Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1993 - Unity!  

Chapter 1993: Unity!

Bai Chen’s heart subconsciously sank at that moment.

At the same time, he also had an epiphany.

It was as if at that moment, at that instant, ye Xiao, who had always needed to look up to and chase after him along the way, had suddenly widened the distance between him and himself!

Far, far beyond him.

Just like… The Stars in the sky.

Although he could see it, he could never touch it. That feeling of being able to look at something but not be able to touch it.

Perhaps, when he truly touched that star, he would discover that… that star was actually so enormous!

This feeling that arose spontaneously caused Bai Chen to be unable to help but feel a sense of being ‘fated’.

A very powerless emotion!

After ye Xiao sent the three black ice ladies back to the Hexagram star formation, he turned around and wanted to talk to young master Bai and even complete this battle. However, he was shocked to discover that there was only a piece of void above the dome, and his vision was completely empty.

Young Master Bai had already disappeared.

Ye Xiao’s thoughts moved, and he hurriedly swept his gaze towards the northern sky camp. However, he only saw that the gate of the Northern Sky Hexagram star formation was closing. The white and tall figure flashed and disappeared without a trace.

After a moment, graceful cloud and the beauty in the sky appeared at the same time, with a complicated expression, he looked at ye Xiao. “Monarch Ye, my young master said that… In this battle of heavenly fate, the Heavenly Fate Lord has been established. We, the overturning cloud and rain pavilion, admit defeat!”

Ye Xiao was immediately stunned and cried out involuntarily, “Why? The final battle has yet to begin. What happened to Young Master Bai…”

Wan ‘Er and Xiu ‘er said with a complicated tone, “Young master said… It’s important for people to know their own limits. This time, in the five-party Alliance, the dome of the sky seized the sword, and the Sword Master was established. Since the sword belongs to Monarch Ye, the sovereign pavilion should rule the world. “Our overturning clouds and Raindrops Pavilion admitted defeat and withdrew from the world’s conflict.”

“The entire beyond heaven of the mortal world has indeed reached the time of true unification.”. The young master continued, “The defeat of Heaven’s will this time is due to the fact that the divine abilities are inferior to Heaven’s will, and it has nothing to do with human setbacks. “And when the next five-party Alliance comes, the young master doesn’t want to make any more fuss… after monarch ye returns this time, we can begin to set up arrangements to settle the world. “Our overturning clouds and raindrops tower will naturally do our best to cooperate and do our best for the world of the mortal world!”

After Wan ‘Er and Xiu ‘er finished speaking, they bowed respectfully to ye Xiao and then left with the twenty peak experts of the overturning cloud and Raincloud Pavilion.

This result made ye Xiao, Ye Hongchen, and even the heavenly emperor of the east, Bai Yutian, were all stunned.

As everyone knew, after the demon Slayer battle, the peak battle that would determine who the world belonged to was inevitable.

And this battle would only take place between ye Xiao and Bai Chen.

In the five directions of Heaven and earth, Ye Hongchen, the glazed celestial emperor, and the Heavenly Emperor of the East had already expressed their withdrawal.

With the withdrawal of these three parties, the entire battlefield had been cleared.

It could be said that everything was prepared.

Just as the final battle between the two parties was about to take place and the world was about to be established, just as everyone was looking forward to the arrival of this battle, one of the two parties suddenly announced, “I’m not playing anymore…” Do whatever you want!

This situation was enough to drive everyone crazy


Bai Yutian was so angry that he smashed his cup, no longer caring about his status and bearing.

“I bet the entire Eastern Heaven and earth on the gambling table to make a bet for him! Yet, he didn’t even go on stage and gave away all the bets. He’s just surrendering without a fight…”

Bai Yutian’s face turned purple. “There’s actually such a prodigal in the world!”

The faces of the Eastern Heaven’s upper echelon all twitched.

The emperor’s words were not wrong. They were rough, but not crude!

Everyone had lived for many years and had naturally seen many prodigals.

However, there was only one person who had been a prodigal like Bai Chen since ancient times!

Ye Xiao shook his head and smiled bitterly.

He knew that Bai Chen must have sensed something, or rather, he must have sensed something. He would definitely lose if he went to the battle. Instead of fighting a battle where there was no chance of winning… It was better to just leave.

However, he made himself feel awkward when he left.

‘you’re really free and easy if you leave… but you left all the awkwardness to me.’.

“This fellow, he’s still such a bastard in his bones!”

Ye Xiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he cursed.

“The dome-shaped sword snatching naturally has its own conclusion. Now That Young Master Bai has admitted defeat, even if I feel guilty for accepting it, I’ll be even more disrespectful!”Ye Xiao laughed out loud. Suddenly, his entire body slowly rose up, he headed towards the heaven’s will sword above the dome-shaped sword.

The eyes of everyone under the East Heaven Emperor were filled with indignation as they watched.

However, in the next moment, everyone present widened their eyes.

That was because, right in front of everyone’s eyes, Ye Xiao suddenly released all of his mental energy, including the suppression of his breakthrough just now. All of the restrictions were removed.

Once the suppression was removed and the restrictions were no longer there, ye Xiao’s aura suddenly rose up at a terrifying speed!

Waves of aura that were like raging waves instantly swept through the entire starry sky and earth, forming powerful ripples that spread out in all directions.

Even the several hexagram star formations that were hundreds of kilometers away from each other were on the verge of collapsing under the impact of this sudden and overwhelming aura!

Just now, the Hexagram star boundary that an eternal realm expert could not break with a full-strength attack, and just now, the hexagram star boundary that the spirit race demon who had surpassed the limits of eternal realm could not enter even if he tried his best..

But now, under the impact of ye Xiao’s aura, it was already on the verge of collapse!

What kind of power and how overbearing was this!

Ye Xiao stood in the air, his whole body seemed to be emitting endless luster.

In the world, only I am Supreme!

And his aura didn’t stop there, it was still in the terrifying continuous increase.

He didn’t stretch out his hand to take the heaven’s will sword.

The sword was still in its original position.

However, the heaven’s will sword that was originally in a dazzling state of the starry sky was now overshadowed by ye Xiao’s abnormal splendor. It no longer had any splendor to speak of!

It was obvious that even the mighty power of the Heaven’s will in this world couldn’t compare to ye Xiao’s boundless radiance at this moment.

Even the heaven’s will sword that symbolized the heaven’s will in this world was also dimmed by ye Xiao’s splendor. How could the so-called Heaven’s will master enter ye Xiao’s eyes!

“Heaven’s will sword.”

Ye Xiao said with an ‘oh’, “This sword is no longer of use to me, so I might as well stay here and wait for the next heaven’s will to return. I want to dominate the mortal world, so what’s the difference between having a sword and not having a sword?”

Before he finished speaking, the aura around ye Xiao’s body finally broke through the dome and broke through this space.

It pierced through this starry world created by 9,999 high-level eternal realm cultivators working together.

In other words, the current ye Xiao was even more powerful than the 10,000 eternal realm cultivators gathered together!

Even the starry universe, which represented the Heavenly Dao of this world, could not restrain him.

At this moment, ye Xiao had already exceeded the limits of this starry sky.

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