Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 260: Raunchy Torture

Chapter 260: Raunchy Torture

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Under most circumstances, imagination is more agitating than reality. That's true.

Ye Xiao hurriedly operated a martial art named Ice Heart Spell to calm himself down.

At this particular moment, along the spacing sound of water, Bing-Er's confused voice sounded, "Brother Xiao..."

Brother Xiao...

That voice was so fascinating. Ye Xiao nearly lost control. He coughed and said, "What?"

"I am curious..." Bing-Er's sound was full of confusion, "The two swollen parts on my chest... What are they? I don't remember having them before. I thought it was hit and got swollen. But many days have passed, yet it doesn't go down a bit. It doesn't hurt and it isn't itchy, but..."

- Puff! -

He just had a thought of those two big buns and couldn't hold the blood inside his nose anymore. It rushed out like a blood fountain.

He was now a bit anaemic as he wiped the blood on his nose. It was like he wanted to weep but had no tears. He said, "Cough. It is no damage. It is a sign showing that you are grown up."

Bing-Er was confused, "Really? I feel myself different too. I wasn't this tall back then."

"Oh, and my face looks different... This face just doesn't seem to be mine..." Bing-Er was still confused.

Ye Xiao, "You are just getting more and more beautiful."

Bing-Er was pleased, "Oh, really?"

"Of course. It is the truth." Ye Xiao nodded in affirmation.

"But the two big buns of meat... So annoying. They can't be pressed down. They just stand up like this..." Bing-Er spoke in annoyance, "Is there anything I can do to make it droop... They are just too big. I can't even walk conveniently. They are simply burdens to me."

She was murmuring and complaining.

Ye Xiao tried so hard to stop his nosebleed, yet it bled once again.

[Oh my god.

How many women want such perfect breasts but you actually want them to droop...]

Ye Xiao rolled up his eyes while wiping the blood on his nose.

"I just can't get used to my top..." Bing-Er continued murmuring, "But there are hairs under..."

"Oh my god..." Ye Xiao finally couldn't bear it. He shouted with sorrow and grabbed the quilt to cover his head. [Oh my god. Just let me die. I don't want to live anymore... This is killing me...]

Finally, the sound of the girl washing herself stopped. The sound of her footsteps gradually appeared. She walked to the bed and Ye Xiao smelled a scent that smelled like orchid and musk.

It refreshed Ye Xiao somehow.

"Brother Xiao... What is wrong?" Bing-Er saw that the towel on the bed was stained with blood, and there seemed to be blood on the floor. She was shocked and jumped over to him. She took away the quilt on Ye Xiao and said, "Brother Xiao, what happened to you... Why are you bleeding... Are you hurt?"

Looking at the blood coming out from Ye Xiao's nose, she was scared. She held him tight and spoke in fear, "Brother Xiao... What happened... Please don't die... Ohhh..."

Ye Xiao felt that his face was inside some pile of softness. It was big and soft, and he felt so good. The scent was getting into his nose. The blood once again rushed out from his nose...

"I have never met anybody that treats me as well as you do. Brother Xiao... If you die, I won't live..." Bing-Er's tears were dropping down.

Ye Xiao was so unwilling to move his head out of her chest, but he had to. He murmured, "Silly Bing-Er, don't cry. Your Brother Xiaao is fine. I just have a bit of fever. Bleeding my nose helps me cool it down. Don't worry. Look how good I am right now."

Bing-Er looked at him and checked on him carefully. She hadn't recovered from the astonishment yet. Finally, she was a bit relieved. She said in confusion, "Is everything really fine? You bled a lot just now."

"I can't be better. It isn't a bad thing to bleed out a bit sometime." Ye Xiao nodded with affirmation. He was nearly driven crazy by the gorgeous beauty who had a mature body and a six years old brain at the same time.

He bled the third time just now, and it was making him a bit anaemic.

Bing-Er finally felt relieved because she knew Ye Xiao's words were solid. She clapped on her chest, and it made her breasts shook like waves, "Then I don't need to worry..."

Ye Xiao saw that great scene and nearly bled on the nose again. He operated his martial art to press it back.

The next moment, his quilt was taken up. Bing-Er only wore a small bellyband skirt and moved herself into the quilt bit by bit. She was trying not to touch the area on her body that was damaged. Finally, she got into the quilt with her entire body close to Ye Xiao. She sighed in satisfaction and murmured, "This is so happy that it feels like a dream, even though I am injured..."

And then her exquisite and soft arms held on Ye Xiao's body adroitly. Her smooth and soft body was hugging Ye Xiao's body tightly.

And she sighed and spoke with a more satisfied tone, "If I can hold Brother Xiao like this for the rest of my life, I will fear nothing. I will want nothing... Brother Xiao, I like you so much..."

Ye Xiao felt tender for her. He touched her head gently and said, "Bing-Er will be happy for the rest of her life. I promise you."

Bing-Er looked so happy. She happily nodded and kissed Ye Xiao on his cheek twice. She said, "I know you are the best to me." She finally lied down comfortably beside Ye Xiao. She breathed equably and was about to fall asleep. She murmured, "Such a happy life..." She was drowsy.

Ye Xiao was painfully shouting inside his heart, "There she comes. There she comes again. This is so cruel... Oh god. I am so in pain. God. Let me die..."

Holding a soft beautiful body, he was so anguished that he hadn't slept for all night. At the end, he had to get up and cultivate the East-rising Purple Qi.

He also operated the East-rising Purple Qi and the Yin and Yang martial art qi on Bing-Er who was asleep. He was trying to tidy up her Jing and Mai once again, so as to cure her and make her bones grow...

He dropped some special water drops on the most wounded parts of her body again and fed her some. Luckily, she could swallow it herself now. If she still couldn't, he would have to feed her with his mouth, and he would bleed on his nose for the fourth time.


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