Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 487 The Path of Enemies Are Bound To Cross, Jin's Favor?

Chapter 487 The Path of Enemies Are Bound To Cross, Jin“s Favor?

Jin mentioned RML downstairs when Fang Qiu asked about where he received his primary source of income. But, before he had a chance to respond, Yuan Ju approached them and guided the two to meet with Zi Jiaxiu.

Fang Qiu guessed that Jin's earnings had something to do with RML; however, she would never have thought that he was the Mystical Realm Palace's owner!

While the current Mystical Realm Palace was not considered impressive by any means, it held the potential to become something big. However, information regarding the owner of the Mystical Realm Palace was scarce at best, since they did not belong to any organization. As a result, many individuals and even large corporations wanted to know more about the shop's owner. After all, if they could get their hands on the Mystical Realm Palace, then that company's chance of creating a monopoly and boxing out competitors was huge.

Fang Qiu felt two gazes fall upon her that belonged to Jin and Zi Jiaxiu. It did not take long for embarrassment to seep in as Fang Qiu calmly took her seat. Did she just blurt out like that in front of a client, and the second young miss of the Zi Family?! If there was a rock to crawl under, then she would have already made it her home.

A playful smirk appeared on Zi Jiaxiu's face as she said, "That is twice in one day you have lost your composure. At this rate, you may lose your title as the Ice Queen."

Zi Jiaxiu did not blame or fault Fang Qiu for her sudden outburst. She, too, had been on the receiving end of being nearly shocked to death by Jin in RML. In a way, she felt somewhat satisfied that even the Ice Queen Fang Qiu could not maintain perfect composure before a similar situation.

"I never remember accepting such a title. People are just too sensitive or incompetent. That being said, I hope you can excuse my sudden outburst." Fang Qiu sighed helplessly as she regained herself and returned to her professional demeanor.

In the business world, Fang Qiu had earned the nickname "Ice Queen" due to her straight-forward and to the point nature. But, more importantly, it was her ability to cut through the competition without batting an eye in the process. It was because of this that numerous people found Fang Qiu to be cold and distant.

"I happen to agree with Advisor Fang Qiu's words," Jin stated.

He then continued, "To answer your previous question, the Mystical Realm Palace does indeed belong to me. Though it's not as if it is a closely guarded secret."

Jin had not done anything to purpose hide his identity as the owner of the Mystical Realm Palace. In fact, the name "Izroth" was constantly circulating through RML these days. But, even though his name was well known, the vast majority of players were oblivious when it came to his appearance.

"Do you have any idea how many corporations have tried to find a way to contact you? " Fang Qiu said.

Since Jin was not at the Mystical Realm Palace that often, it was not easy to make contact with him. This was even more so after he had to restrict those who could directly message him. If not, then his system message alerts would go off non-stop! Of course, Jin was aware of this; however, he was not interested in whatever those corporations had to offer.

Given his present status, it was likely that those corporations would use a stronghanded method to try to acquire the Mystical Realm Palace or ask him to work under them. For Jin, neither of those two options was something he would bother entertaining.

"My time is not something that they can afford to waste. I already have a grasp of their intentions; however, I have no plans to go down that path. That is all." Jin answered nonchalantly.

As everything settled down, Jin and Zi Jiaxiu discussed the upcoming world event. Needless to say, Jin was joining the side of the Amaharpe kingdom, who was allies with the Proximus kingdom. As for Zi Jiaxiu, since Sleeping Gardenia's temporary main headquarters was in the capital city of Amaharpe, the members of her guild would also be siding with the Amaharpe kingdom.

The conversation was fairly casual, but, all of a sudden, Zi Jiaxiu turned serious as she brought up the next topic.

"There is something you should know. I assume you remember Sage Falls?" Zi Jiaxiu questioned.

Sage Falls? Even though they were not worth remembering, with Jin's perfect memory, how could he forget?

Sage Falls used to be one of the top ten guilds in RML. During the Protectors of Amaharpe event, they made too many enemies by performing foolish actions. In the end, they were targeted by multiple top guilds and wholly eradicated from the event. The loss on their part was tremendous as they suffered not only level and equipment setbacks, but they were unable to gain any rewards from the event. This naturally set them even further behind the other top guilds.

But, it did not end there. Down on their luck, they tried to intimidate Jin and force him to hand over the Mystical Realm Palace to their Sage Falls. However, they were all slaughtered and suffered yet another setback. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the other top guilds began to prey on Sage Falls like vicious wolves, stripping them of all the power they once possessed as a top guild.

Later, it was discovered that everything during the Protector of Amaharpe event had been set in motion by none other than the Headhunter Syndicate. But what was done could not be changed. The Headhunter Syndicate's power had already stabilized by that point, and they listed as one of the top ten guilds.

"I remember. However, I am unsure why you brought that name up when it's not worth mentioning." Jin said. At that time in the Mystical Realm Palace, he made it clear. If Sage Falls dared to call themselves a guild in front of him again, then he would personally crush them without hesitation.

"Normally, it is as you say. But, things may be a bit more complicated this time around. These are just rumors, but as you know, there sometimes exists some truth hidden away within them. From what I've heard, most of Sage Falls' core members have been absorbed by Fatal Touch. I know that you do not have a good relationship with either of them, so you should be alert for any moves they may attempt. After all, those types of people won't take defeat lying down." Zi Jiaxiu warned.

She had witnessed strength firsthand; however, a raid was different from fighting against actual players. Constant sneak attacks, throwing endless waves of players with AOE crowd control skills to the front, rare classes with unknown skills, magic items—there were too many hidden variables to take into account. Even if Jin was strong, one could not underestimate how resourceful humans could be, especially if they became desperate enough.

"Of course, if they have the guts to try something, then my Sleeping Gardenia will assist you by any means necessary. I still have not forgotten the debt I owe Fatal Touch for what happened inside the Chaotic Dogma Realm." Zi Jiaxiu stated as her eyes turned cold.

Inside the Chaotic Dogma Realm, not only was Zi Jiaxiu ambushed by the members of Fatal Touch, but some of her core guild members were killed by them. As a result, those who were eliminated had their efforts washed away with an existence wipe. How could she forgive such a blatant slap to the face of her Sleeping Gardenia?

"If they want to make a move, then let them. I have my own ways of dealing with those who welcome trouble unto themselves." Jin said. Would he be afraid of a mere Fatal Touch and Sage Falls remnants? Besides, what he witnessed from his encounters with Fatal Touch, it was evident that they were on the same side as the shadahi. There was no chance at reconciliation between Jin and the shadahi; therefore, their paths were bound to cross at some point. If Fatal Touch wanted to walk towards their destruction a little faster, Jin did not mind accomodating them.

"Oh, it is not you that I am worried about. Just make sure nothing happens to my adorable little sister, okay? I place her safety in your hands." Zi Jiaxiu said with a smile. But, for some reason, this smile gave off a frightening aura.

Jin inwardly shook his head. He understood how overprotective Zi Jiaxiu was of her younger sister. But, even if she had not said anything, Jin's actions would not have changed. After all, Zi Yi was one of his people, so naturally, he would never allow her to suffer a loss or injustice.


A few moments later, after some small talk, Jin and Fang Qiu were personally accompanied by Zi Jiaxiu to the first floor. When they arrived on the first floor, Zi Jiaxiu was greeted with the utmost respect. Furthermore, no one had the courage to look her in the eyes. This was the second young miss of the Zi family! Who wanted to risk offending her and losing everything?!

However, what really stood out to those on the first floor was the young man who walked beside Zi Jiaxiu and spoke casually. Who was that young man, and what relationship did he have with the second young miss? Everyone knew that even the young masters from the other Seven Great Families who attempted to court the second young miss would be given the cold shoulder.

So, what was the identity of this young man who seemed close to the second young miss? Whoever he was, his identity must not be simple!

"You are quite popular," Jin said as he noticed the stares and whispers, as well as the respectful greetings as Zi Jiaxiu walked by.

"It is important to have at least this much presence when running a business." Zi Jiaxiu replied.

Fang Qiu, on the other hand, walked a few steps behind Jin and Zi Jiaxiu. At the moment, she was processing everything that took place upstairs and organizing her thoughts. Who would have thought that she would personally meet face to face with the owner of the Mystical Realm Palace? Also, most individuals would either fawn over or lower themselves before someone of Zi Jiaxiu's status. Yet, Zi Jiaxiu seemed to treat him as an equal in every aspect.

Fang Qiu had worked with Zi Jiaxiu before on multiple occasions; however, she had never seen that casual side before around those who were not close to her.

Of course, the biggest shock had to be that Jin had some type of relationship with the fourth young miss of the Zi family! One had to know how overprotective Zi Jiaxiu was of the fourth young miss. The fact that she trusted Jin with her safety, even if it was just within RML, was a huge deal!

If someone like Zi Jiaxiu had such a great impression of Jin, it made Fang Qiu's decision easier.

"If you need anything, I will be in this area for another three to four weeks overseeing the clean up of the mess left behind by the previous administration. So, do not hesitate to contact me." Zi Jiaxiu said with a light smile.

"Since you brought it up, I do have a small favor to ask," Jin responded as they reached the front entrance area.

"Oh? What is it? As long as it is within my power, I will take care of it." Zi Jiaxiu stated.

"It's nothing too big. I just need you to look into a few people for me." Jin said with a carefree smile on his face. However, there was a hint of coldness hidden away within his eyes when he spoke.

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