultivation."

He was gradually getting lost in it when cultivating.

On one hand, he was digesting the power from that illness in order to fully convert it, while on the other hand, he was trying to improve the East-rising Purple Qi. It was like nothing meant anything to him at this moment. He was like an entity who had achieve wholeness with the universe...

He apparently didn't notice that his hand was still on Bing-Er's body. His energy didn't go away when he stopped working on Bing-Er's Jing and Mai; it kept running inside her body. Every dozens or so of revolutions, there would be a tiny bit of the extremely pure gelid power that would be driven out... and silently enter into Ye Xiao's dantian...

In other words, the super powerful energy that came out was not because of Bing Xinyue... It was because of...

However, Ye Xiao had no idea about it.

At dawn, it was the time when the pure purple qi was at its strongest moment. Ye Xiao was still lost in cultivating.

Bing-Er woke up yet didn't do anything. She just kept watching Ye Xiao with her big pretty eyes wide opened while Ye Xiao was concentrated in cultivating. She thought that he was so handsome at this moment.

[He is so charming...

He looks so good.

How can he be so pretty?!]

Bing-Er bit her own lip while looking at her Brother Xiao sentimentally. She suddenly remembered, [I heard that every girl should marry a man when she grows up... And a man should marry a lady... Then when I grow up, can I marry Brother Xiao?]

Thinking of that, she suddenly felt shy. Her face turned red as she stayed in Ye Xiao's arms not daring to move a bit. She felt her heart was beating fast...

The purple qi suddenly showed up like an explosion.

At this moment, the East-rising Purple Qi, which had been running for a whole night, created a huge vortex because of the two circulations inside and outside Ye Xiao's body.

Because it was running inside Bing-Er's Jing and Mai, it looked like there was some reaction making the vortex bigger and bigger.

In the sky, it was silently spinning. Gradually, it turned into the shape of a huge funnel connecting the sky and the earth!

If Ye Xiao stopped right away, it would be fine. However, he was completely lost in it. He was enjoying it with his full heart and soul. How could he stop now?

Now the huge vortex of the East-rising Purple Qi seemed to sense the increase of the pure purple qi in the world. It suddenly span fast and created an extremely powerful mental aura.

It was like the ocean contained all the rivers!

With a "puff" sound, the purple qi gathered over like tides.

One after the other, they were like narrow streams moving over from as far as the skyline. They all rushed into Ye Xiao's Jing and Mai. He didn't even have the time to digest any before the purple qi had filled his entire dantian. It was so full that it felt like it would explode at any moment.

Luckily, the purple qi was just passing by his dantian before entering the Boundless Space.

In other words, his dantian was just its transfer station!

That was lucky for him. Otherwise, his dantian would have exploded because of the enormous amount purple qi. Even though he just broke through a new level, it wouldn't help a lot.

As the purple qi was increasing more and more, it was no more narrow streams. They all turned into "running rivers".

Ye Xiao's dantian, or his entire body, seemed to become a bridge connecting the Boundless Space and the outer world. The purple qi was running into the Space like flood through him.

Even though the Space was enormous, it was still filled by the purple qi after only seven minutes. Moreover, the Boundless Space was at the same awkward situation like what his dantian had just experienced.

There was a Boundless Space behind the dantian. Well, there were Nine Spaces in the Boundless Space.

The Nine Spaces were suddenly activated at the same time. They started to absorb the purple qi like crazy. It solved the problem of the "overloaded" Space crisis. While the Nine Spaces were crazily absorbing the purple qi like an ocean swallowing rivers, more purple qi was rushing in continually.

Even the Nine Spaces worked together to absorb the purple qi; it only made a balanced situation. The Boundless Space was staying extremely filled. Once the Nine Spaces slowed down, the Boundless Space might explode. That was some horrible balance there.

However, how come there was such huge amount of purple qi rushing into his dantian and into the Boundless Space so crazily?

There was a simple reason!

A while ago, the pure purple qi in the whole world suddenly disappeared.

At that moment, all the superior cultivators in the world felt that no matter how had they tried, they just couldn't sense any of the spiritual qi in the world.

They were all shocked and had no idea why.

However, when they tried again a while after that, everything was normal again. They were still confused, yet they felt relieved. Most of them had the same thought, [Did I have an illusion just now?]

And then they shook their heads and went on cultivating. They just thought that they were having an illusion.

Most of the cultivators in the Land of Han-Yang could just take it as an illusion and went on with whatever they were doing. However, as the man who caused this situation, Ye Xiao, who might have caused this incident involuntarily, had fallen into a big danger.

The others might have only felt that the spiritual qi had disappeared for a moment, but even though it was just as short as a moment, it was all the purple qi around the whole world that went missing. That was a compression of such an enormous amount of spiritual qi. Although it only took just a short time for all of it to get into the Space, it was still a horribly huge amount.

Maybe it was even too big to be described with "amount"!

The East-rising Purple Qi was indeed incredible and marvelous, but Ye Xiao was still in a low level. The Boundless Space was so mysterious that it contained so many aspects. As for now, it was just at the initial stage. It might already be powerful enough to act against god's will, but it still didn't have the capability to handle such a huge amount of spiritual qi.

This pie from the sky was apparently too big that it could kill Ye Xiao!


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