Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 56 What Paradise? This Is Hell!

Jian pieced things together and came to the conclusion that this person before him was the one responsible for the current state of his son.

"You've saved me a lot of trouble by delivering yourself to me personally. Have you come to beg for forgiveness? You have guts I'll give you that, but that can only take you so far." Jian appeared calm on the surface, however, he was absolutely livid on the inside.

"Beg for forgiveness?" Jin wanted to burst out laughing. Why would someone go through all this trouble just to come beg for forgiveness? Wouldn't that be asking for their own demise?

Jin knew that words would be useless and decided that it was best to demonstrate his purpose for coming here with his actions.

The individual closest to Jin was a huge and bulky man who was at least 2 meters tall. Just with his appearance alone, it was more than enough to discourage most people from putting up a fight.

The bulky man was within Jin's arms reach, the last thing he expected was for Jin to make a move with so many guns locked onto him.

Jin swung his arm outward using the back of his hand to smash into the face of that gang member. Whenever he displayed his speed, others were not capable of keeping up with him at all.

As the bulky man that Jin struck was getting ready to fly backward, Jin reached out to grab him by his shirt collar and threw him in the direction of where Jian, as well as the other gang members, were standing.

As soon as Jian and the others were about to fire their handguns, one of their companions was tossed right at them. Jian and the rest of the Dragon Stone members were all startled by how reckless Jin behaved with so many guns aimed at him but even more so by the monstrous strength he showed.

There was no way that strange person could have the strength to toss someone that big with no effort. None of the gang members had a clean line of sight on Jin and lost his current position due to their companion blocking their vision.

By the time the man who was thrown towards them landed, Jin was nowhere to be found. "Find him! He could not have gone f-" Jian was ordering the men around him to get ready to chase after Jin. However, before he could finish his sentence he felt a small breeze float past him.

The strange thing about this breeze was the fact that there were no windows in this room. This was the room the Dragon Stone members used to keep an eye on the entrances and exits. It was also a room they used as a temporary command center. Why would they have windows in the room?

Just moments after Jian felt that breeze rush by, he heard a scream right next to him. When he turned his head to look in that direction, all he could see was a dark streak that was similar to what he viewed earlier on the security monitor.

As Jian was trying to locate the source of the sound, every time he finished looking in the direction of where it was originating from all he would see is one of his subordinates lying on the floor in pain.

"Are you curious as to why I've come here..?" Jian heard a voice coming from behind him that sent shivers down his spine. He immediately spun around and fired his gun without hesitation.


However, there was no one there when he turned around and his bullet did not hit any target. Jian thought that he was slowly going insane and his previously confident attitude was slipping away. All of his subordinates had been knocked unconscious with either their arm or leg broken ruthlessly.

"For years, your son performed many unforgivable deeds and as a father, you've let him get away with all of it unpunished. This is merely your retribution." that deep and raspy voice once again came from the blind spot at Jian's back.

"Fight me like a man!" Jian began to fire shots randomly around the room relying on luck to hit a shot. This person was like a ghost, they were here one moment and then gone the next! Jian was starting to crack under the pressure and his tough guy facade began to crumble apart.

Click! Click! Click!

Jian ran out of bullets for his gun and angrily tossed it aside. He was staying vigilant as his eyes darted all around the room trying to spot Jin. He heard a quiet noise coming from his right side and quickly threw a punch containing all of his power in that direction.

'Found you...!'

However, Jian's fist swung and hit nothing but the air before him. "Impossible...!" That strange person was nowhere to be found, he was just hearing things. As Jian's fist was mid-flight, he felt his feet leave the floor and it was as though he was floating in zero gravity as his entire body spun around.

Jin used his left foot to sweep Jian off his feet. As he did so, Jin reached around with his left hand formed in a claw-like grip towards Jian the moment his feet parted from the ground and twisted it in a counter-clockwise motion.

This caused Jian's entire body to spin in mid-air for a brief moment as if he were a blade on a fan. A strong force crashed into Jian's stomach as he was spinning and sent him smashing into the wall.

Jin casually lowered his leg that he used to kick Jian in his stomach. In less than 10 seconds, he had incapacitated everyone within the room without a single scratch on him.

Jian coughed up blood as his body slammed into the wall, his vision grew blurry and he became slightly disoriented. He struggled to sit up, however, there seemed to be no strength left in his body. "Wait a moment...! Just wait okay!"

Jian had reached his breaking point, he no longer cared about losing face. This was no human, it was a demon! The name of this hotel was Dragon's Paradise but... What Paradise? This is hell!

"Okay... Okay, I understand alright? What do you want huh? Just name it already. Money? Power? Women? Just name it and I can give it to you, I only ask that you spare me!" Jian feared for his life and tried his best to strike up some kind of bargain.

"That damn son of mine...! I let him do whatever he wanted, I gave him whatever he wanted and this is how that brat repays me!" Jian thought as his facial expression turned extremely gloomy. This was all the fault of that unfilial son of his!

Jian was in this kind of world for over three decades already, ever since he was a kid. He understood better than anyone, that there were certain people you could afford to offend and certain people that you could not afford to offend.

His son obviously performed the latter and dragged the entire Dragon Stone gang into it. How could Jian not be infuriated at him when that thought crossed his mind?

"Like father like son I suppose." Jin looked at Jian with an icy cold stare as he walked over towards him. "Well if that's the case then, shouldn't you two be matching in looks?" Jin did not have a shred of mercy for Jian and would not accept any offer he tried to present. This was the price of daring to lay a hand on someone he promised to protect.

Jian's face turned pale when he heard those words. 'Matching? Wouldn't that mean he'd be crippled for the rest of his life as well? If that was the case, who would take care of him or his son? They would be better off dead!'

The last thing that could be heard from that room were the cries of Jian as he soon ended up with the same appearance as his son.


Around 30 minutes later...

Jin arrived back home and as soon as he walked through the front door, the first thing he saw was Reilei sitting down on the couch in the living room watching the television. Usually she did not watch television, however, she received a call from Shelly telling her to turn on the news.

"Jin, you must come and look at this...!" Reilei seemed to be baffled by what she was watching.

Jin did not think that Reilei would be out of her room so soon after what she experienced a bit earlier today, but her mood appeared to be much better than when he left. It was as though a large amount of fear and anxiety had been lifted off her shoulders.

"What's going on mother?" He looked over at the television and saw a familiar sight. That was the place he'd just came from, the Dragon's Paradise hotel! What was it doing on the news?

The news was talking about how a local gang was attacked by what appeared to be a rival gang moving in on their territory. They showed pictures of some of the victims and Jian's as well as Rhodes' faces were shown up there.

The news reporter spoke, "Eyewitnesses report that the attack was initiated by what they seem to be calling a 'demon'. Reports appear to be similar and consistent across the board as all eyewitnesses recall the same gruesome events taking place. One thing is for sure, this was the work of someone or something merciless."

Jin pretended to be startled by what was on the news, "I suppose this is what they call karma..." He said in a low voice, but it was loud enough for Reilei to hear it clearly.

"I am thankful to have such a wonderful son who did not turn out in such a way." As a mother, One of Reilei's wishes was for her son to have a good life. But her greatest wish was for him to stay healthy and safe above all else.

Jin smiled as he went on to ask, "Mother, have you had time to think about what we discussed at the restaurant?" Jin wanted to make sure that Reilei knew that she did not have to work so hard any longer.

Reilei helplessly smiled when Jin asked that question. She could see that Jin was unwilling to take no for an answer. The truth was that she had already decided back at the restaurant but was just waiting until they got home to let Jin know of her decision.

However, she lost that train of thought when she saw Rhodes across the street. "While I can't agree to leave all of my jobs... I promise to only do one from now on. Since my son said to trust him, then I'll trust him." Reilei finally felt like she was given the freedom to claim her own happiness.

Jin nodded his head in response. He understood that this was already the best case scenario at the moment and so, for now, it was good enough. The important thing was that now at least Reilei would have time to herself and be able to properly rest without having to push herself so hard every single day. "Thank you, mother." Jin smiled in a pleasant manner.

Reilei giggled a bit as she shook her head, "I should be the one thanking you, Jin. I want you to focus on your dreams and make them come true. That's all I've ever wanted for you."

"I know, mother... I know." Jin felt an unnatural warmth spread throughout his body. It was not in a physical sense but rather more of an emotional one. 'I see... This is a mother… It's not a bad feeling at all... '

Maybe it was because Izroth was completely fused with the owner of this body now, but that was his current thought.


"There are still a few things left unsettled here but for now, they'll have to wait until later..."

〈System Alert: System booted! Fully Immersing... Running scan...〉

〈System Alert: Player Izroth recognized as an authorized player. 〉

〈System Alert: Welcome Player Izroth, to Realm of Myths and Legends!〉

"After all, how can I become the number one player if I fall too far behind?"

Izroth had finally logged back onto RML, it was time for him to continue his journey.

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