Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 50 Logging Ou

〈System Alert: You are now being logged out of Realm of Myths and Legends...〉

〈System Alert: Please wait a moment for the adjustment of your senses...〉

〈System Alert: Adjustment complete! You are now logged off!〉

Izroth removed the headset from his head and put it onto the desk. After doing so, he sat cross-legged on the bed in a meditative position with his eyes closed. The first thing Izroth needed to do was check the current status of his body.

He used his strong soul to sense the various changes that occurred during his time spent within RML.

'The spiritual essence in this world is still weak, but somehow my «Heavenly Golden Body» really did advance much faster than anticipated.' Izroth thought to himself.

When Izroth was still logged into RML, he could sense the changes happening to his body in the real world as well. But the thing that shocked him the most, which he did not perceive while in the game, was the increase of spiritual essence within his body.

Although compared to the Seven Realms, it was almost negligible. If matched against the original miniscule amount of spiritual essence within this realm, it could be viewed as a large quantity.

"It really has reached the second stage, how fascinating." Izroth was referring to the fact that he was able to cultivate while in-game and gain such huge benefits. He originally held no hope of ever learning heavenly laws and reaching at most the 3rd stage of the «Heavenly Golden Body» physique, but this changed everything. He found a way to cultivate in this world!

Izroth spent around twenty minutes making sure that everything was in order within his body. During that period, he began to learn more about the world he was in and many things regarding Jin's personal life.

Izroth was completely absorbing all of Jin's memories now that he was at the second stage of his physique. If he tried this before when he first arrived in this world then the information would have been fragmented due to how weak this body originally was.

As Izroth was fusing with the memories of Jin, the original owner of this body, Izroth could not help but let out a long sigh.

'What a miserable life…' he thought. The lifespan of mortals seemed to be extremely short in this realm as well.

On average they were able to live up to 80-90 years of age. Living for such a short period of time made it very difficult to climb up within the world and once you fell down, it was challenging to get back up.

It was the same for cultivators, but the average lifespan of even the weakest cultivators were around 250 years old. There was a much greater chance at succeeding as long as one had the determination and drive to never give up on the path they chose.

Izroth stood up from his bed and stretched, making different body movements as to fully adjust to the changes of his body.

"This body is in a much better shape from when I first received it." He was not just referring to the near-death state, but even the state of Jin's body before that.

Jin's body held many impurities and while it was not in the worst of conditions, it was still far off from being in proper shape. Though now thanks to reaching the second stage of the «Heavenly Golden Body», his body was in much better shape.

It was not just an average looking body with no defined muscles; it was now as if Jin's body was shaped from steel with how well-defined his current muscles were.

He also no longer gave off a weak and pathetic vibe, but rather one of confidence. The present Jin looked as though he inherited his mother's good looks, instead of the previous average and unkempt appearance of his.

Izroth began to concentrate as energy started to gather on his right index fingertip. He suddenly thrust his index finger forward as the air around it released a sharp piercing sound. It was as though Izroth's finger was destroying anything in its path that would halt its advance.

"I really can use heavenly laws here..." A smile could not help but find its way onto his face. The move he just used was «Fissuring Point», one of the heavenly laws he learned while within RML.

The whole situation was bizarre and there were many things he still did not understand, but he would leave that for later. Right now, he must make good on at least one of his promises, and that was to take care of Jin's mother Reilei.

Izroth walked towards the door of the room and pulled it open before stepping into the hallway. He looked down the hall in the direction of Reilei's room. According to the memories of Jin, she should currently be sleeping within her room at this time.

Having now fused with all of Jin's memories and his soul, Izroth held a more thorough comprehension of things. "It seems the worldly attachments of this body is quite strong..." he thought to himself, referring to the bond between Jin and Reilei.

Working 18 hours a day did not leave much room for anything besides sleep for Reilei. Izroth walked down the hallway and approached the door of Reilei's room. Just as he was about to knock on it, he heard a very quiet noise.

Izroth stopped himself from knocking and listened closely, it sounded like... crying? Though it would be difficult for anyone to make out that sound given how muffled it was, Izroth was at the second stage of the «Heavenly Golden Body» physique and could do so with ease.

A frown appeared on Izroth's face when he heard that noise before releasing a sigh inwardly. He didn't know what caused such a thing, but he was more than capable of taking a guess. Reilei was abandoned by everyone around her and left in such an unfortunate situation. She was just a mortal and could only take so much, and Izroth understood that.

'No matter how strong one appears to be, everyone has a breaking point…' he thought before knocking on the door lightly. Izroth decided immediately that he would not accept no for an answer, she would not continue working three jobs. He made a promise to Jin that he planned on keeping.

Now that he found a way to earn income within RML. Reilei could even quit all of her jobs if she wanted. And since he held onto two rare pieces of equipment, he could sell them off at any time if it was needed.

Though after fusing completely with Jin's memories, he knew that getting her to quit all three jobs at once and depending entirely on him was out of the question. If that was the case, until he made enough that she could not argue against, he would at least try to convince her to quit the other two jobs.

When Reilei heard the sound of a light knock, she instantly grew silent. She wiped her eyes with a nearby cloth and slapped her cheeks trying to fix her facial expression.

It didn't matter if anyone else saw her like this, however, Jin was the only one that she would never let herself be seen to in such a state. She shook her head a bit before a lovely and caring smile appeared on her face. Jin was the one thing that was right for her in the world when everything else felt so wrong.

Reilei walked up to the door and opened it slowly. Though when she opened the door fully and saw Jin, Reilei was a little startled. She noticed that he had... changed. He did not look as timid as before... Not just with the aura he gave off, but also his appearance looked much sharper.

It was like her son had become much more handsome and took better care of himself. Of course, how could she know that this was the work of the «Heavenly Golden Body» physique removing all the impurities from Jin's body?


When Reilei heard Jin's voice she snapped out of it. She was just a bit surprised by how much Jin seemingly had changed in such a short period of time, it was bewildering. But, she pushed it aside for now. She did not get to spend much time with Jin, so she would cherish every moment.

"Did you eat the dinner I left for you in the fridge? You lose track of time playing so easily sometimes. Though, it looks like you're remembering to eat properly now" Reilei caressed Jin's cheek in a motherly manner.

Izroth was feeling a bit embarrassed from his current situation. He was not used to such unconditional love from a mother-like figure. He grew up as an orphan and never knowing his parents, so it was a strange experience for him — though, it was not that he disliked such a warm feeling.

A smile formed on Jin's face as he gave a small nod. "I did, thank you. Though, I have something more important to talk... about..." as Jin was speaking, his last few words kind of trailed off as if he was focusing on something else.

Even though Reilei was wearing long sleeves, Izroth still noticed the bruising around her wrist area when she reached her hand up to touch his cheek.

Reilei noticed Jin's eyes looking over at her wrist so she quickly removed her hand and pulled down her sleeve.

"How embarrassing, the bracelet I tried on was a bit too tight and caused such an unsightly thing." She smiled in a reassuring manner.

'She's lying.' Izroth thought as he noticed Reilei's body language. She appeared shaken when the topic was about the bruising on her wrist.

Also with their current circumstances, there was no way Reilei would even think about buying something like a bracelet; this was another clue that Izroth would not miss.

On the outside, Izroth was still calm, but on the inside he was furious. How could he ignore the fact that the cause of the bruise was due to a hand gripping around Reilei's wrist? Even though Izroth only saw the bruise for a brief moment, his senses were more than enough to uncover that fact.

Izroth made a promise to Jin, the owner of this body before him, to keep Reilei safe and take care of her. Yet, someone had dared to lay a hand on her while she was under his protection. It was painfully obvious that she did not do this to herself, nor was it because she wore a 'bracelet'.

The moment Izroth made that promise, he would not kill those who dared to assault Reilei as that was an easy escape. There were many fates worse than death and he would be sure to deliver them to those responsible.

Though given Reilei's overprotective personality, there was no way she would let him know willingly. Izroth could only try to discover the truth for himself. He believed it wasn't too challenging considering the strict time schedule Reilei was on. He just had to retrace her steps to find some clues.

While he was infuriated, he held in his anger until after he was done here. For now, he would not pressure Reilei about the matter as it may only cause her to put a heavier guard up so that he was unable to find any other clues.

Jin cleared his throat, "Mother, I have something important to discuss with you that involves your jobs. I just wanted to-" before Jin could even finish he was cut off by Reilei.

"Absolutely not, Jin! We have already talked about this. You just have to focus on your dreams, let me worry about everything else okay? You promised last time that you wouldn't bring this up again..." The smile from Reilei's face quickly turned into a frown.

"No, I just wanted to-"

Reilei shook her head and interrupted Jin once again.

"Jin, I won't let you give up. Even if I have to spend the rest of my life working, I refuse to let you give up. As your mother, it's my job to take care of you. Furthermore..." Reilei seemed as though she were about to give Jin an entire speech.

Izroth was dumbfounded. He was once known as the number one cultivator within the Seven Realms, and yet he was unable to even speak a full sentence before a mortal. If others in the Seven Realms knew about this, they would laugh it off as the biggest joke ever told.

Seeing that he was not going to be able to use words to get his point across, Jin took out his phone and pressed a few keys. He then held up the phone in front of Reilei for her to see with her own eyes.

"Plus, ever since you were a child you... it's... that..." As Reilei spoke, she started to lose track of her words, as she saw what was on Jin's phone, covering her mouth with both hands.

Reilei felt as though the entire world around her was spinning as her legs grew weak and she fell over. Luckily Jin caught her in time, "Mother, what's wrong?" he said in a concerned tone of voice.

Reilei had trouble letting out even a single word. "You... Jin, what did you do..?" Tears started flowing down her face. What did her son do to have over 90,000 RMB within his bank account? One did not just come across that kind of money. Loan sharks? Stealing?

All sorts of bad scenarios played out within her mind. She was worried that her son may have gotten into some trouble that he wouldn't be able to get himself out of! If she lost Jin then... Reilei could not even bear to think of such a thing.

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