Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1903 - Chaotic Potential Already Rising

Chapter 1903 : Chaotic Potential Already Rising

Xiu’er’s eyes opened wide. “That, young master means that…”

“With Ye Xiao’s sophisticated strength of presence, there’s no way that he would introduce a potential source of trouble that he would be unable to put in order. Yet, with the Brotherhood’s power also being extremely vigorous, he would need the necessary time to digest them. Therefore… Ye Xiao at least must be silent for a month while he digests the Brotherhood’s gathered strength, and will genuinely integrate them into the Monarch’s Hall. Furthermore… by every indication, that Life and Death Hall Tree Fortress has some efficacy in promoting one’s cultivation base. In this one month, those gathered people can possibly draw some support from a month of cultivation practice. If they can achieve some breakthroughs in cultivation, that not only will increase the submission in these gathered people’s hearts, but also will let the Monarch’s Hall as a whole take a step forward in power. After this, the Monarch’s Hall’s side will only then carry out their next motion.”

Young Master Bai said, “Right now is exactly when the war situation is on the rise. That Ye Xiao has this sort of inside information is admittedly extremely impressive, but his comprehensive strength is actually too little to be able to interfere in the war situation. Rather than act rashly and blindly without thinking, it would actually be better to concentrate on polishing their own strength to deal with the approaching turbulent situation. This is what I would do, and I’m convinced that Ye Xiao will respond in precisely this way, by and large…”


“Therefore I would say, there will be an intermittence period of one or two months.” Young Master Bai nodded his head, and said, “At the latest two months afterwards, Ye Xiao then will carry out his movements. As for the target of his first movements, he will certainly concentrate on the Hall of Returning Nature without a doubt. As soon as he can move, the first thing he will do is exterminate the Hall of Returning Nature!”

“One of Ye Xiao’s very distinct character traits is precisely that of his determination in taking revenge. This point, we saw in evidence as early as back in Han Yang Continent. He even included us as his targets. And, he has a enmity as deep as an ocean of blood between him and the Hall of Returning Nature, with the demanding blood debts of countless subordinates. I’m convinced that Ye Xiao can’t let Meng Wuzhen and the Hall of Returning nature off. At that time, Ye Xiao would inevitably startle the whole world with one morning’s kill, and would use the thunderous momentum to snipe the Hall of Returning Nature. If it went without accident, the Hall of Returning Nature would certainly be exterminated without a doubt!”

Young Master Bai quietly spoke. “Wan’er, what do you think… Should we call Meng Wuzhen’s attention to this?”

Xiu’er heard what was said and was greatly perplexed. She said, “Don’t tell me that Young Master’s mentioned accident is actually us?! But this… I don’t know… I really don’t know…”

Young Master Bai laughed, and rubbed her beautiful hair with one hand. He said, “You’re just a muddle-headed girl…”

He thought a moment, and said, “After we summon Meng Wuzhen, we will clearly argue how inside two months or so, the Monarch’s Hall will take out a large scale attack on the Hall of Returning Nature!”

He sighed. “In the end… he is mother’s nephew… Furthermore, this is the last of our relationship with the Dark Hall. This sort of relationship still has one necessary thing to deliver!”

He said it was to see off their relationship, but, in Bai Chen’s eyes, there was actually a spark of rumination that flashed by.”


Wan’er didn’t notice this, and softly answered.

“Your mother’s fart!” Meng Wuzhen madly scolded with a dirty mouth.

With regards to the information that Young Master Bai had delivered, Meng Wuzhen with one slap broke it into fragments, and even at the same time spoke such filth, not differentiating what he said under his anger. He absolutely wasn’t aware that, in scolding Bai Chen’s mother, he was fundamentally just scolding his own aunt…

“Precisely because this bastard sent a message one time, it ruined six tenths or more of my Dark Hall’s strength. Now, he has unexpectedly sent me a message again!”

Meng Wuzhen was angry until he was green in the face. He instinctually believed that, in sending this message, Bai Chen was inevitably waiting for him to fall into another trap!

“Young Master, what Young Master Bai said isn’t necessarily firing an arrow without aiming, you shouldn’t disregard it, ah.” Jade Phoenix anxiously said, “That Ye Xiao indeed had already sent out a promise, and now he has the strongest of the Brotherhood serving as his assistance. This isn’t a strength you should take contempt of…”

“Fart your promise!” Meng Wuzhen bared his teeth. “Even if I give Ye Xiao the opportunity to kill me, you think he would seriously dare to touch me! Touching me is the same as touching the bottom line of the Western Heavens. Killing me is tantamount to killing himself. There are none who say that Ye Xiao doesn’t have the strength to do this, but does he have this kind of courage, this kind of resolution?!”


Meng Wuzhen waved a hand, his eyes looking fierce and strict. “This matter has thus come to a firm conclusion. If Ye Xiao doesn’t come, that’s the end of it. If he seriously dares to come, no one should obstruct him, just let that bastard come right in here! This Crown Prince actually wants to take a look and see if Ye Xiao would dare to suddenly reveal his knife in my presence!”

Everyone kept quiet out of fear.

Red Phoenix and Jade Phoenix both faintly felt that it was improper, but again didn’t know what to do to mollify him.

They very clearly knew where their family Young Master’s anger was coming from.

Originally as he left the big West Sky, he arrived in the Limitless Ocean with nothing but the clothes on his back to temper himself in the world by creating a faction and a reputation. Already, Young Master had been given many points in front of the Heavenly Emperor.

However, recently, everything was actually going unfavorably. Although the House of Chaotic Storms, the Ye Family forces, and the Evil League worked together to suppress him, causing his strength to be extremely depressed, the most fundamental element was still Ye Xiao. The Monarch’s Hall’s Life and Death Hall really had damaged too much of the Hall of Returning Nature’s strength…

Not long ago, Meng Wuzhen was again scolded by the Heavenly Emperor and told that he was inferior to dog shit.

How could Meng Wuzhen not be angry?

However, even if they were as close to Meng Wuzhen as Jade Phoenix and Red Phoenix were, they still unexpectedly overlooked a matter that happened to be a very important matter. Meng Wuzhen furiously put forth his identity as the Western Sky Crown Prince and didn’t consider himself to be the Hall Master of the Hall of Returning Nature. This… This itself already was an extreme manifestation of his lack of confidence!

One point that should be clearly stated again, or perhaps a point that was hard to hear, at this moment Meng Wuzhen unexpectedly used “relying on his parents” to resist his enemy’s final strategy. Not only was this ridiculous, it was also lamentable. It was enough to make one sad. Ye Xiao and Bai Chen had an enemy like this, did they know whether they should laugh or cry?!

“He is courting disaster, courting death, with no one to blame…” Bai Chen heard Wan’er’s reply, and gave a low laugh. “My intentions arrived properly, it is needless to try to manage him again.”

Wan’er was silent for a moment, and at last opened her mouth to say, “Young Master delivered the information this time, did you not already calculate Meng Wuzhen’s disposition and response?”

Bai Chen’s motion stopped for a moment. For a good, long while, he didn’t have a sound to make in reply.

Bai Chen’s fully calculated plan was publicly known to be accurate.

However, this one time that he judged Ye Xiao in advance, he undoubtably calculated wrongly.

He had asserted that Ye Xiao would certainly have movement within two months, but Ye Xiao’s side unexpectedly went half a year without any movement at all!

Calm as still water, making no great waves!

Compared to how quiet the Life and Death Hall Tree Fortress had been, during this half a year the entire Limitless Ocean was already beaten into a sieve, really riddled with holes and smashed up!

Southern Sky’s main forces finally set into motion, and departed to attack the Ye Family forces. Although the Ye Family forces were energetic in unifying and training their subordinate troops, in the end they were still new recruits going into battle. Without too many military accomplishments, relying on momentum wasn’t bad. One day they were met with the strike from the regular army, and though the time was right and they had the advantage, they had almost collapsed on the first encounter. Originally the Ye Family forces had already looked like they lost by a landslide, but a division of troops came out of nowhere and powerfully entered the battle.

These groups of troops’ headcount was not at all too many. Taking everything into account, they didn’t exceed a hundred thousand people, but their battle strength was extremely important. Furthermore, the manner of their attack remained strong after they entered the battle. They charged straight into the middle of the Southern Sky Main Forces battle formation, performing a textbook chisel penetration offensive.

Were it not for the fact that Lu Buyi also had a lifetime of battle experience and wasn’t confused upon facing death, to the point that he could deal with it suitably, the Southern Sky main forces would perhaps have been the ones to face a crushing defeat, defeated like a landslide. But although Lu Buyi dealt with the situation suitably, and with an effort settled afterwards, the overwhelming advantage that they had obtained before was also completely obliterated.

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