Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1904 - Sky King’s Arrival

1904: Sky King’s Arrival

Just at this time, the Eastern Sky main forces also showed some movement. On the eastern side, they entered the Limitless Ocean from an angle, clearly desiring to perform a pincer attack with the Southern Sky’s main forces and exterminate the Ye Family forces together. However, with just this one movement, they had an unknown army of two hundred thousand main forces show up to intercept them, and both sides were hit with a major disaster…

Although it was hard for these forces to obstruct the Eastern Sky’s elite forces as they closed in, in the end this division of troops actually wasn’t the slightest bit chaotic as they retreated step by step, establishing layer upon layer of defenses, and managing to delay the Eastern Sky’s elite forces many times. This caused the pincer attack to fail as the East and South couldn’t attack at the same time.

Along with the Eastern and Southern Skies’ mobilization, the Northern Sky army and Western Sky army also entered the war in succession to participate. The Ye Family forces were caught in a situation where they were surrounded on all four sides, every side facing an enemy. Beyond all expectations, though, was that the longer the Ye Family forces fought, the braver they were, unexpectedly. They didn’t concede in the slightest!

Even the Seven Golden Lotuses only ended up dispatching four people, one person overseeing each side of the battle. They revealed their skill in commanding the troops.

Actually, this also isn’t very surprising. After all, right now, the Seven Golden Lotuses could really be described as unrivalled on the battlefield!

Looking through all four groups of the four big Sky Kings’ forces, there wasn’t a single expert there who was capable of directly resisting one of the Seven Golden Lotuses!

This reality was enough to make the commanders in chief of the four sides almost depressed enough to spit blood.

You Seven Golden Lotuses count as powerhouses of the present age, this we already knew. After all, from those years ago, everyone was evenly matched, same quality cultivators. Why, one hundred thousand years later, are you all unexpectedly so much better than us now? This doesn’t make any sense, does it?

This matter wasn’t only puzzling the four sides’ commanders in chief, even that group of old brothers related to the Seven Golden Lotuses were also unable to comprehend it.

These seven people’s strength is a little too vigorous, isn’t it?

It’s simply excessively vigorous to the extreme!

It’s as if these seven people are in a territory that seems… somewhat unreal.

Everyone was on the same side, so naturally they had more than a few people ask about the reason for this. The seven people’s response was all the same, they would simply smile and not answer.

It wasn’t that they were unwilling to say, but rather they too were at a loss to understand why…

Could it be that the reason for their advancement was only in the five years that they had been back? Ever since the Chaotic City had the Monarch’s Hall, had the Life and Death Tree Fortress, are we just getting a little bit of leftover spiritual qi from it? Is that the reason why?

This… appeared to be somewhat hard to say.

We’re accepting all the energy that’s drifting away from the Life and Death Hall Tree Fortress every day, and it’s basically equivalent to a year of bitter cultivation. Is it so amazing that they have such a cultivation now?!

If it wasn’t that time was short, and we could continually stay just outside the boundary of the Life and Death Hall Tree Fortress, even if it stayed at this limit and the pace was just like this and nothing more, if we were capable of dragging this on for a few tens of years, our Seven Golden Lotuses would completely be capable of standing alongside the Five Sky Kings…

This, they were greatly assured was the truth.

However it was a pity that time waits for no man, ah, truly a pity, ah…

The war carried on each year after year.

Each year there were deaths, a large amount of deaths.

In this world class top-level battlefield, so-called human life had already arrived at the point of being worthless — even the whole Limitless Ocean’s landscape had been tossed and plowed through several times, to say nothing of the life or death of a few people?

But along with more and more of the Five Sky Kings’ reinforcement troops, the Ye Family forces were at last somewhat unable to continue to tolerate it, and they were gradually unable to prop themselves up.

The soldiers they could employ were in the end just too few. This weak spot was undoubtably revealed completely in the middle of this high intensity combat state.

However, as this was revealed, the Ye Family forces side started to dispatch their experts more and more frequently.

This went on until one day, the Glaze Sky King personally led his troops to arrive at the Limitless Ocean!

It was also starting from this day that the Human Realm Upon Heavens’ battle of the century situation began a new chapter!

The banners were numerous enough to hide the sky and cover the earth, and the vast sky was closely packed with dragons and phoenixes, along with all sorts of other divine beasts. No matter who saw it, their hearts would inevitably pound.

This decisive battle was genuinely important to the world, and they were on the verge of officially pulling the curtains open on this fight.

The four sides skies urgently drafted soldiers and enlisted the help of many secret world level experts as they hurried to the site of the battle.

The Limitless Ocean suddenly had a long whistle shake the air and rumble the earth, shocking everyone.

In the sky, there suddenly emerged several gigantic black words.  In the Limitless Ocean, an area spanning ten thousand li of ground, basically everyone could see these words clearly just like they were right in front of their eyes.

“Hundred thousand years war pact, the Limitless Ocean will conclude!”

Ten big words, standing in the empty air, unexpectedly stretched across the sky. For a long, long time, they did not disperse.

The Glaze Sky King, in his imperial chariot, suddenly sprang up when he saw these ten giant words in midair. He suddenly laughed heartily, and with an extremely bold attitude, immediately shouted, “Good!”

As this word, “Good”, was blurted out, it was like a clap of thunder filling the sky. It was enough to part the sky and split the land, shocking the whole fabric of the sky as it scattered and smashed through, producing countless black holes that flashed and died with a ‘ka-cha’ noise.

With one opening of his mouth, he shattered the void.

This might was unexpectedly already above the point of gesturing to drop the skies and rend the earth!

This was simply classified as the Glaze Sky King’s unique majestic presence, the ruling emperor’s might!

In the truest sense, everyone still wasn’t prepared for this war, but at this point it launched on a large scale.

The five sides Sky Kings’ reinforcement troops continuously crowded onto the battlefield like rivers converging onto the sea, sources unending. The violent offensive could be said to be one wave higher than the next, but like a field of green grass, the Heaven’s Leaf’s manpower seemed to be endlessly destroyed, continuously burning. Today they would boldly come out, tomorrow they would also boldly come out. The soldiers’ momentum was strangely unending, and these great waves were treacherous and enigmatic…

Both sides had an unprecedented surge in their fighting heart and battle intent, causing the war situation to become more and more intense, and also more and more desperate.

The amount of dead people naturally was also more and more numerous.

In this half year of time, apart from the Seven Golden Lotuses, those seven people who transcended common conventions of military force, there were still an additional eighteen people who attacked unceasingly on the battlefield, causing chaos. They were elusive, completely exterminating the other side’s influence in one strike.

Originally, the five sides Sky Kings had the Ye Family surrounded, and the five commanders in chief felt as though victory was within their grasps. However, to their unexpected horror, they discovered… this, this clearly is every single one of the Heaven’s Leaf’s iron rod subordinates from a hundred thousand years ago making a comeback and entering this intense battle!

This understanding caused them to simultaneously produce a sort of misconception that they had traveled back in time to a hundred thousand years before!

There were just that many old friends and old rivals, old brothers and old foes, who were again on the same battlefield with them!

“The Ye Family forces side has no fewer than fifty peak Undead Stage powerhouses! Among those there are at least twelve people who are Eternal Stage powerhouses! Just looking at this high end battle strength alone… compared to any one of the Five Skies, they aren’t inferior in any respect! If we additionally add in the assassin’s king Blood River… I’m afraid that we might miscalculate victory or defeat! This kind of battle power can really scare a person, it’s enough to make me gasp in amazement!”

The Glaze Sky King stood in midair, the sight unprecedentedly dignified and grave.

When he had just arrived at the Limitless Ocean, he had finally felt that dear woman’s aura. Although it was temporarily unclear why his daughter was staying motionless in one place,  he was still able to feel that she was in no danger, and that even his daughter’s mood was still very good.

Glaze Sky King naturally also just put aside his heart, putting the absolute majority of his attention on the huge battle in front of him.

Purple Dragon King, as Glaze Sky’s subordinates’ number one powerhouses, was looking below with a serious face. “Your Majesty… Big Mister Ye’s strength… in these years, he also has had some considerable growth!”

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