Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 54 This Is A Disaster

'It seems he really was not lying when he said that his father would be able to pay...' Izroth thought as he stood on top of the building he dropped Rhodes off in front of.


20 minutes earlier...

Rhodes was lying on the ground in the warehouse unconscious. He was unable to take the unbearable pain and all the violence that had been inflicted to him.

All of his fingers were broken or the bones were ground to powder, his teeth were knocked out of his mouth, both of his eyes were swollen, his ankles had been snapped and the bones crushed into dust, he would never be able to use his hands or feet again.

The thoracic vertebrae on Rhodes' spine were completely shattered and there was no hope of him being any more than a cripple that would be unable to lift even a single finger. At this point, death would be a form of mercy, however, it was not something Jin would give him.

Rhodes would have to spend his entire life as a cripple and being incapable of accepting such a thing, he fainted from shock. The worst thing about all of this was that he had no idea who he offended to bring this upon himself.

Dan had tried to escape earlier which was a huge mistake on his part. His right leg had been broken by Jin and was snapped backward in a 45-degree angle, it looked extremely painful. He too had fainted from shock.

The one with the least amount of injuries was actually Victor who was the first to try and assault Jin. Though there was a reason for that, and it was because Jin was far from done.

For all the years of suffering the three of these scum put the original owner of this body through, as well as daring to lay a hand on Reilei, this was just the start of it all. He would uproot everything from the core, this was the price for their crimes.

Jin walked over to Victor and swiftly used his finger striking him in multiple acupoints.

A few seconds later, Victor's eyes shot open as he sat up gasping for air. What happened? Where was he? He couldn't remember a thing! Victor was holding his head in pain, his body felt as though he were hit by a truck. "The last thing I remember..." He tried his hardest to remember but to no avail.

When he began to recall some fragmented pieces, he looked around and saw the terrible states Dan and Rhodes were in. His face immediately became pale as he was frightened by the sight of their mangled bodies, were they even alive?!

It did not take Victor long to realize that someone was standing in front of him. As he slowly looked up to see who it was, he started shivering from head to toe. A demon was staring directly at him with bloodthirsty eyes, he nearly collapsed just from the sight of it.

"Tell me... This Dragon Stone gang, are they nearby?" Jin understood that because Rhodes' father was a commander of the Dragon Stone gang, the three of them always got off the hook for all the trouble they caused.

Everyone in this town knew exactly who the Dragon Stone gang was. If something illegal was going down then the chances were high that it had something to do with the Dragon Stone gang. They weren't just some random street gang that focused on fist fights and small time stuff.

"I-It's nearby! It is! Their headquarters is at the five-story building under the guise of being a hotel, it's called Dragon's Paradise. I swear to you, please just let me go. I won't tell anyone about you alright? I'll even leave town and never return." Victor tried to plead with Jin.

"Dragon's Paradise...?" Jin muttered to himself, he knew exactly where that was located and it was indeed nearby. "Since you've been such great help, I suppose I should reward you." Before Victor could even respond or react, Jin's hand had already flashed across his face.

Victor felt a sense of relief when he heard Jin's words, but all of a sudden, the vision from his right eye went completely dark. "Eh...?" It took place in an instant.

Within Jin's hand was the right eye of Victor, he crushed it before tossing it aside like trash. Compared to the state of Dan and Rhodes, this could already be seen as Jin showing some form of mercy.

It was so quick and painless that Victor did not even know that he was missing an eyeball. Of course, it was only painless because his brain had yet to fully register the events that just occurred. Victor slowly waved his hand in front of his face, however, he was entirely blind on his right side.

When he saw that eyeball within Jin's hand being crushed like nothing, the pain finally struck him. "Ah... Ahhhh... Ahhhhhhh! My eye!" Victor covered his now empty right eye socket with his hand. Why? What had he done to deserve this?

Jin hit the back of Victor's neck knocking him unconscious. Jin made sure to break one of Victor's legs in the process, he would not release him with such a light injury after all. Though his current state could still be considered better than that of Dan and Rhodes.

Even though all of them were severely injured, he was skilled enough to avoid life-threatening strikes. They would have to live their entire lives with the consequences of their actions. This is what vengeance meant for Jin.

"Now... Let's see who raised such an unfilial son." Jin grabbed ahold of Rhodes and walked out of the warehouse. With his vast experience and skill set, it was easy to travel to the Dragon Stone's headquarters undetected.


Lying on the infirmary bed inside of the Dragon Paradise hotel was a young man who looked to be in his mid to late twenties. Both of his eyes were swollen, his nose broken, he only had three teeth remaining within his mouth.

That was not the worst part of it... All of his fingers were broken beyond the point of return, as well as his ankles. For his entire life, he would have to depend on someone to feed him, bath him, clothe him, and even assist him in using the restroom.

Standing by the side of that bed was a man with a dark expression on his face. He was surrounded by twelve men who did not dare to utter a single word. That man was Jian, the commander of the Dragon Stone gang and currently, he was enraged.

His son had always been reckless, but they always knew who they could afford to offend. But, even if his son had offended someone within this town he shouldn't have, they would not ignore his status and give him some face. However, the person who did this was cruel and merciless.

At the moment, their personal doctor was tending to the wounds of Rhodes and while his life was not in danger, he would forever be crippled.

"What happened...?" Jian's voice was calm, but those who knew him would know that now was the time to be careful with one's choice of words.

All the men in the room stayed quiet, they were afraid to speak. The reason was that none of them had a single clue about what happened!

All they knew was that Rhodes was dropped off in front of their hotel. This meant that whoever did this knew exactly who they were and still decided to do this to their commander's son. That person must possess no fear of death!

When Jian saw that no one was speaking he kicked over a nearby desk that made a loud banging sound when it hit the floor. "Speak! Who the hell did this to my son?!" He glared at the man who was the one that brought him the news of his injured son.

That man felt cold sweats run down his back, he wanted to curse his bad luck at having agreed to inform their commander about the matter. Now, if he was to upset Jian while he was this agitated, he may not necessarily be able to keep his life.

"B-boss... I really have no idea what happened... I just walked outside and saw him lying their unconscious I swear. There was no one in sight, no letter, nothing." The man could only tell the truth. If he were caught lying, it would put him in an even worse position.

"Just lying there...?" Jian's eyes turned extremely cold as he stared at the man who just spoke. "Did you check the cameras?" His tone was chilling.

"Well no boss, I thought it was more important to bring in-" before the man could even finish his sentence a fist was already before his face, his nose was broken from the force of impact. The man held onto his nose in pain but, he did not utter a single noise or show his displeasure.

This could already be considered a light punishment. "Check the cameras! I want to see who has the audacity to personally drop off my injured son on our doorsteps and then walk away!" The man did not waste any time and immediately went to do as he was ordered.


'It's about time…' Izroth thought as he entered onto the top floor of the hotel from the rooftop.

There were two people located on the top floor of the hotel, both of them were a part of the Dragon Stone gang.

"Hey did you hear about the commander's son? Apparently, someone beat the living daylights out of him and left him crippled on the doorsteps." One of the men let out a long sigh. "There isn't going to be much rest these next few days until we find out who's behind this."

The other man shook his head, "The commander's kid was out of control, it was bound to happen eventually." Of course, he would never say that to Jian's face. "I think he should be lucky that he's still alive with those type of injuries. I've never seen someone so mangled up before."

As the two of them were talking, their attention was drawn to a figure walking down the hallway step by step. That individual was wearing a strange masquerade mask that covered the top half and the entire left side of the person's face. That person was completely dressed in black with an emotionless look on his face.

The men instinctively placed their hand near their hip close to their firearm. "Stop right there! Do you know who this place belongs to? State your purpose for being here!"

Despite their words, that strange figure continued to take one step at a time drawing closer to the two men. "My purpose...? Well now, that's quite simple. I'm here to collect on some unpaid debts." The strange figure was Jin, he spoke in a deep and hoarse voice.

The two men looked at each other in confusion. Collect on some unpaid debts? Since when were they, the Dragon Stone gang, the ones who paid debts? They were always the ones to collect, not the other way around.

"Hahaha, this guy must be insane, that's the only explanation." One of the men said not taking this seriously at all.

Jin pushed off his left foot and in a flash, he appeared in front of the man who just spoke. With the palm of his hand, Jin aimed directly for the man's chin. When his palm struck the man's chin it rattled his brain and made him lose all power within his legs.

As the man was falling to the ground, Jin swept his leg outwards kicking the man aside. This made the man's body slam into the hallway wall, knocking him unconscious.

When the other man saw his companion was in trouble, he drew his gun and aimed it at Jin.

As the man's finger was pulling down on the trigger, Jin had already begun to move. To him, every action that man took was like looking at someone move in slow motion. Based on where the man was aiming, Jin could easily avoid the incoming shot before it was even fired.


When the man fired his handgun, he was startled. 'Where did that strange person just go? Did he avoid a bullet at such close range? Impossible!' Before the man knew it, everything around him suddenly turned dark. Jin appeared at the man's side and struck his temple knocking him unconscious.


When the group of men on the lower floors heard the sound of that gunshot, all of them were put on high alert.

Jian frowned when he heard the gunshot as he turned to look at one of the nearby men, "You, go see what those bastards upstairs are doing! I swear if they're playing around up there, I'll personally put a bullet in both of them!" The man hurriedly went off to see what was happening upstairs along with two other men accompanying him.

Little did Jian know, the Dragon Stone's downfall was imminent.

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