Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 485 Something That Goes Against The Heavens Itself?, Fang Qiu“s Struggles

Chapter 485 Something That Goes Against The Heavens Itself?, Fang Qiu“s Struggle

Zi Jiaxiu was surprised when she was contacted by Fang Qiu and asked to set up a meeting on such short notice. Given her position as the guild leader of Sleeping Gardenia, and with the world event taking place tomorrow, she naturally declined her request.

After all, even if the two were on good terms, it did not mean that her time was so invaluable that she could accept a meeting whenever someone called. However, when Jin's name was mentioned, how could she refuse?

Zi Jiaxiu had not forgotten the debt of gratitude her Sleeping Gardenia owed to Jin. After being the first guild to defeat not just any raid but a hardcore raid, obtaining a Guild Order, and becoming the first official guild in RML, Sleeping Gardenia's reputation skyrocketed!

But, what many did not know was that these feats did not truly belong to her Sleeping Gardenia. If not for Jin, Zi Jiaxiu knew that it would be impossible to clear a hardcore raid with just the scouting party that accompanied her. No, even if their core members from the Lotus Guard were there, without any preparations, the chances of overcoming a hardcore raid were less than 10%!

Surprisingly, Jin did not mind Sleeping Gardenia taking the credit for the raid clear. In fact, she felt that he even supported it! Why was this? While he did not directly tell her, Zi Jiaxiu had a general sense of it. It was to send a clear message to Blue Oasis. To let them know that there was no medicine for regret in this world. At that moment, they had chosen to make their bed. Now, Blue Oasis had to swallow their shame and lie in it!

"Then, I will be blunt." Jin removed a small bag that was neatly tied from his pocket and placed it onto the table.

He then continued, "I want to produce and sell this in large quantities."

"Hm? What is it?" Zi Jiaxiu questioned as she picked up the small bag and carefully examined it. The top was tied together by a string, and it was little enough to fit into the palm of one's hand. But, the strangest thing was that it felt weightless—as if nothing was inside of it.

Jin held up five fingers as he responded, "Five samples of a pill that goes against the heavens themselves."

Go against the heavens? What grand words! However, Zi Jiaxiu seemed surprised when Jin mentioned pills.

"Pills? Do you study traditional medicine?" Zi Jiaxiu asked.

"I suppose you could say that," Jin replied with a carefree smile.

Zi Jiaxiu inwardly furrowed her brows. Pills had been obsolete for over four decades. At this point, they were considered a relic of the not so distant past. However, there were still those who studied traditional medicine that produced pills. These individuals felt that no amount of technology could replace the effectiveness of traditional medicine.

Zi Jiaxiu opened the bag and was instantly greeted by a lovely fragrance. If it were anyone else, she would have dismissed this as some type of scam; however, she was curious. Not many individuals were aware of Jin's identity as the Pill Emperor within RML.

Although the real world was different from RML, it was not unusual for skills to carry over. For example, if a professional blacksmith played RML and chose the Blacksmith profession, they would naturally excel. After all, the system in RML always rewarded players who developed an understanding of something, be it a skill or a talent.

Zi Jiaxiu wondered how Jin maintained a high level and still somehow managed to produced grade three pills in RML. If he studied traditional medicine in the real world, then it all made sense. Nevertheless, even if it was Jin, she could not just agree without more details.

While Zi Jiaxiu was curious, Fang Qiu nearly fainted from shock when she saw Jin place that small bag before the second young miss of the Zi family.

Zi Jiaxiu was not there, so she did not know, but Fang Qiu was present. While they were driving around to different places, Jin saw an old man who set up a stall and asked to stop there. That stall contained various types of strange ingredients that one did not see every day. But, at that moment, Fang Qiu did not think anything of it and just brushed it off as a bizarre interest of Jin's. But now she was secretly regretting stopping at that place!

Those things that he called pills were just some random ingredients he purchased from the old man that was broken up and squeezed together in his hand into a tiny sphere-like shape. Pill? What pill?! Was he trying to scam someone from the Zi family? Did he have a death wish?! If Fang Qiu knew that Jin had such a sick sense of humor, then she would have never set up the meeting!

"I have to find a way to save him before it spirals out of control!" Was the sole thought that passed through Fang Qiu's mind at that instance.

"It has not yet been tested through the proper channels. Today, we are just here to share our idea with the second young miss and see if she would be interested in a potential partnership somewhere in the near future." Fang Qiu spoke calmly and smoothly.

"Trial phase?" Jin was unaware that such a thing was necessary.

Zi Jiaxiu frowned and said, "Fang Qiu, what's the meaning of this? You allowed your client to present a product that has not undergone even the most basic trial phase?"

"It was an oversight on my part. My client is still young in a world full of opportunities—I hope the second young miss can overlook this small matter so that my client can use it as a moment of learning." Fang Qiu answered.

In truth, Fang Qiu had not decided whether or not to accept Jin as her client. But, she felt partly responsible for setting up this situation. Even though she would suffer a bit in the short term, at the very least, Jin would not be blamed.

Zi Jiaxiu was a little disappointed. Fang Qiu should have known better than to let a client present an unproven and untested product. If they attempted something similar to a different potential investor, then the two would have been thrown out immediately!

"I can have my people assist you in conducting the trial phase for your product. As for the registration and other required documents, Fang Qiu can see to it. However, even if I were to speed up the entire process, it would still require several weeks. But, since we are dealing with pills, it may take a couple of months." Zi Jiaxiu stated.

'The regulations in this world are quite troublesome. However, a few months is not too unreasonable.'

In the Seven Realms, if one wanted to sell something, all they needed to do was go to an auction house or find a supplier. Testing? Regulations? Such things only existed in the kingdoms of mortals. But, given how frail the average mortal's life was in this world, Jin was not surprised.

"Then, I will leave it in your capable hands," Jin said as he gave a nod of approval.

"So, what purpose does this pill serve?" Zi Jiaxiu asked curiously. It smelled like a natural perfume with its sweet yet subtle aroma. She believed that if the pill could be converted to a liquid form, its smell alone was enough to market it as a fragrance.

Meanwhile, Fang Qiu breathed a sigh of relief inwardly. With a few months to spare, even if the test were to fail, it would likely be swept under Zi Jiaxiu's radar. Now, all she had to find an excuse to leave with Jin before he attempted anything else foolish. Unfortunately, she was too late!

"There are two ways to use it. The first is to set the pill into a bowl of water and let it dissolve. Once the pill finishes dissolving, you can apply the water directly to the surface of your skin. After a single-use, one will notice that their skin has become smooth and full of life." Jin explained.

He then continued, "But, the most effective method is to let your body soak for 10 minutes each day in a bath with one pill dissolved into it. If one does this every day, then their overall beauty will be greatly enhanced—the clock will have reversed itself on their age and appearance."

Jin put some thought into what would be an excellent way to generate a stable income while simultaneously strengthening his influence. Weapons? Heavenly laws? Neither was suitable for this world. Then, it dawned on him. Women were drawn to beauty, and men were attracted to beautiful women. Not to mention, what man would not want to keep his woman happy? By deciding to step into the world of cosmetics, Jin was practically killing two birds with one stone!

The pill he introduced was common and quite popular among women back in the Seven Realms. The ingredients were simple, and the production method was not overly complicated. However, in this world, it would be seen as a glorious and miraculous treasure!

'I used a small amount of my own spiritual essence to combine the ingredients using an exact ratio. With the technology that exists in this world, it should be possible to create them without the use of spiritual essence.'

After Jin completed his explanation, Zi Jiaxiu, and Fang Qiu both remained silent—but for two different reasons.

Fang Qiu nearly coughed up blood from anger. She had just finished saving him; however, it appeared that he had already set his mind on offending Zi Jiaxiu! Would he not be satisfied until he was caused his own destruction?!

Besides, the effects of he mentioned were unrealistic and ridiculous! How could one "pill" thrown together from random ingredients he found on the side of the road at some suspicious stall possibly have such miraculous effects? Reverse the clock? One could run away from many things in life, but age was not one of them. In the end, what woman did not fear losing her beauty?

As for Zi Jiaxiu, needless to say, she was skeptical. Incredibly skeptical. In fact, every part of her believed that Jin's words were an exaggeration or total nonsense. If a product that wondrous existed, it would turn the world of cosmetics upside down!

The cosmetics market was a trillion-dollar space. Everyone wanted a piece of it or to set a foot into it. However, the competition was extremely fierce!

Of course, the Zi family owned a wide variety of businesses, which included multiple cosmetic chains. But, the situation in the Zi family was not so simple.

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