Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 53 It's A Demon!

Vengeance? What did he mean by that? Dan and Rhodes were confused since when had they done anything that called for any kind of vengeance.

"Look, you probably have the wrong people. If you leave now, we'll look the other way on what you just did to Victor." Rhodes was buying some time and tried to bargain with the masked man. It was clear they were up against one strong bastard seeing how he sent Victor flying.

It would be much easier to resolve things without fighting if possible. However, he wasn't afraid of a fight if there was no other choice. The strong had a natural respect for those with strength and power. But, if faced with a challenge they wouldn't necessarily just back down.

Jin smirked as he heard the words that Rhodes spoke. He almost wanted to burst out laughing, but he only gave a light chuckle of amusement.

They'll look the other way? No, he wanted them to have a clear view of the consequences that would befall them for offending someone they should not have offended.

"You talk too much... Hurry up and draw your weapon if you want to, it won't make a difference. From the moment I appeared in front of you, your fate was already sealed. Your life is no longer your own, it now belongs to me." Jin's voice sounded much deeper and even a bit raspy.

"Tch..." Rhodes pulled out the knife hidden away in his pocket, holding it out in front of him in a threatening way. "Just because you're strong, doesn't mean that we're afraid of you. You may have caught Victor off guard, but we're not-" before he could even finish his sentence, a hand was covering his face.

"As I said, you talk too much..." Jin was suddenly in front of Rhodes with his hand covering his entire face. He gripped onto Rhodes' face and yanked downward causing his whole body to slam into the ground. Of course, his face was the first thing to hit the surface below.

Fast! They did not even see how he closed the distance between them.

Jin used an advanced movement technique to close the distance in a very fast way. It was not any kind of heavenly law, just a martial arts footwork skill. Its main purpose was to eliminate useless actions and reduce the amount of time it takes to move from one point to another.

This particular martial arts skill was known as «Light Feather Steps». The people of this world were not like cultivators from the Seven Realms, and so mastered martial arts techniques were considered very deadly in this realm.

Rhodes was completely oblivious to what had just happened. The last thing he remembered was talking to some weird masked guy and the next thing he knows, his face slammed into the ground.

It was a miracle that he was still conscious. However, how could he know that it was only because Jin did not want him to have such an easy way out?

From the way Rhodes looked at Reilei and behaved back when they were heading home from the store, Jin knew that he had to be the main culprit. The one who dared to lay his hands on someone he promised to protect. He would not have it as easy as Victor did.

Dan swung the rusty old pipe that he picked up earlier, aiming directly at Jin's head. Dan did not care if he injured this person severely, now was a chance to attack while they were focused on Rhodes.


Dan had a smile on his face as he felt the bar in his hands hit something, but that smile did not last for long. His face slowly turned extremely ugly as he began to sweat profusely. "Gaaaaaah! My hand! You broke my hand!"

Dan was suffering from an intense amount of pain. The bones in his wrist completely shattered and his wrist was bent in an unsightly manner. The wrist of humans was not made to bend that way.

Jin did not bother looking over at Dan when they attacked. Such amateur movements were easy to predict. Not to mention that Jin had already advanced to the second stage of the «Heavenly Golden Body» physique, a rusty old crowbar wouldn't be able to put even a tiny scratch on him.

Rhodes was disoriented and tried to regain his awareness. He shook his head trying to snap himself out of it and a few moments later he struggled to look upward and what he saw then shocked him immensely.

It was Dan holding his wrist in pain, but it was bent in such a strange way that it looked inhumane. When Rhodes laid his eyes on Dan's wrist and then looked up, he could see a pair of demonic like eyes staring down at him.

For some reason at that moment, Rhodes felt as though he was looking at an actual demon. The amount of killing intent hidden in those eyes was unlike anything he'd ever seen before.

This wasn't someone from a local gang, this was a professional killer! This was someone who has ended countless lives! Rhodes shivered from head to toe as reality slowly started to creep up on him. It appeared that he finally grasped the kind of situation he was in.

Jin's eyes were coldly staring at Rhodes, he did not have a shred of pity in his heart for people like this. They did not care about anything and anyone but themselves, only when their lives were in danger would they finally realize their mistakes.

"L-Look... Sir... No, respectable sir. I do not know how we have offended you, but I'm sure my father would pay you a great sum for my safety!" Rhodes was terrified by this man before him. He was no longer arrogant and cocky, he feared for his life!

"He's a commander of the Dragon Stone, so he doesn't lack money." Rhodes said that name in hopes of scaring this mysterious person. The Dragon Stone is the strongest gang in this area.

Their power and influence even reached into the local police department, with some dirty cops on their payroll. That was how Rhodes and his friends got away with so many things throughout their lives. All his father had to do was give the word and everything would disappear.

Unless someone lived under a rock all their lives, they should know how dangerous the Dragon Stone gang was. There was no way someone would risk offending them! But what Rhodes did not know was that the person before him did not care about who his father was.

Even if he hated this person to the core, his fear was currently stronger than that hatred. 'Just you wait... When my father finds out about this, you'll have nowhere to hide.!' Rhodes thought to himself. He had never been so humiliated in his entire life!

Victor was instantly put out of commission, Dan was kneeling over in pain from a broken wrist, and he was unsure of what was going to happen to him. This was a dangerous situation.

"Oh...? Is that so...?" Jin held his hand out to Rhodes with a smile on his face, "I would like to pay a visit to this father of yours."

Rhodes had a smirk on his face as he thought to himself, "Heh... When they heard the name Dragon Stone, they must have realized who they were offending and now suddenly want to make peace..." But would he let them go so easily?

"If you know who the Dragon Stone gang is then... You know who you've just offended right? Well, maybe if you beg for forgiveness I can consider looking the other way. I'll even make sure my father shows mercy on you." Rhodes attitude took a full 180-degree turn.

Just moments ago, he was behaving in a docile manner, but now he was speaking as though he was the highest form of authority present. However, he was unaware of his own ignorance.

The instant Rhodes grabbed onto Jin's hand to try and stand up, Jin squeezed down shattering all the bones in his fingers.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Rhodes shouted in pain, but no one would be able to hear his screams due to the location of this abandoned warehouse. It was the main reason they chose this place as a hangout, now it was coming back to haunt them.

Dan was staring daggers at Jin, his face was extremely gloomy. Rhodes father was a powerful man, this person had no idea who he was messing with. There would be no place for them to hide in this town.

Jin released Rhodes' hand as they held onto it in a great deal of pain. "Y-you...! You bastard! Do you not have any idea who my fa-" before Rhodes could even finish speaking, Jin punched out towards Rhodes' mouth.

Rhodes was sent tumbling backward. He covered his now bloody mouth with his hand, his teeth were scattered all over the ground from having been knocked out by Jin. There were still a few teeth left hanging in his mouth, but for the most part, he'd lost nearly all of them from a single punch.

Dan's face turned completely pale as he stayed as silent and still as possible. This person was unafraid! Even if they did get avenged, it was pointless if they were dead!

He thought to himself, 'I have to find a way to escape... I have to get out of here...!' He no longer cared about Rhodes, he wanted to live. "This guy, he's not a human... It's a demon!" that was the only thing that crossed Dan's mind at that moment.

"You're dead! You hear me, dead! You, your family, your friends, all of you are dead!" Rhodes words were hard to understand with his lack of teeth. His anger was now much stronger than his fear, he was not thinking straight at all.

He was furious at having been played with and even worse, getting injured. Not even his own father had laid his hands on him and yet some total stranger he did not even know had done so.

"Just this much and you're already this way...?" Jin's deep and hoarse voice sounded like the voice of a demon to Dan and Rhodes. "This is just the beginning... Your actions are to be paid a thousandfold."

Jin slowly took one step at a time, moving closer and closer to Rhodes.

"Staph rit der... Dun comth an clothmr! Dun comth her!" It was hard to understand Rhodes with his teeth missing, but it was obvious that he was trying to plead with Jin.

Each step felt as if he was moving closer to death. Rhodes at that time had the same thought as Dan, this was definitely not a human with that amount of killing intent... It was a demon!


"Boss!" A man ran into the room with an urgent look on his face. He appeared to be hesitant to speak.

"Hm...? What have I told you about bothering me when I'm in the middle of relaxing?" The man who spoke bore a striking resemblance to Rhodes. That was because he was the commander of the Dragon Stone gang as well as the father of Rhodes, his name was Jian.

There was a scar running across Jian's face, he was taller than the average person and had a strong build. He glared at the man who came in and interrupted his time of relaxation.

"It's..." The man did not want to be the one to deliver this news, but the others pushed the task onto him. He wanted to cry for having to be the person to do so.

"If you don't spit it out, I'll take that tongue of yours so that you no longer have to worry about it." Jian's tone was serious as he was already annoyed.

"It's... It's your son boss...! He's been, well... You should see this yourself!" The man's face was extremely pale. He would not dare to describe the state of Jian's son, it was too... That was not something a human would do!

"What about my son?!" Jian's eyes became fierce as he immediately stood up. But, he could never have prepared himself for what he was about to see.

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