Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1994 - Dominator!  

Chapter 1994: Dominator!

Ye Xiao’s words were like a great bell that rang out in the sky, reaching the hearts of everyone in the realm beyond the mortal world.

“From now on, the realm beyond the mortal world will be unified.”

“The original restrictions of the five directions of heaven and earth will no longer exist; there will only be one.”

As Ye Xiao’s voice spread to every corner of this world, the five continents that were originally in pieces began to move rapidly on their own at this moment, gathering toward the center from five different directions..

In just a short while, the originally scattered continents of the five directions were pieced together to form a complete continent.

Originally, this move of moving the continents was not only shocking to the world, it was earth-shattering and earth-shattering. However, at this moment, ye Xiao Duan’s words followed the law, and the exit was the heavenly constitution of the world.., the great movements that should have appeared when the five directions of the continents moved on their own were completely gone. The residents of each side could not even sense that the continent where they lived had already undergone such a huge change!

Ye Xiao saw that the five continents had converged into one, and he said, “There should be a yin-yang world in heaven and earth, and all things are reincarnated.”

With a rumble, they headed east.

The nine underworld world suddenly opened up a vast world, and a new order of souls was gradually formed.

“Unify and command the world. Establish the Supreme Heaven Palace and rule over all the worlds.”

“All the worlds and all the official positions will be announced on the same day.”

“All under heaven, obey the will of heaven; no one can go against it.”

Ye Xiao’s eyes were indifferent as he looked around.

Then, with a flash, he disappeared.

It was not until he had walked for a long time that everyone realized that the people who originally belonged to the Sovereign Pavilion had all been taken away by ye Xiao when he left.

After a while, Ye Hongchen, heavenly emperor glaze, Bai Yutian, and the others walked out from the hexagram star formation that had been completely destroyed by ye Xiao’s aura. Looking at the mottled heaven and earth, everyone’s faces were filled with shock.

What level of strength was this? !

And what level of cultivation was this? ?

They were astonished and fearful at the sight of it! ?


Who would be unconvinced? Who would dare to be unconvinced? !

“Young master, are we just going to leave like this?”In the distant starry sky, Wan ‘Er’s pretty face was still somewhat pale as she asked unwillingly.

“Divine abilities can’t compare to fate…”Bai Chen’s eyes were calm, and there was no hint of regret or unwillingness. He said faintly, “I don’t have that fate. It’s better to let go.”

Xiu’er’s eyes reddened, and she was on the verge of crying. “Young master…”

“What do you feel uncomfortable about?”Bai Chen smiled gently, he actually appeared to be at ease. “I don’t have that fate, and ye Xiao does. But… Ye Xiao is the same as me… Actually, he’s the one who’s having the most headache after I leave.”

“Why is that?”Wan ‘er and Xiu’er did not understand.

“No reason.”Bai Chen laughed. “Ye Xiao and I have been enemies all our lives, and we know each other. “I don’t want the position of ruler of Beyond Avalon of the mortal world for this position. “And ye Xiao also doesn’t want to become the ruler of this world..

“Neither of our goals are here

“And now that I’ve given up, I’ve actually given up.”

Bai Chen looked forward to it. “Actually, I should be thankful to ye Xiao for freeing me from this battle. From then on, I let go of the obsession that I had for tens of thousands of years… and focused on opening up another path.”

“I have a feeling that ye Xiao will meet me on another path.”

“That is still the same path. I only hope that my start isn’t too late and that I don’t fall too far away.”

Wan ‘Er and Xiu ‘er were muddle-headed and didn’t know what the young master meant. They could only nod their heads in relief. Since the young master was fine, the two ladies were satisfied.

Furthermore, after so many years of understanding, whether the young master was really fine, whether he had really let go, whether it was the same as what he said, the two ladies could feel it.

What the young master said was true!

He had really let go.

And he was truly relieved.

And he was really happy!

This was very, very good.

“Let’s go.”Bai Chen’s gaze looked at the clouds in front of him. “To a place… that I have longed for for a long time.”


The demon of the spirit race that brought calamity to the world was annihilated under the series of schemes of Ye Bai and Bai. The established five-party Alliance also came to an end in such a strange way that no one understood it.

The entire world had entered a period of high-speed unification because of this change.

The era of the sovereign pavilion unifying the world had finally arrived.

Ye Xiao was already a true ruler of the world in the true sense of the word.

Although ye Xiao did not want such a position of authority, he had never intended to do so. Just as Bai Chen had said, Ye Xiao’s true ambition was definitely not here.

However, at this stage, only he had the right to occupy it, and only he had the ability to intimidate the world.

However, what gave ye Xiao a headache was that he seemed to have no one to use. He clearly had a large number of people in the sovereign pavilion, so why would he want to use no one? !

Although the five directions of heaven and earth were said to be unified, at least for a short period of time, the five directions of heaven and Earth still had to act on their own. They operated according to the original laws and regulations, so it was naturally not a problem for South Heaven, which had already completely belonged to ye Xiao, the West Heaven that was controlled by Ye Hongchen was easy to deal with. The Ye family was destroyed, but all the seven Golden Lotus families were still alive. The descendants of the seven Lotus families, led by old man Guan, were more than enough to deal with the government affairs of the southwest for two days, it was also easy to deal with Liu Litian’s side. All the official positions were the same as before. Other than removing some of the extremely bad people, the kind of worms that the heavenly emperor Liu Litian had deliberately left behind, the rest were basically unmoved.

In fact, those people were deliberately left behind by heavenly emperor Liu Litian to be used by his descendants to establish his authority. Moreover, they were people waiting to be slaughtered to win over the hearts of the people. It was not a pity to kill them.

More than 90% of the residents of Liu Litian belonged to the demi-human race. It was better for the demi-human race to come out and govern the demi-human race!

The above three days were already well-prepared in terms of internal affairs. However, there were many omissions in the remaining two days. This was especially so for bei Tian. The upper echelons of Heavenly Emperor bei Tian who originally belonged to the spirit race, Xiong ER, had all been swallowed up. Only a few kittens were left, it was not even a drop in the bucket

As for young master Bai Chenbai, who had filled in the gaps in northern sky, he had long disappeared from this world along with his overturning cloud and rain house.

In other words, northern sky was almost completely empty. Ye Xiao had no choice but to send out half of the people from the sovereign pavilion. Only then could he barely fill up Northern Sky’s empty space and at least maintain its operation.

However, the thing that gave ye Xiao the greatest headache was not the northern sky, but the eastern sky. After the eastern Sky Emperor Bai Yutian announced his abdication, the old underlings that originally belonged to the eastern sky all retired with Lin Quan.

These people were first because they could not bear to part with their old friends and old brothers, second because they had been longing for a high position for a long time and were tired of the ups and downs of the official world. Third because… one emperor and one courtier.., if they really stayed, they might be targeted at some point in time?

Although Lord Ye didn’t look like that kind of person, he didn’t know what would happen in the future. Moreover, no matter how high the position of the surrendered soldiers was, they would be free and unfettered without an official

However, what ye Xiao couldn’t figure out was that no one on Ye Hongchen’s side was willing to become an official except for the people of the seven Lotus family.

“Is being an official so unpopular now?”Ye Xiao frowned and looked at Xuan Bing and the others. “It’s so hard to ask someone to become an official!”

Xuan Bing held back his laughter. “There are risks in being an official. You have to be careful when you become an official…”

Ye Xiao rolled his eyes.

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