Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 47 Auction House

Weapon Name: Blade of Lightning

Weapon Rank: Rare

Weapon Level: 15

Requirements: 140 Attack

Attack Damage: 100

Weapon Skill Lightning Charge(Passive) - Every time the user completes a successful attack they gain 1 «Lightning Charge» (MAX: 10). When the user reaches the maximum of 10 «Lightning Charge», they can unleash a powerful skill known as «Lightning Field».

«Lightning Field» - When the user reaches 10 stacks of «Lightning Charge», a field of lightning is summoned within a 15 meters range around the user. Every 1 second an enemy is within the lightning field, there is a 50% chance for them to be «Paralyze» for 0.25 seconds. While within the lightning field, the user's Attack and Agility are increased by 50% and all their attacks deal 20% bonus damage as «Lightning Damage». This skill last for 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 13 minutes

Although Izroth was a bit disappointed that he would no longer be able to use the «Sword Aura» skill from the «Nameless Blade», the effects of his new weapon left him extremely satisfied. The thing he found most useful was the «Paralyze» part of the skill.

To a lot of people, 0.25 seconds may not seem like that much time, however, to those who were truly skilled it would be a nightmare if they were affected by it or a huge window of opportunity if they were the ones using it.

This effect was not just a one-time thing either and had a chance to happen every 1 second for 10 whole seconds. Just imagine, every action or skill you were about to perform was suddenly interrupted before you could properly execute it.

This would leave someone with many vulnerabilities to exploit and this was even more so for a person such as Izroth. If he used his «Flickering Steps» and «Lightning Field» abilities together, who would even dream of laying a single finger on him?

The «Blade of Lightning» was placed upon Izroth's back. It was sheathed and as such one would be unable to see its extremely sharp edge as well as the light blue color of the blade itself. However, if someone looked close enough they would notice small crackles of lightning jumping about every now and again outside of the sword's sheath.

"I must take my leave at once and report this matter" Terminus soon vanished within that distorted like space once more. Halls thought how cool it would be to have such an awesome skill one day.

Halls stood up straight and gave a respectful salute to Izroth as if he had some form of military training. "Izroth, from today onward you have my word. I, Halls will always come to your aid if you ever need me, even if it's to hell and back" Halls had a very serious expression on his face.

This was about more than just him receiving a rare item or some benefits from Izroth, it was because Halls respected Izroth from the bottom of his heart as a man. The way he took action and did not hesitate in his decisions, all the way to how powerful he actually was.

Halls knew that even though this was a game, RML gave a lot of freedom to its players, especially those who possess certain skills in real life. From the way Izroth moved and reacted in this game, he was not just a monster in RML, but must also be one in real life!

Halls was a very loyal person whose true friendship was hard to earn, yet in less than a day Izroth had managed to do so. Even though considering the in-game time it was already the second day.

Izroth gave a slight smile and nodded. Straight-forward guys like Halls were always easy to get along with for Izroth. They were never afraid to speak their mind and did not try to scheme against you. These were the type of people you could put your trust in and not be afraid of it getting betrayed.

"Rest assured. I will not forget the words you've spoken to me today" Izroth responded to Halls.

Halls chuckled a bit before saying, "Then, I will hold you to that"

Luna approached Izroth and took a moment to observe him. "If you call him but do not call me, then I won't heal him ever again" she pointed to Halls.

Halls almost fell over when he heard Luna's words. Why was he going to suffer instead of Izroth in that case? Wasn't this a bit unfair?

"Rest assured. I will not forget the words you've spoken to me today" Izroth gave the exact same response as he did with Halls.

This caused Luna and Halls to look at each other before laughing. They did not think Izroth was capable of jokes, but it seemed like he knew how to joke around as well.

However, Izroth was surprised by their sudden laughter as he had no idea what was so funny. "Maybe it's something from this realm that I do not yet understand..." he thought to himself.

"Well, I should get going to the class building. I have work in a few so I have to head off soon. Take care Izroth, Luna" Halls gave them both a thumbs up before heading off and waving goodbye.

〈System Alert: Player Halls has left the party〉

Izroth and Luna said their farewells to Halls. Luna then went on to ask Izroth, "What are you planning to do now? I should also head to the class building to learn some new skills... After that, I promised to meet up with a few friends who started playing before I did, they should be back in «Amaharpe» by now. Of course, you're more than welcome to join us" Luna smiled in a reassuring manner.

Izroth shook his head, "I have a few things to take care of. Do you know where the auction house is?" he decided to ask, after all, it was much better than randomly wandering around until he found it.

"Ah... I actually saw the auction house on my way to the cleric class building. There sure were a lot of people gathered there trying to place their items up for sale. I'll send you the rough coordinates. You can't miss it" Luna sent the coordinates for the auction house to Izroth.

Izroth took a moment to check the coordinates before nodding his head, "You have my thanks".

Luna shook her head, "I don't think something as small as this garners thanks after all you've done. I should be the one to say it, so please allow me to do so. Thank you, Izroth" a lovely smiled blossomed onto Luna's face.

A single word came to Izroth's mind when Luna smiled and that was "pretty". Since the game did not allow one to alter their characters too much, it was safe to say the Luna before him was the same as the Luna in the real world.

Though, Izroth did not have any impure thoughts about Luna. She was just like a breath of fresh from a gentle spring breeze, very pleasant to be in the presence of and just relax. Izroth smiled in return as Luna finally decided to take her leave.

〈System Alert: Player Luna has left the party〉


A few moments later, Izroth was standing outside a crowded building with many players going in and out. This was the sole auction house located within «Amaharpe». There were guards standing at the entryway to make sure that the peace was kept.

The building itself was large enough to be a mansion. It was no wonder Luna said that he would be unable to miss it.

When Izroth entered into the auction house, he saw most players facing the walls of the auction house. On the walls were various items with different prices listed next to them. It was known as the auction screen and players could search through it in order to purchase items from the auction house.

The other group of players which were much smaller in comparison was the ones at the receptionist desk. It was at that desk that players could begin to put up their items for auction at the auction house.

Even though Izroth had never been to the auction house within RML, it was not that much different from the auctions houses within the seven realms. The only major difference was the auction screen and instead of an actual person selling the item while accepting bids, it appeared to all be done automatically.

Izroth walked up to one of the receptionist desks with no one in line. Sitting behind the desk was a woman with long pointed ears, perfectly fair skin, long blonde hair, sapphire colored eyes and a thin figure with curves in all the correct places.

This was someone of the «Trephasia» race within RML, or more commonly known by the players as Elves. There were many different kinds of races in RML, but players would rarely run into them this early into the game.

When Izroth reached the front of the receptionist desk he was greeted with a welcoming smile.

"Hello, my name is Mia. Welcome to the «Amaharpe Auction House» adventurer! Is this your first time visiting?" Mia spoke in a pleasant and respectful tone of voice.

Izroth nodded, "This is indeed my first time. I'd like to put some items up for sale in your auction house".

Mia clasped her hands together in excitement and tilted her head slightly to the side with a smile on her face. "Yes, I would more than happy to help you with that" she then pulled out a cube from behind the desk and sat it on top.

"This is called the «Auction Cube». Every adventurer that comes into the auction house to sell items will have their very own «Auction Cube» registered in their name. With this, we will know who each and every item within our auction house belongs to" Mia explained to Izroth.

"When you enter into an auction house once you are registered to an «Auction Cube», you will immediately be able to put up or take down any items you've placed on sale. Of course, removing an item that has already been put up for sale and has a potential buyer will result in a cancellation fee".

"You may also directly exchange the coins you earn from selling your items into RMB through the auction house. What this means is that instead of receiving coins once your item sales, you will instead be given the RMB amount. At the moment, the exchange rate is 1:1000 gold to RMB and the conversion fee is 10%"

Izroth was absorbing all of the information Mia was unloading onto him. RMB? That was the first time he heard of that term... Wait, wasn't that the same thing listed on that receipt looking piece of paper he saw when he first removed RML from the plastic store bag?

"RMB must be the currency of this world..." Izroth thought to himself. He then took a moment to search through the memories of Jin about RMB. What he saw was a bunch of numbers and how it was used in daily life. "Bank account? It's similar to a storage ring where you hold valuables..."

When he searched through the memories of Jin about RMB, he discovered things such as his bank account numbers, how to spend it and it's current value in the world. Izroth also found out that Jin linked his bank account directly to RML when he first purchased the game.

"I have not forgotten my promise" Izroth was talking about the promise he made Jin to take care of his mother. If RMB was the currency of this world, then it was now obvious how he could earn money from this.

It did not take long for Mia to finish explaining all the details regarding the auction house. "Now then, please put up any item you'd like to auction off. There will be a small 20% transaction fee, but since you have the «Official Combat Master Badge», there will only be a 10% transaction fee".

Izroth had quite a few things in his inventory that he did not have any use for at this time. The items Izroth decided to put up for auction was the three uncommon items he got from defeating those players earlier, x1 «Demonic Boar Hide», «Wooden Spell Staff», x1 «Tough Natural Mineral», x5 «True Blood of the Shadahi», and of course the «Nameless Blade».

Izroth thought for a moment before deciding what to do with the «Nameless Blade». He set the minimum takeaway price to 20 gold and set the time limit for 1 hour which was the lowest time that it could be set for. He also made it so that the coins he earned from the items would be automatically converted into RMB.

The reason he did this was to see for himself exactly how the auction house functioned. Besides, if he felt the price was too low, he could simply cancel it and would only have to pay a small fee.

But, what Izroth did not know was the amount of chaos he would create from such a simple act.

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