Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 55 Invasion Of Dragon's Paradise

Izroth concentrated on the environment around him, using his senses to identify the various people moving within the building. 'There's 15... No, 14 people in total…' Izroth thought as he looked towards the elevator.

He subtracted Rhodes and the two men he had already knocked unconscious from the equation as there was no way they would be able to move any time soon.

"Three are heading this way, most likely due to the gunshot. Well, it doesn't really matter as I planned on going to them anyway." He looked over at the two men lying unconscious on the floor.

"That little metal tool called a gun is interesting... It's possible for mortals to kill weak cultivators with something like that. According to my current knowledge, with the «Heavenly Golden Body» trained to the second stage, a handgun would leave a small scratch at most."

"However, I would have to train the «Heavenly Golden Body» physique to the third stage to come out unharmed against what they call an assault rifle..." Jin was once obsessed with this one first-person shooter game and learned about all different kind of guns and the power they possessed.

Izroth had to admit, he underestimated what this world was originally capable of. While the weapons were nothing compared to the artifacts or weapons from the Seven Realms, the thing that interested and surprised him was that any mortal could wield them. Though, he still found them just to be little toys at best.

He could hear the three men approaching the fifth floor that he was currently on.


"Tch... I really hope for their sake they aren't just fooling around. The commander is unstable right now after what happened to his son, he even broke Red's nose." One of the three men that Jian sent to check on the status of the guys upstairs, was having a conversation with the other two.

One of the other men let out a sigh, "I just want to go home and chill man... I doubt the commander is going to let any of us go home until this whole mess is resolved."

The three were inside an elevator and it only took them a few moments to arrive at the fifth floor.


The doors to the elevator slowly opened and just as the man in front was about to step out, something quickly brushed past his throat.

Jin was waiting in front of the elevator door and as soon as it opened, using the thenar area of his right hand, he struck the throat of the man.

This cut off the man's ability to breath as he placed his hands at his throat trying to grasp for air.

Jin stepped into the elevator, the men inside were too close to each other to risk using their handguns and so the two men could only try to physically overpower Jin. However, how was that possible when Jin possessed the «Heavenly Golden Body» physique?

Jin used the elbow of his left arm to strike one of the men in his diaphragm located between the upper abdomen and the chest area. This knocked the wind out of him and would cause him to eventually faint from the lack of oxygen.

The last remaining man punched out at Jin, but his punch was easily evaded. Just when he was getting ready to launch another attack, his entire body froze.

Jin struck the man on three separate regions of his torso with his index finger and after doing so he tapped against the center of his chest with the back of his hand. That tap appeared to be gentle, however, it caused the last man's body to shiver uncontrollably before freezing completely.

"3 down, 11 to go." Izroth tossed the bodies of the three unconscious men out of the elevator before pressing the button to go down to the third floor where he heard most of the footsteps coming from. "They all appear to be converging onto one main location... Their leader is most likely there."


Jian was getting impatient as he was waiting for the three men he sent upstairs to report back. It had already been over 5 minutes and there was no word from them. Was everyone just trying to purposely upset him today? 'Useless... All of them are useless!'

"Commander Jian, I've found the footage you were looking for!" A man sitting down at a chair in front of the security camera monitor said in an unsteady voice. He could not believe what he just saw on the camera feed.

"Play it back!" Jian concentrated on the monitor showing the footage of what took place when his son was dropped off in front of Dragon's Paradise. However, all he saw was a dark streak and the next moment his son was suddenly lying on the ground.

Jian narrowed his eyes, "Is this some kind of joke? Is there an error in the footage?"

The person sitting down hurriedly spoke, "There's no problem with the footage, it's just that... They're moving too fast for the camera to capture them if it isn't slowed down. I thought it was weird too, so I tried to slow it down and got this." He clicked a few buttons before replaying the video.

"What is that...?" Jian said in a low voice as he examined the security footage. Just for a brief moment, that shadow was clearly shaped like a humanoid figure. However, there was no way a human could move that fast, so that had to be impossible.

"Slow it down more Vince!" Jian commanded in an angry tone of voice.

The last thing Vince wanted to do was further infuriate Jian and so he slowed down the video even more. This time, they were able to see things clearer.

Although they were unable to tell who it was, they at the very least looked human. There was something off about them though, but Jian couldn't quite put his finger on it.

Bap! Bap! Bap! Bap!

There were gunshots coming from the hallway on the floor Jian was currently located on. The gunshots startled everyone within the room as they all drew their guns without hesitation.


As soon as Jin stepped out off the elevator, a man turned around to greet him thinking that he was one of their companions that went upstairs to check on the situation. However, that man was instead greeted by a kick to his gut that sent him tumbling backward and slamming hard against the wall.

It wasn't that he was afraid to kill anyone, it was just that death was just an easy way to escape from one's actions. He would make them have to live in shame for the rest of their short lives. But, his main target was Rhodes' father, Jian.

These handguns they had were like cute little toys to him and unable to harm him, so he would not see that as a threat to his life. If his life, however, was in any actual danger he would not have any second thoughts about eliminating the threat.

This was about the person responsible for his son's behavior that allowed him to continuously bully the original owner of this body without any consequence. This person was also the same reason why everyone in town never bothered to report anything to the police that involved his son and his friends.

If they accidentally reported to someone on the Dragon Stone's pay list, then wouldn't they be technically bringing disaster upon themselves?

When the four other men saw one of their members tumbling across the floor. They all immediately pulled out their firearms and pointed it towards Jin.

The four men could not comprehend what was going on, but they thought that it was something major. However, when they saw that it was just a single person wearing a strange mask, they all felt a bit relieved and began to ease up.

"You better have a good reason for barging in here and attacking one of our members. Do you know what this place is?" One of the men tried to intimidate Jin.

"Is this place not called Dragon's Paradise?" Jin asked with a smirk on his face. Did he know what this place was? Of course, he knew!

"If you understand that then you're either insane or have a death wish. Either way, we'll let the commander decide what to do with you."

"Impressive, I've yet to meet a person within this world capable of judging me." Jin rushed towards the four gang members.

The four of them each fired from their handguns! If this guy had a death wish, they would gladly grant it to him.

Bap! Bap! Bap! Bap!

Just before the four men pulled the trigger on their handguns, Jin positioned himself in such a way that judging by the angle at which they were aiming and the trajectory the bullet would travel, it was bound to miss its intended target.

The four were shocked that all of them had missed! That was highly improbable unless they were all just terrible at aiming, but they couldn't possibly be that bad right?

They tried firing again multiple times but ended up with the same result, all of their bullets missed without fail every single time! Just as they were trying to reload their clips, Jin had arrived before them.

Jin's palms were moving in an incredibly elusive manner. It was as if hundreds of palms were raining down upon the four men, however, there was only one true strike hidden within. Jin was using the «Myriad Elusive Palms», a low-ranked heavenly law, to attack the four men simultaneously.

Of course, he controlled the power and accuracy of each blow perfectly. Unlike within RML, there was no system to guide along the attack to its intended nearby targets. Jin had to aim precisely using his own skills to do so.

Each of the four men was hit on their chins, rattling their brains around and causing them to faint soon after.


There were currently five other people behind the door along with Jian making for a total of six people. All of them had their guns drawn and ready, aimed directly at the only way into the room which was through the front door.

The last remaining person that Jin sensed earlier was the doctor who was in another room tending to the wounded Rhodes. They had their own medical equipment in case of emergencies, after all, there were times when they were unable to go to the hospital itself.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

Everyone within the room heard the sound of four bodies dropping to the floor from the other side of the door. What was going on out there? That was the question on everyone's mind.

Jian was already in a bad mood and now he had to deal with this unknown person. This would have been much easier if they had cameras installed everywhere, however, they were only placed in specific regions such as the front door and backdoor.

This was because Dragon Paradise received important guests sometimes that enjoyed their privacy. A bunch of cameras in every corner did not exactly scream privacy.

The doorknob started shaking slightly and not long after that, the door was pushed open.

"Alright, that's far enough! You have just 10 seconds to explain what exactly it is that you think you're doing." When Jian saw that it was some strange person wearing a mask, for some reason he had a bad feeling about this person. But, he couldn't appear weak in front of his gang.

Jin stood at the entrance of the doorway as his eyes scanned the room. Everyone had their guns pointed directly at him, but he was not fazed by it at all. He was able to tell who Rhodes' father was in an instant as their resemblance was remarkable.

"Explain...? Very well then, I'll tell you the same thing I told your foolish son." Jin's eyes were ice cold as he stared at Jian and said one simple word, "Vengeance."

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