Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1905 - Blood River’s Dream

Chapter 1905: Blood River’s Dream

Glaze Sky King smiled. “Naturally! if they stood still without advancing, wouldn’t this so-called “time of breaking heaven” cause one to be disappointed? As for this worldwide battle, it ultimately still must come down to a decisive battle between powerhouses for a firm conclusion! Right now’s so-called war is nothing more than a bloody sacrifice, the appetizer to this grand ceremony, and nothing more.”

The Purple Dragon King bitterly laughed.

This is merely the blood sacrifice before the main dish. They have already killed enough to make a corpse mountain and a blood river, unending scarlet red…

Apparently he still truly wasn’t Sky King material. As a peak Demon Race powerhouse, seeing this made his hair stand on end, aghast and fearful. Those Human Race kings, however, haven’t blinked an eye. Looking at their relative strength in this regard, their ability to bear psychological burdens already stood above in a position of superiority.

“Ye Hongchen’s strength admittedly is quite formidable, but if he has a confrontation with the five great Sky Kings at the same time, his odds of success are zero.” Glaze Sky King sighed. “But Purple Dragon, do you know why he continues to pressure the whole strength of the Ye Family even though he clearly knows he has no chance of victory?”

Purple Dragon King scratched his head. “This one certainly truly doesn’t know. Fighting a war without victory, being fully aware of the fact that he won’t succeed, Big Mister Ye has been unexpectedly unwise up until now…”

“It’s not only you that doesn’t know, I also don’t know.” Glaze Sky King said, “I only vaguely sense that he apparently wants to shatter this plane of the heavens and earth, once more shuffling the cards and restructuring a new state of society. But, this is only one reason. As for the other reasons, or perhaps the reason that is the most important one in the bottom of Ye Hongchen’s heart, I also am unable to understand them.”

“After all, even if he can shatter this plane of the heavens’ original rules and regulations, the final outcome is sure to have the whole Ye Family buried with him! The Ye Family are all dead men walking. Even he himself is unable to have a narrow escape. Even if he did manage to shatter this plane of the heavens, what sort of meaning would it have?”

Glaze Sky King looked out across the plane of battle enshrouded by clouds, contemplating with a frown. After a good while, he slowly shook his head.

He clearly found it hard to imagine exactly what Ye Hongchen’s true aim in doing all of this was.

Actually, this same question also existed inside the other four big Sky Kings’ hearts as well.

Ye Hongchen, what exactly is the point of doing all of this?

As for Ye Hongchen guiding the movement of this battle of the century, this point was not regarded as an accident. That the war situation had developed to this degree was unexpected, but don’t say that Big Mister Ye and Heaven’s Leaf were able to beat the five Skies working together. Even if they did manage to win, it would be winning by destroying the Human Realm Upon Heavens, and how would that have any significance?!

With this kind of crazy battle, there could only be this kind of explanation… or perhaps Big Mister Ye was simply tired of living. Moreover, the whole group of brothers still following Big Mister Ye were collectively tired of living!

“Hahaha…” Big Mister Ye stood under a huge pine tree. This pine tree resembled a giant umbrella, covering up the sky. Ye Hongchen faced the sky and laughed for a long time, laughing to his heart’s content.

Under the tree, there were still 26 seats.

Since the reunion, the 25 old brothers had spent every day accompanying each other, drinking wine, chatting, and getting drunk together.

“This sort of drinking to the limit of your life, enjoying your life to the fullest until you can’t go any more, is this good or not?!” Ye Hongchen said, smiling slightly.

“Good!” 25 people laughed loudly together.

Among these there were a couple people who had wine in hand, but still had wisps of blood trickling out of the corners of their mouth. It was clear that they were severely wounded.

As they were this class of absolute peak cultivators, they wouldn’t be wounded easily. Once they were wounded, it was precisely by inflicting serious damage. Even if they had serious damage inflicted upon them, they could also use their cultivation level to suppress it so that it wouldn’t be revealed in the slightest, but these two people’s conditions were so bad that they couldn’t suppress it, making it obvious how seriously grave their injuries were.

“Brothers intersect again after 100,000 years, what regrets do we have left in this life!?”

“The young ride drunk spurring their horses through the Jianghu, the aged sit together and get thoroughly drunk! Indeed I have no regrets!”

“From beginning to end, my brothers haven’t changed! I have no regrets in this life!”

“A hundred thousand years looked flourishing, I have no regrets in this era!”


Guan Shanyao let out a big “hei hei” laugh.

“130,000 years!” Guan Shanyao laughed and laughed, unexpectedly going silent.

“130,000 endless years going by, seeing my first wife and my children gradually go senile and become yellow dirt! Seeing my son grow up, grow old, and go die; seeing my grandson grow from a young boy and gradually arrive at being old… seeing my great-great-grandson, seeing generation after generation of my offspring’s descendants… seeing my family clan tomb go from a field almost a mu in size, slowly increasing to a burial mound, and expand bit by bit… gradually growing so large as to become today’s cemetery of more than seven hundred li continuously!”

Guan Shanyao shook his head. That seemingly still young face gradually showed endless vicissitudes.

“Every time I was lonely in my mind, I would want to go look for my old wife to have a personal chat with her… finding her burial mound would take all morning. Occasionally I would go into seclusion, and one time afterwards, ten years had already gone by, and after the wind had blown and the rain had battered, I unexpectedly couldn’t even find my beloved wife’s burial mound…”

“This kind of feeling, this cycle of torture happening again and again… my heart is already numb and wooden.”

“This big road is lonely and solemn and hard to walk. Originally I knew this in advance, but the truth of experiencing it is different than what I imagined…”

“Sometimes, I can’t even help but think that maybe it would be better if everything was over in a hurry… it wouldn’t leave this many wounds behind. Even more, I wouldn’t need to bear the suffering of my memories anymore!”

Guan Shanyao’s melancholic words gave rise to everyone’s sympathetic response. Each and every one of those people present all touched their wine cups in silence.

“Right, in my heart, from beginning to end I haven’t forgotten Big Brother and the other brothers’ agreement from those years. It is precisely because of this agreement that I had the perseverance to cling to, arriving at the present day!”

“A hundred thousand years ago, the agreement of the resurgence of wind and clouds. If it weren’t for this pact, how would I be willing!”

“If I wasn’t able to drink to my heart’s content with my brothers again and get drunk, how would I be willing.”

“If I wouldn’t be able to see Big Brother’s face again, how would I be willing!”

“This cultivation level, if I just sit around and rot without using it, how would I be willing!”

“If we will not disturb the heavens and earth, flipping the sky and overturning the earth, how would I be willing!”

“In those years, without a war we withdrew. Seeing those five Sky Kings strut around for countless years, how would I be willing!”

“All my life, apart from the vicissitudes of tiredness and loneliness, apparently there was only this point that I still remained un-resigned to.”

“Again without the others!”

“These sorts of battles have no relation to victory or defeat, honor or disgrace!”

“Even more, regardless of who the hegemony is, my only desire is to not turn my back on the original intention of my life! To not turn my back on Big Brother! Life or death shouldn’t be regarded!”

“Only in order to… those years’ agreement of the brothers, together be on one’s way!”

“In order to leave our mark behind on the Human Realm Upon Heavens! Those years, we didn’t fight, so the heaven and earth are therefore intact. Right now, with this battle, this slice of heaven and earth will then undergo a nirvana!”

“Just this and nothing more!”

“Only this one battle, that’s all!”

Guan Shanyao was always steady and taciturn. By no means were the words he said few, but during this time that he said all of this, everyone else, even Ye Hongchen, were all contemplating endlessly.

Everyone present was absolutely silent.



Lived enough?

Lonely enough?

Enough vicissitudes?

What do they still desire?

“I will join the fight tomorrow!” Blood River raised his head and poured his whole cup of wine down his throat, without spilling a single drop.

“I directly have one wish, and that is to take the severed head of a general from a million strong army… tomorrow, I will fulfill this dream of mine.”

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