Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 49 It's A Start!

At one of the auction screens nearby, a young man was surrounded by 5 other players who looked naturally intimidating. The young man looked incredibly arrogant as if he towered above everyone else in the auction house.

Some of the players thought that he was just another idiot. Most players did not even have enough gold to purchase such an item, only those large guilds would be able to compete with such a price. If he was actually going to buy the item, then he would be offending those top guilds that also wanted to purchase the item.

A smile formed on the young man's face as he saw no one else was bidding. There were around 10 minutes remaining on the auction time and then that rare weapon would be his. He had been looking for a weapon better than uncommon for a while now and so he felt this was his lucky day.

"No one would dare to bid against me. This weapon is as good as mine" the young man was thinking to himself but right after, he suddenly received an alert from the system.

〈System Alert: You have been outbid for the item «Nameless Blade»〉

When the young man heard the alert his facial expression immediately darkened as his eyes scanned the room. "Who dared to bid?!" he shouted in a tone that sounded as though he was suppressing his rage.

"I dared to bid! The question is, what is it that you want to do about it, Slayer?" the one who spoke was... a child? No, that's not right. He was just short as if he missed his growth spurt during puberty. The young man was so short that he would often be mistaken for a child. His hair was dark red, while his crimson red eyes possessed irises resembling that of a ferocious tiger.

Slayer was the player name of the one who was just outbid by the short young man. When Slayer looked over in the direction of where the voice came from, his voice became condescending, "Ha! Don't think that being a member of «Cross Haven» is enough for you to be safe Wess" it seemed as though the two knew each other and had met before.

"Did he just say Wess? Isn't that one of the Lieutenants of one of the top guilds «Cross Haven»?" one of the players nearby was surprised to hear that name. That was because Wess was a young and upcoming pro player who was getting a lot of publicity this past year.

"Wess? As in Godspeed Wess? I heard he's currently the fastest player in RML...!" everyone started mumbling to each other, excited about the action that was about to take place.

Izroth was observing from the sidelines as he smiled inwardly. To him, this all just resembled one big performance. Neither side was willing to back down and give face to the other. This was the best case scenario for him, as the price would keep rising due to no one wanting to back down.

Izroth did not personally care who purchased the item, but he would much rather see Wess gets it rather than that Slayer person. At least the former did not threaten everyone in the auction house not to bid.

Though Izroth didn't mind Slayer obtaining the item as well... At a much greater cost that is. Which at this rate was bound to happen given how prideful Slayer appeared to be.

"Even if I wasn't a member of «Cross Haven», do you think I would not dare to bid? Let me tell you, I would not be afraid to bid regardless. You can bully others, but not me!" there was a playful smile on the face of Wess as if he were goading Slayer.

Slayer's expression grew cold, "If it were your guild leader or your vice guild leader, I might consider giving them some face. However, a brat like you shouldn't get so ahead of yourself just because of the fact that you're a little famous now" Slayer then went on to bid once again on the item.

Wess smirked, "Why try to overcomplicate things with words? Since you want to say so much then I'll keep it nice and short. I want this weapon so I'm buying it" after he said that, Wess increased his bid on the «Nameless Blade».

Slayer gritted his teeth out of anger. This rare weapon was barely worth 40-50 gold so paying 80 gold for it should have originally been more than enough to safely obtain it along with a few threats. However, his plans had been totally and utterly wrecked by Wess who now set the bid at 90 gold coins.

No matter how much he cursed and insulted that brat, he just kept smiling with that annoying look on his face. It was as if he was purposely trying to antagonize him! This only made Slayer even more enraged as he bid 100 gold coins. If he backed down now then he would be a laughing stock.

Wess stared at Slayer for a brief moment... He then threw his hands up in a surrendering manner as he spoke in a sarcastic voice, "Oh man, you sure did outbid me. I guess this weapon is all yours now. Congratulations on your new rare weapon, Slayer" Wess had a huge smile on his face.

Slayer was dumbfounded, but then he realized that Wess had been toying with him the entire time. Wess knew that he would never give up on this item because of his fear of becoming a laughing stock. Since he knew this, he purposely continued to raise the bid just to get him to spend more.

If looks could kill then Wess would have already been dead countless times over. Slayer was infuriated by the actions of Wess, however, he would not cause a commotion here and risk further humiliating himself.

There were a couple of players that began to chuckle and giggle when they understood what Wess did. Slayer glared at those players and they instantly looked away not making a single sound. A few minutes later, Slayer received a message from the system.

〈System Alert: You have successfully obtained the item «Nameless Blade»〉

〈System Alert: Insufficient gold coins, activating RMB Surplus...〉

〈System Alert: 100,000 RMB has been charged to your account〉

For Slayer it was a bittersweet victory. Even though this «Nameless Blade» was a rare weapon, it was far from being worth 100 gold coins. He glared at Wess one last time before claiming his item and leaving the auction house. "Just you wait... I'll repay you for this one day" Slayer thought to himself with an evil smile on his face.

Wess looked around for a bit and when his eyes fell onto someone, they widened a bit before soon returning back to normal. He then walked out of the auction himself soon after.

At the same time Slayer obtained the «Nameless Blade», Izroth also received a message from the system.

〈System Alert: You item «Nameless Blade» has successfully been sold for 100 gold coins〉

〈System Alert: Converting 1000:1 gold to RMB ratio... Conversion successful!〉

〈System Alert: 10,000 RMB(10%) has been removed for the auction house fee from the total of 100,000 RMB〉

〈System Alert: 10,000 RMB(10%) has been removed for the conversion fee from the total of 100,000 RMB〉

〈System Alert: 80,000 RMB has been successfully added directly to your bank account〉

The 80,000 RMB was not the only thing Izroth received. Adding together all the other items he put up for auction, they sold for a total of 19 gold coins. After the auction house fee and the conversion fee, he gained an additional 15,200 RMB. In the end, Izroth made a total of 95,200 RMB.

From searching through Jin's memories about RMB, Izroth understood that 95,200 RMB was not enough to last for a lifetime. If he wanted to keep good on his promise, he would have to find more ways to earn money. "For now, this should be enough to at least remove a large majority of her burden" Izroth thought to himself.

Even if Reilei could not live off 95,200 RMB for a lifetime, it was enough for her to at least take days off from work. It was also definitely enough for her not to have to work 3 different jobs.

Though Izroth knew in order to fully make good on his promise, he would have to earn enough so that Reilei would have no worries.

Izroth had been playing for around 3-4 hours straight now, but due to the time ratio of 10:1 it felt as though it were 30-40 hours. Within that time, he managed to reach level 16, learn many different skills, and earn 95,200 RMB.

One of the most important things was that his body in the real world seemed to be experiencing changes according to what he could sense using his soul. "I can feel my body in the real world increasing in strength... The «Heavenly Golden Body» seems to have progressed to the second stage" Izroth thought to himself.

Although he was a bit disappointed that he did not get a chance to see if the «Boundless Emperor Void Perfection» heavenly law would work in the real world as well, he could only helplessly sigh and wait for the 30 days to go by. For now, this would have to suffice.

"There are still many unanswered questions..." Izroth muttered to himself before leaving the auction house.


A short young man with dark red hair and crimson colored eyes entered into a certain inn within «Amaharpe». That short young man was Wess who was just at the auction house not too long ago.

"I see you've returned, Wess. Was your trip fruitful?" the one who spoke was Ewan. He was still sitting at the table along with Dragus.

Wess threw his hands up in a helpless manner, "That idiot Slayer from «Sage Falls» bid 100 gold coins for it. Even if it was a rare weapon that's way over budget. Though, I made sure to help... Persuade such a brilliant investment" Wess chuckled as he thought back to what occurred at the auction house.

Dragus burst out into a short fit of laughter, "You rascal! Causing trouble again huh? Knowing that Slayer guy, he probably kept giving you death glares and threats huh? Hahahaha!"

Ewan shook his head at the way Dragus and Wess acted. He then turned to took directly at Wess, "Did you manage to find him?"

"Hm... I'm positive I saw him there as well... If the description you gave me is correct, then I did find him" Wess nodded his head.

"I see... So then he really is here in «Amaharpe»... Aegis..." Ewan let out a deep sigh before standing up from his seat. When he stood up, around 90% of the people in the inn also rose to their feet, including Dragus. "Let's go, we have a new dungeon to clear"

Dragus moved closer to Ewan, speaking in a low voice saying, "If Aegis is here... Doesn't that mean the others are here as well?"

Ewan furrowed his brows, though one would not be able to see it due to the mask on his face. "That should be the case. Even if the others are not currently here in «Amaharpe» with him we can assume that eventually, they will meet."

Dragus rubbed his chin as he started walking side by side with Ewan towards the exit of the inn. "If that's true then... We may not get the first clear on this dungeon" Dragus said.

"Do not fret Dragus. That group is one full of monsters. They should not be interested in a simple dungeon" Ewan spoke with a voice full of confidence.

"But, we should still keep a close eye on them. After all, even though there are only twelve of them they are a very dangerous group... «Heaven's Law»"


"It's a start" Izroth thought to himself as he read through the system alerts one more time to make sure he did not miss anything important. Although Izroth would like to stay within RML for a longer period of time, he knew that keeping the promises he made came first.

He decided it was time to log out for a while and take care of some things.

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