Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 48 Chaos At The Auction House

As soon as Izroth put the «Nameless Blade» up for sale, a bid was immediately placed on it for 10 gold. At this point in the game, 10 gold was not at all a small amount. In fact, the average player probably only had around 2-3 gold to their name or even less than that.

The only people capable of taking out more gold than that were big guilds or rich players. Though 10 gold was just the beginning, not too long after it, the price went up to 15 gold... 20 gold... 30 gold... The price was quickly rising!

"Hey... Look, a rare weapon...!" one of the players in the auction house looking at the auction screen with his friend said in a shocked tone. But when he saw the current bid price on it he instantly gave up on the idea of buying the weapon. 30 gold?! He barely had 5 gold and that was after painstakingly gathering and selling items.

When his friend heard what he said, they decided to take a look at the item on sale. "Woah... Dude, that's like a free critical strike! Plus, look at that attack bonus. I still only have a common weapon... With that weapon, my damage would skyrocket!" he really wanted that weapon, but unfortunately it was something he could not afford.

Other players overheard their conversation and charged over to start looking at the weapons. It was really there! An actual rare weapon was put up for auction. Who would give up such a precious treasure? One had to know that even within those top guilds rare weapons were extremely scarce.

"Hey... is that really a rare weapon up for auction...?" A random player thought their eyes were playing tricks on him.

It was not long until almost everyone within the auction house was looking at that rare weapon currently up for sale. Most of them could only dream of obtaining it when they noticed the price did not stop rising.

Those were the players that let out a sigh of defeat and cursed their own lack of wealth. Some players had plenty of money to just throw away in order to get what they wanted, and they unfortunately weren't one of those players.

Some other players began to contact their respective guilds to see if it was possible to retrieve the funds from the guild resources. But, for most guilds, it was very challenging to do so with the limited time set on the auction of the rare item.

At the moment, although players were officially a part of a guild, the first actual guild in RML had not yet been created through the system. What this meant is that no one has successfully unlocked the guild feature in RML.

To create an official guild in RML, players needed to obtain an «Official Guild Sanction». According to some of the beta testers who leaked information about the matter, there were two known ways to acquire an «Official Guild Sanction».

The first is to defeat a level 20 or higher boss which is at the rank of rare or higher. The drop chance was astronomically low for a rare boss; however, it was currently the easiest way to get it. The second was to defeat a world boss.

The drop chance was much better for a world boss. However, the main issue was not just finding a world boss, but also defeating it.

World bosses like the Shadow Wolf were very weak compared to those higher level world bosses. Some of the stronger ones could even wipe out a thousand players with ease.

Izroth was watching as the price on his «Nameless Blade» was continuously going higher and higher. He did not expect it to sell for such a ridiculous price! He thought that the limit would at most be around 30 gold, but it was already at 43 gold!

At the moment, Izroth had less than 2 gold to his name. Even if he were to convert that to real money, he would only receive a little less than 2,000 RMB. But, if he were to trade in 43 gold coins... He would make over 43,000 RMB with the current gold to RMB exchange ratio! Of course, after the fee from the auction house it would be 10% less.

Even though he would not be filthy rich by the standards of this world, it would definitely be more than enough to achieve his goal.

The only reason Izroth set the minimum to 20 gold was so that he could at the very least ease the burden on Reilei who was the mother of the original owner of this body who he made a promise to.

Though, after seeing how much she sacrificed and suffered, even if he did not make a promise with Jin, he would have still done something for her in the end. After all, she was technically his mother while he is in this world and inside of Jin's body.

Izroth grew up as an orphan in the seven realms and never had a mother. He imagined that if he did grow up with a mother, she would have the same endless love for him as Reilei did for Jin.

At first, this was only supposed to be a temporary measure until Izroth could find a more stable flow of income. However, Izroth believed that he just discovered a way to create a massive amount of income in a short period of time!


"Did you hear Ewan? Apparently, someone is selling a rare weapon at the «Amaharpe Auction House»" a bulky man with short hair said. He was sitting down at a table located at an inn within «Amaharpe». The drinks and food here tasted like those in the real world, so one would be able to actually enjoy it.

"Yeah, I heard that Wess is going to see if it's within the budget. Though, I'm much more curious as to who would sell a rare weapon at this point in time... Aren't you too, Dragus?" the man named Ewan responded. One could not make out his facial features due to the strange bird shaped mask he was wearing.

However, one notable trait was his long silver hair that stopped at his lower back area and the crystal clear cyan color of his eyes. From those two traits alone it seemed like he was probably very handsome underneath that mask of his.

The bulky man with short hair named Dragus burst into a small fit of laughter. "Am I curious? Of course, I'm curious. Who else besides us top guilds have the power to obtain a rare item at the moment? It has to be some strong solo player or maybe a beta tester with some hidden knowledge" despite Dragus's all brawn and no brains appearance, he was actually a very informative individual.

Ewan gave a thoughtful smile before saying, "You know, I actually found out something interesting a bit earlier today... Do you remember that player who cleared the first world boss?".

Dragus nodded his head, "Yeah, how could I not remember? They put their own name as the name of the party hahaha! I admired that kind of boldness".

"Do you know what class that person is?" a grin formed on the face of Ewan as he spoke.

Dragus furrowed his brows, "If I had to guess I would say a warrior or fighter. Though, I'd lean more towards a warrior since he was the party leader in a party of only 3 members" he gave his opinion on the situation.

Ewan, however, shook his head in disagreement. "He's not a warrior or a fighter but rather... A Combat Master" Ewan spoke calmly.

Dragus had an expression of shock on his face. A Combat Master? That class was extremely challenging to play! Even pro players did not want to touch that class because of how unpredictable it was. "Are you sure that's correct...? How did you come across that information?" Dragus slightly frowned, not believing what he just heard.

"I'm positive. The information is from a very reliable source that can be trusted" Ewan joined his fingertips together as though he were thinking of something.

"Interesting... Really interesting..." Dragus could see a small glimpse of the path Ewan was seeing in his mind. "If that's true then we should try to meet with them at some point".

"No. It is not yet time for us to approach him. We have to make sure that it was not just a fluke... Only then can we be sure of our decision" Ewan gazed outside of the inn's windows as though he were staring at something far away.


Back at the auction house, it was now in complete and total chaos. Players were flooding through the doors trying to enter inside. The NPC guards there tried to calm them down and make them enter in an orderly fashion, however, it was useless.

Some players were there just to see the rare item and if what they heard were true. Others were there to try their luck in buying it. While a few were there for information about who was selling the item.

As Izroth noticed the auction house becoming packed with players, he released a helpless sigh. It was only a single rare item, why was there so much chaos over it?

But what Izroth did not fully understand was that rare items, especially the weapons, were only available in a very limited quantity at the moment. If a player got ahold of that weapon their overall damage and usefulness would skyrocket. Though, there were some rich kids there who just wanted it for bragging rights alone.

The price for the «Nameless Blade» was currently at 50 gold coins. Even if the «Amaharpe Auction House» removed the 10% fee from it that was still 45 gold coins! 45,000 RMB for a single piece of rare equipment, that was insane!

Though, it was somewhat understandable given that even though the weapon was only level 10, it could easily compete in damage along with a level 20 uncommon weapon. Add on to that the effect it possessed which was pretty much a free critical hit, it was worth it for some people.

All of a sudden, the price shot up from 50 gold coins to 80 gold coins. Everyone was shocked when they saw that sudden big jump. Who was rich enough to take out such a large amount of gold coins? 80 gold was the equivalent of spending 80,000 RMB! That was way too much for a level 10 rare weapon... Even being at 50 gold coins was already pushing it to the limits.

Not too long after that 80 gold bid for the «Nameless Sword» was placed, everyone within the auction house heard a loud voice. "This item belongs to me! If anyone dares to place another bid on it then they will forever be an enemy of my «Sage Falls» guild!"

The voice of that person was very loud and could be clearly heard throughout the entire auction house. They must've been using some item to increase the sound of their voice; otherwise, it was impossible for it to be so loud.

Izroth frowned when he heard what that person shouted out. The item was naturally supposed to go to the highest bidder, but this person was trying to intimidate potential buyers with a threat. He had seen many "rich young masters" like this back when he first started his journey as a cultivator in the seven realms.

But, the majority of players in the auction house had a different reaction than Izroth's.

"Did he say the «Sage Falls» guild...? Isn't that guild full of those despicable people who do whatever it takes to win...?" one of the male random players said.

"Shhhh! Are you crazy man? If they hear you then you better just delete your account now and save yourself the trouble... Those guys are nothing to fool around with. I heard rumors that the leader of the guild has ties to the triad..." a friend of the random player spoke in a low voice so he would not be overheard.

"I heard about that too... They say that someone once insulted the leader of «Sage Falls» on this old MMORPG I used to play and the next day in the real world that person had disappeared into thin air! It was like they never existed and the police did not bother to look into it..." another one of his friends said almost whispering.

The one who originally spoke felt shivers run down his spine when he listened to them speak. Was there any need to be so serious over a few insults in a game? He immediately shut up and did not dare to speak any further.

The noise inside of the auction house grew a bit silent after that loud statement.

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