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Chapter 1991 - The End Of The Devil  

Chapter 1991: The End Of The Devil

Ye Xiao roared. The purple extreme elemental energy was like a cannonball that hit Xiong Er. This purple extreme elemental energy’s power was unique. Not only did it cause the black fog to pause for a moment, it also seemed to have a positioning effect.., the next wave of extreme frost power hit the Black Fog. There was no omission!

And this time, the black fog that was hit by the Extreme Yin power was completely frozen in the air. It was only after a long while that it turned into ice shards again!

Xiong ER’s strength was completely complete previously. Even after the enhancement of the extreme cold energy, it would be difficult for it to form into ice shards for a long period of time before it would be shattered. It would reassemble and condense again. But now, Xiong ER’s strength was greatly reduced.., it was no longer possible to shatter the ice seal at the first instant. He needed a buffer to return to his original form. When ye Xiao and the three ladies saw this scene, they could not help but feel even more confident!

However, there was another matter that was even more shocking to Mr. Xiong er than the current situation.

“How does he know that my name is Xiong Er? ! Only Young Master Bai and Wan Xiu know my name. The rest don’t even know the upper echelons of the overturning cloud and Rain Pavilion. How does he know? If he knows… doesn’t that mean…”

A boom sounded.

The black smoke once again turned into countless frozen shards in the air. Xiong er had spent quite a long time this time before he was able to condense his body again. In his eyes that were filled with ferocity, that extremely intense pain was still lingering, however, he stared fixedly at ye Xiao. “You… how do you know…”

Ye Xiao sneered and said, “Everyone in this world has to kill a monster like you. Do you really think that your existence is such a secret? !”

“Monster?”Xiong er still did not believe it. “You’re talking nonsense!”

With a light laugh, Bai Chen’s figure floated into the scene and said with a smile, “Mr. Xiong Er, you shouldn’t have come to me for cooperation.”

At this moment, Bai Chen was clearly safe and sound as usual. How could he still look like he was half-poisoned and on the verge of death.

Xiong er saw Bai Chen and ye Xiao standing side by side, especially Bai Chen who was in a perfect state. He instantly understood everything.

He looked at Bai Chen as if he wanted to eat him up and said word by word, “Bai Chen! Hello! You tricked me well!”

Bai Chen said indifferently, “You were tricked because you were too stupid.”

Xiong er was so angry that his intestines turned green. He gnashed his teeth and said, “So it turns out that all of this was designed by you guys to specifically trap me! No wonder the attack you gave me was so targeted!”

Bai Chen smiled faintly. “Xiong ER, it was a mistake for you to appear in this human world. For You who don’t fit in this world, the earlier you are destroyed in body and soul, the better for this world.”

Xiong er hissed and said, “Bai Chen, you agreed to cooperate with me, and I even helped you do so many things. Do you think that you can get rid of your relationship with me just because you have repeatedly done so? Do you really think that you are a good person! ?”

Bai Chen smiled. “Cooperate? When have I ever cooperated with you? “From the moment you appeared by my side, I’ve been planning for today’s situation. Everything is based on the premise of getting rid of you! Otherwise, how do you think today’s arrangement was completed? !”

Ye Xiao also laughed out loud, and his laughter was full of ridicule.

Xiong er was extremely furious. However, half of his soul power had already been eliminated. He could be said to be extremely weak and could no longer pose a threat to the two unparalleled experts in front of him. Otherwise, with his character as a great demon of the spirit race, how could he still argue, he had long transformed into a black fog and devoured the two of them!

“Bai Chen, you said that you agreed to cooperate with me because of today’s situation! “? I understand now. You used the excuse that you weren’t strong enough to make me spit out all the energy that I had swallowed. This isn’t enough; you lured me to use my own origin energy to create a group of experts for you…”

“All these pretenses were all tricks you used to weaken me!”

“Finally, you even set up a mysterious yin formation that could restrain me, especially that monster that could swallow my soul…”Xiong er said, finally, he connected everything together. “Bai Chen, you’re so sinister. You’re the most sinister person!”

“You’re right. I was the one who set up all of this.”Bai Chen smiled faintly. “It’s natural to use any means to deal with a disaster that can not be tolerated in this world like you. You can only blame yourself for thinking that I would sell out beyond Avalon from the mortal world from the very beginning, thinking that I would sincerely make a deal with a devil like you! “Now that the past is clear, you can rest in peace and go on your way.”

Xiong er threw his head back and roared, “Bai Chen, do you think that you have already won? Are you sure that you can kill me now?”

Ye Xiao snickered, “Xiong ER, to us, whether we can kill you or not is actually not important, because all of us will do our best to try until we completely kill you, annihilate your soul and completely annihilate you!”

Xiong er raised his head and let out a long roar. His body turned into a black smoke as he rushed towards the sky. At this moment, his escape speed was unprecedentedly fast.

However, ye Xiao and Bai Chen were both sneering as they looked at the black smoke. Neither of them made a move to stop it.

The spectators were astonished.

Could it be that both of them thought that the other party would make a mistake and stop it? If that was really the case, wouldn’t this great plan of slaying the devil fall through the cracks!


The black smoke ran for its life, but it seemed to have suddenly crashed into an invisible barrier. No one knew whether it was because the invisible barrier was too tough, or because bear two was too weak, but the black smoke dispersed in response, a moment later, it returned to the appearance of Bear Two.

It looked like it was seeing stars, and it actually spun a little dizzily.

“Why? Why is there a barrier! ?”Xiong er’s sharp screams filled with fear filled the entire space.

It turned out that for some unknown reason, a barrier suddenly appeared outside the dome’s sword seizing formation. It was tangible but intangible, invisible to the naked eye!

“Why? There’s no reason. This barrier should have appeared in the first place!”Bai Chen said with a smile, “Don’t you understand? Xiong er, this is the final battle!”

Bear two was stunned by ye Xiao’s words. He subconsciously asked, “Final battle? What final battle? Hasn’t the final battle already begun? !”

Bai Chen smiled coldly. “Idiot, the main characters of the final battle are me and ye Xiao. Do you think that you can fight on my behalf just because you’re wearing my appearance? There’s a deeper meaning behind letting you fight on my behalf. Now is the time to truly display this deeper meaning!”

Before Bai Chen’s voice had even faded, he had already made his move at the same time as ye Xiao. However, he saw an abundant purple sword qi mixed with countless strange-shaped light spots heading towards Xiong er’s direction!

Xiong er did not show the slightest bit of fear when he saw this. With a casual wave of his hand, the attacking sword qi light spots were all dispersed, he gnashed his teeth and said, “Bai Chen, is this your so-called deeper meaning? You dare to boast with such insignificant skills. You’re so Shameless!”

Seeing that Xiong ER had easily neutralized the joint attack of the two of them, Bai Chen did not feel offended at all. Instead, he smiled and said, “Our attack was just a primer, a primer that was set up to target you. The real surprise has come!”

Before he finished his words, as expected, an unexpected change occurred. Inside the invisible barrier, countless Thunderbolts and lightning bolts appeared. They streaked across the sky like giant purple snakes, attacking Xiong Er. Surprisingly, it was a heavenly lightning strike, a lightning death trap!

This change was even more unexpected. Xiong er never thought that there would be such a shocking change. Although he had seen ye Xiao being attacked by Heavenly Lightning when he interfered with the battle situation on the dome.., however, the heavenly lightning would only attack those who interfered with the battle situation. Secondly, its power was not that great. It was not as good as in his eyes. However, he clearly did not interfere with the battle situation. How could he still be struck by lightning?

If he was struck by lightning when he entered the battle, why didn’t the lightning strike the three girls when they were still in the battle? ! Moreover, the power of the Heavenly Lightning was a little too great. Once struck by the heavenly lightning, although he would not be scattered, his body could not help but stagnate. Although his power was destroyed, it was not so terrible..

Could it be that the heavenly lightning also looked at people as if they were a dish? Wasn’t this a little too much? !

Xiong er furiously roared, “Why, why, why did it only strike me? I clearly didn’t disturb the battle. The Heavenly Dao is unfair, the Heavenly Dao is unfair!”

Ye Xiao snickered and said, “The Heavenly Dao is unfair?”? Originally, it was meaningless to talk about the Heavenly Dao being unfair to someone like you who hated the Heavenly Dao of this world. However, this time, it really wasn’t the Heavenly Dao that was unfair. Why Did I seal you in the illusory realm the moment I exchanged blows with you previously? Although there was a sudden intention to launch the first wave of surprise attacks, the deeper reason was to preserve the heavenly lightning that struck at this moment. Don’t you understand? “You only went out to fight in the appearance of Bai Chen. The spirit of Heavenly Dao, who was supervising this battle, didn’t even acknowledge your identity! “In other words, the final battle between me and Bai Chen didn’t even begin!”

Bai Chen continued, “Even until the sealed space disintegrated and the five of you returned to the battlefield, the final battle didn’t even begin. It was only until I entered the battlefield that the final battle officially began!”

Xiong er heard the two people’s explanations and asked in a half-clear tone, “Even so, it’s still not right. Why is the Heavenly Lightning only targeting me? I’m clearly not the only one disturbing the battle now!”

Ye Xiao laughed coldly. “This is all thanks to young master Bai and me acting together. The people in this battlefield are all in-game people. Regardless of whether they are targeting me or Bai Chen, they can be considered to have interfered in this battle. They will be attacked by the Heavenly Dao’s spirit that is monitoring this battle. This is also the main reason why the two of us were attacked by the heavenly lightning when we saved them previously. However… If we were in the battlefield and did not attack the two of us, it would not be considered a disturbance of the battle. Naturally, we would not be attacked by the heavenly lightning…”

Bai Chen chuckled and said, “On the other hand, if the two of us were to attack one person at the same time, it would actually be the same as that person targeting the two of us at the same time. Naturally, we would receive the most important attention from the heavenly lightning. Do you understand now?”? Mr. Xiong Er

Xiong er came to a realization when he heard that, however, he still roared loudly, “Impossible, impossible! This sword snatching on the dome of the Supreme Mountain’s supreme platform is clearly a new creation. The Heavenly Dao that is involved in it has its own pattern. It is absolutely impossible for you to see through it so thoroughly. Absolutely impossible, absolutely impossible!”

Ye Xiao was stunned when he heard that, he was stunned for a moment before he said, “Initially, I didn’t believe what young master Bai said about how stupid you are. I always thought that the devil seed that could threaten this world would be quite cunning. It turns out that the so-called earth-shaking martial arts and empty-headed people are talking about you. Don’t you know that the Supreme Mountain’s foundation formation was set up by Mr. Ye and I together? Even if this formation is now under the supervision of the Heavenly Dao, we can still take down some of the basic settings. This is especially so for existences like you that are not tolerated in this world. You will always be the first surveillance level. Also, when this formation was just formed, it was indeed just a simple battlefield. “However, as the battle continued, the power of countless experts gradually filled this starry sky

“And these powers flowed along the path of the formation and supplemented it. Now, the starry sky battlefield has become an unbreakable barrier space

“How many experts are fighting, how much of their power will remain in this starry sky formation until the final battle for the sword in the dome comes to an end

“If you had the intention to escape from the beginning, with your speed and skills, it would be a piece of cake to escape. But now, with your strength destroyed, you can only stay here forever.”

“This flickering hexagram array can not only seal you inside, but also protect everyone outside. To remove this barrier, only by killing one of us will the final battle be over and the barrier disappear!”! “Even if you recover your demonic body and want to devour energy, there is no energy that can be devoured. ”

“It’s a pity that the people fighting with you in the starry sky are all people who specifically counter you

“We can endlessly freeze you again and again! We can restrict you again and again!”

Bai Chen followed up with a smile, “We have enough strength and enough endurance. We can continue until… We completely destroy you in this starry sky! “You won’t have any more chances. The only thing waiting for you at the end of the journey is to turn into nothingness!”

Xiong ER’s entire body trembled, and his eyes were filled with despair as he said, “You… you guys are so vicious…”

Xiong er could not charge into the starry sky to escape, but he was trapped in this starry sky battle, fighting against those who could restrain him. There was also that white shadow that could swallow the demon essence. Xiong er really had no choice but to die!

Bai Chen, ye Xiao, Xuan Bing, Jun Ying Lian, and Wenren Chuchu were all present. Bai Chen had the Heaven’s destiny tree leaf protecting him, while ye Xiao had endless space and purple Qi from the east. He was not afraid of being devoured by a demon.., as for the three girls, each of them had a layer of yin qi protecting them. Whenever Xiong er got close to them, he would have to face an explosion and be instantly frozen.

Now that Xiong ER’s strength had been destroyed, once he was frozen, it would be difficult for him to break free quickly. If the layer of ice continued to thicken and was sealed for a long time, when the idiot came again, how could xiong er escape the ending of complete annihilation!

Under such circumstances, even if Xiong er had some strange methods, what could he do? He actually had no chance of winning against anyone!

However, he was clearly in a desperate situation.., xiong er, who was still being struck by countless bolts of lightning, suddenly laughed. “Bai Chen, Ye Xiao, you two were once the fated ones of the heavens. Do you two think that you are certain to win? Saying that this demon is at the end of the road and that there is only one road to death? It’s a pity that this demon still has a way to turn the tables! How would a puny human know of my methods!”

Bai Chen and ye Xiao were immediately shocked when they heard that. The two of them racked their brains and racked their brains, racking their brains and racking their brains. They had gathered all the high-end combat power of the entire beyond Avalon and used countless methods in order to achieve this situation. It was clear that they had already forced the otherworldly spirit demon into a desperate situation! Why did the other party still have a trump card up her sleeve? !


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