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Chapter 486 Zi Family's Rules of Succession

Chapter 486 Zi Family“s Rules of Succession


Around one hour earlier...

"In this world, there are those that you absolutely cannot offend. If I am being utterly truthful, it is better if you do not get any ideas. You may be unaware of this, but there are powerful families—then there are families that stand at the pinnacle, such as the Zi family. The number of families that can rival the Zi family in terms of power, influence, and wealth can be counted with one's fingers alone." Fang Qiu explained.

Jin sat in the passenger seat of the car while Fang Qiu was driving as he listened. At the moment, Fang Qiu was doing her best to make sure that Jin mentally prepared himself for the world he would soon step into. Even though she had not decided to officially accept him as a client yet, at the very least, Fang Qiu chose to inform Jin of those he must never offend. After all, the world of the rich and powerful was not something that anyone could survive.

There were numerous individuals like Jin who came across some money and started to grow arrogant. While their most common downfall was poor money management skills, there were those who simply "disappeared" one day. What did those individuals all have in common? They had offended someone from one of the Seven Great Families!

Zi, Jiang, Fu, Zhang, Wu, Tian, and Liu—it was these families that made up the Seven Great Families. The level of wealth, power, and influence of any seven was enough to affect things on a global scale.

A delicate balance always existed between the Seven Great Families, which persisted for many decades. But, even among the Seven Great Families, there was still a disparity in overall strength, and the family that stood a step above the rest was, without a doubt, the Zi family. This mostly had to do with how strict the Zi family was in comparison to the other Great Families. Fang Qiu made sure to explain all of this adequately to Jin.

Of course, Jin was not afraid of offending these "Great Families". As long as no one blocked his path or threatened those under his protection, he would not have an issue. However, the moment someone dared to bare their fangs, even if they were one of the Seven Great Families, he would make sure they understood that their fangs were not that of a dragon's, but a dog's.

"Still, the Zi family stands untouched at the pinnacle. There is a saying, 'The Zi family does not keep useless people.'. A simple saying, right? However, there is an undeniable truth in that simplicity. With such a strict guiding hand, it is not surprising that the Zi family has managed to solidify their position as the top family among the Seven Great Families." Fang Qiu stated.

She then continued, "There is also the existence of the Zi family's Rules of Succession. When it comes to determining the next family head—only the Zi family uses this unorthodox method. That is why you must choose carefully which member of the Zi family you want to associate yourself with. The risk is high, but the potential reward is also great."

Fang Qiu knew that Jin had some connection to the second young miss of the Zi family; however, she did not know how far that connection traveled. Was it merely returning a favor? Or was there something more to it? Whatever it was, she would not pry too deep as there were some things better left undiscovered. Either way, one thing was for sure, whether or not he was aware of it, in the eyes of those who looked from outside, Jin had already aligned himself with the second young miss.

"Rules of Succession? Is it that important to the members of the Zi family?" Jin asked.

"Important? That's an understatement." Fang Qiu sighed. She then explained to Jin the importance of the Zi Family's Rules of Succession in more detail.

'So it's like this. Now I understand why she said it was dangerous to get too involved with her elder sister.'

Back when Jin first made a deal with Zi Jiaxiu, or better known as Mariposa in RML, Zi Yi warned him that he should not become too involved with her. However, she did not go into too much detail as to why this was the case.

But, after Fang Qiu's explanation, Jin finally understood what Zi Yi meant at that time.

'Given what I have experienced so far, I'm certain that those two are members of the same Zi family that's a part of the Seven Great Families. Judging by this world's standards, the competition of the Zi family can be seen as cruel.'

The Zi Family's Rules of Succession happened over a 30-year period, starting when a new head stepped into power. Within those 30 years, anyone from the Zi family was allowed to compete for the next family head position. As for the next head of the Zi family, they would be chosen by the current head and the Zi family elders taking into account multiple factors. Wealth, power, influence, connections—all of these were just a few of the things taken into account.

The cruel part was that any individual below a certain personal wealth threshold by the time they reached the age of 30 was expelled from the Zi family. They were even forced to change their surname. In other words, they would no longer be allowed to call themselves a member of the Zi family!

Though surprisingly, there were only two rules of the Zi Family's Rules of Succession. The first was that the new family head must be healthy and no older than 35 years of age. The second was that no bloodshed was permitted against fellow family members. If one broke this rule, then they would be immediately expelled from the family. Of course, that was not to say that there not times when some worked around this rule.

'Seven Great Families... Since I have decided to start building my influence in the real world, our paths are bound to cross. When that day comes...'

"We're here." Fang Qiu said as she stopped before a famous hair-styling shop. She glanced over at Jin and noticed that he fell silent after she finished talking. Fang Qiu felt that perhaps she had said too much and ended up unnecessarily frightening him.

She then continued with a light smile, "Listen, you should not worry too much about it. Just stay on your own path, and you will be fine. More importantly, we have a lot of work to do."

Fang Qiu shook her head inwardly as she examined Jin's messy hair and overly casual clothing.

"Then, I will take Advisor Fang Qiu's words to heart. I place myself in your care." Jin responded with a carefree smile.

'Her words may seem harsh at times, but she always seems to have my best interest at heart. It appears the guild leader of Sleeping Gardenia has sent me an interesting one.'


Zi Jiaxiu sighed internally as she put the matter regarding the pills aside for the time being. She would not get her hopes up, but part of her wanted to believe that Jin was not simply exaggerating when he spoke of such miraculous effects. But, one had to know that to sell a product, one first needed to sell appeal. Therefore, it was not uncommon to use "pretty" words when describing it.

Afterward, Jin wrote down and handed Zi Jiaxiu the recipe for the pill. As for being worried about her stealing it and taking everything for herself, Jin was not concerned. Not only did he have countless other methods at his disposal, but he did not believe that Zi Jiaxiu was that type of person. There was also the fact that if she did betray his trust, then she would only have herself to blame for the end results.

As for Fang Qiu, even though she wanted to strangle Jin at the moment for causing her to undergo such shock, she already promised to handle the proper paperwork for the patent. Even if nothing occurred when the time approached, it would not take her too long to get things done.

"Now that official business is out of the way, I heard some interesting news floating around RML. I wonder if you can tell me whether or not it's true that the second Pill Emperor has joined the Mystical Realm Palace." Zi Jiaxiu said with a playful smirk on her face.

"It seems news travels fast," Jin replied as he took a sip of the tea that Yuan Ju prepared.

"What do you expect? All the top guilds have their eyes on the Mystical Realm Palace ever since that competition took place. Everyone is ashamed to say this, but the salary and benefits provided have put us top guilds to shame. However, when I discovered that out of the nearly one thousand players who attended, less than twenty were accepted into the Mystical Realm Palace—it softened the blow quite a bit. I suppose the other guilds are feeling the same way. Though one has to believe that the owner's standards are far too high." Zi Jiaxiu stated.

"Quality has always been more meaningful than quantity in my eyes. My Mystical Realm Palace has no need for those who only view the moon and never the stars beyond them." Jin said.

Fang Qiu furrowed her brows when she heard the name Mystical Realm Palace. Why did that name sound so familiar? She was positive that she had heard that name before somewhere; however, Fang Qiu could not put her finger on it.

"Well said. After this event, I would like to send over a few Apothecaries from my Sleeping Gardenia to learn at the Mystical Realm Palace. Of course, I am willing to offer proper compensation. I wonder if you are opposed to this idea?" Zi Jiaxiu said.

"I don't mind. However, they may not want to leave after their visit." Jin replied.

"Oh? Would you be willing to accept them?" Zi Jiaxiu asked with a devious smile on her face.

"Sure. As long as they show some potential, it should not be too difficult for them to learn a thing or two during their stay." Jin answered.

"Then, I will not reject your kindness. How does two months sound? You can make use of them as you see fit. Also-" As Zi Jiaxiu was speaking, Fang Qiu abruptly stood to her feet.

"You're the owner of 'that' Mystical Realm Palace?!" Fang Qiu blurted without thinking with a look of shock and disbelief on her face.

Fang Qiu finally remembered where she heard the name Mystical Realm Palace. It was the name of the popular first player-owned shop in RML! Location, products, prices—when it came to pills, no one could hold a candle to the Mystical Realm Palace!

Fang Qiu knew that if Jin was indeed the owner of the Mystical Realm Palace, then the "small gift" that Zi Jiaxiu's mentioned earlier was a gross understatement!

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