Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1992 - Great Success!  

Chapter 1992: Great Success!

Xiong er laughed sinisterly, “Bai Chen, your scheming has gone to waste. You only said that I gave up half of my power to help you create 2,000 high-level eternal realm cultivators. Don’t you know that this demon has already planted the essence of the demon essence into the sea of consciousness of those 2,000 cultivators? That’s right, the power that this demon can control is no longer 20% of its peak, and can no longer shake this barrier. However, those 2,000 people are still under my control. Do you think that if those 2,000 people suddenly attack, can they shake the barrier from the outside?”? “!”

Bai Chen’s expression immediately changed, he said in a deep voice, “The supreme barrier has already been established, it’s equivalent to a world of its own. Do you think you can still communicate with the outside world? As long as we destroy you first, we will have a way to remove the demonic source prohibition on those 2,000 cultivators!”

Xiong ER’s perverse laughter grew even louder. “You finally know fear, eldest young master Bai? It’s a pity that your idea is not valid. This barrier is based on the Heavenly Dao of this world, and it is indeed enough to seal all the cultivators in this world. It’s a pity that my devil essence is of a higher level. It’s one thing for me to be unable to break through this barrier with my sharp destruction ability, but it’s another thing for me to send out a devil thought. Once the devil thought detonates the devil essence planted in the sea of consciousness of those 2,000 cultivators, my strength will recover to more than 80% , and the victory will still belong to me. Therefore, it’s you who should realize it!”

With that said, Xiong ER, who was originally at the edge of the starry barrier, once again turned into black smoke and stuck to the starry barrier to the maximum extent. Clearly, his words were not empty threats, but something real!

Bai Chen’s expression changed again. Without waiting for ye Xiao to call out, he took the initiative to attack. In a flash, countless mysterious light spots appeared again and attacked the black smoke spiritual demon. It was a large-scale, indiscriminate attack!

The black smoke spirit demon’s rampant laughter spread throughout the entire starry sky. “Bai Chen, your attacks are all in vain. You have a Heavenly Dao spirit item on you. It’s one thing for me to not be able to devour you, but your attacks are not the same as the Heavenly Dao attacks. Furthermore, you are attacking in such a scattered manner. What’s the point? Are you at your wit’s end… haha… ha… Ah… what is this… This Is…”

The black smoke spirit demon seemed to be suffering from extreme joy as its strange laughter suddenly stopped. Instead, it was filled with angry roars that were filled with pain. The star barrier that was originally invisible to the naked eye seemed to have been dyed with a layer of purple, showing a boundless might!

Ye Xiao smiled faintly and stood with his hands behind his back. “You have the devil technique, and I have the Purple Qi from the east. Wanting to turn things around under my hands is simply wishful thinking!”

However, it was ye Xiao who took action. He used Purple Qi east arrival’s divine technique to infuse it into the starry sky barrier. Although the spiritual race’s demonic origin level was extremely high, it was indeed above the Heavenly Dao beyond heaven, however, against Purple Qi east arrival, who was known as the number one divine technique in the world, it was still greatly inferior. On the other hand, purple extreme spiritual energy had the effect of restraining the demonic origin. With purple extreme spiritual energy augmenting the starry sky barrier, Xiong er could only stare helplessly, not even the slightest bit of demonic thoughts could be transmitted out!

When young master Bai saw ye Xiao display his divine might and suppress Xiong Er’s final imperial card demonic thoughts, he could not help but be overjoyed. However, he did not dare to be the slightest bit negligent and once again launched an attack. This time, he focused countless light spots, and the effect of attacking the enemy was indeed greatly increased!

When Xiong er saw that the final imperial card had failed, he knew that things were not looking good. He let out a furious shriek and charged towards Bai Chen’s side with all his might.

It was obvious that in this world, the person he hated the most was not ye Xiao, who controlled his life and death, but Bai Chen!

Or it could be said that… Xiong er, this super devil whose cultivation and strength had already completely surpassed the realm beyond heaven of the mortal world, had been tricked to death by Bai Chen Step by step, played to death.

In fact, during this process, Xiong ER was still taking the initiative to cooperate with him, putting his heart and soul into participating… he had dug such a deadly trap for himself!

Xiong er’s hatred towards Bai Chen had already reached the point of becoming a vengeful spirit.

Ye Xiao and the others continuously attacked, freezing Xiong er time and time again, stopping, blocking, and sealing him.

But this spirit race demon continued to disintegrate and regenerate time and time again, attacking again and again!

No matter how many enemies there were in the surroundings, there was only one target in his eyes.

Bai Chen.


After another attack, the figure of the idiot suddenly appeared. The Idiot, who had already devoured almost half of the demon essence of the spiritual race, had his cultivation strength greatly increased. When he faced Xiong er, who had once again transformed into black smoke.., the Idiot opened his big mouth and, like a whale swallowing the sea, completely devoured all the remaining soul fragments of Xiong Er!

A miserable howl that seemed to come from the depths of a person’s soul was cut off Midway.

“Bai Chen! I…”

Xiong er’s voice came to an abrupt stop!

The hatred that filled heaven and earth seemed to still exist in this starry sky.

Ye Xiao clearly saw that the idiot’s belly, which might not be able to swell even if he swallowed the entire heaven and earth, actually bulged visibly.

At the same time, ye Xiao felt even more clearly.

His nine great spaces were also completely complete at this moment!

At this point, the entire endless space had completely evolved.

Following that, the mnemonics of the last few levels of the Purple Qi east arrival divine art were all presented before his eyes.

As long as he wanted to see it, he could see it at any time!

With the complete divine art, the path of the strong to the depths of the entire starry cosmos was no longer uncertain to him.

All that was left was a simple process of accumulation!

However, ye Xiao did not choose to advance now. Instead, he suppressed this breakthrough.

There was still a battle between him and young master Bai.

If ye Xiao advanced now, Young Master Bai would no longer have the qualifications to be his enemy.

Then, the formidable enemy of this world that had been entangled for so long would become completely meaningless.

This was also a huge blow to young master Bai himself.

Ye Xiao did not want to give Bai Chen such a blow.

It was not a good thing for both himself and others!

Xuan Bing and the other two were drenched in sweat. After launching more than a hundred freezing attacks on Xiong er, the three women were almost at the end of their lives. If it were not for the Heavenly Dao’s Thunderbolt’s assistance earlier.., the three girls might not have been able to hold on!

Ye Xiao hurriedly took a breath recuperation pill each and sent it back.

In this battle, the three girls had already taken too many breath recuperation pills. If they were to take similar medicine again, it would probably cause permanent damage to their foundations. It was better to take a breath recuperation pill.

During this process, Bai Chen had been staring at ye Xiao with a strange gaze.

His gaze was extremely complicated.

Young Master Bai was not a person. Just now, he had clearly felt that ye Xiao’s body seemed to have an unrivalled power extending and taking shape. Moreover, it was formed naturally in a manner that could cause a tsunami.

However, this power that was within reach was suppressed by ye Xiao on its own.

Why should ye Xiao suppress it?

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