Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 484 Second Young Miss of the Zi Family


"Realm of Myths and Legends? Of course, I've heard of it. But what does that have to do with my question?" Fang Qiu asked with a slight frown.

Jin and Fang Qiu were currently on the first floor within the Orion Corporation's building. Since the two of them were waiting to be called up for their hastily scheduled meeting, Fang Qiu decided to take the time to review Jin's main stream of income. Therefore, the question of how he made his money came up.

Depending upon his answer, Fang Qiu would have to change her method of approach. Most importantly, if it was any type of money obtained through suspicious channels, she would walk away—even if she was going a favor for that person. After all, she had no intention of risking her reputation that she worked so hard to build over the years.

However, what she did not expect was for the topic of RML to come up. One would have to live under a rock to not know the name of this "Second World of Opportunities" as many people in her line of work called it.

In the end, the amount of money circulating through RML was of astronomical proportions. Everyone in the investment world wanted to get their hands on a small piece of it. Unfortunately, not many of them were well-versed when it came to the world of gaming. Therefore, many big companies and firms were simply throwing money out, hoping for an excellent return. Some even went as far as to hire ex-pro gamers and a dedicated research team to gain a better insight into the gaming industry.

But, alas, although a handful of companies managed to turn a profit, there had been no shocking development. There were numerous opportunities in RML; however, it was estimated that it would be another half a year before players started to acquire access to the real profit makers. This included things like territories, stable player-owned shops, high-level areas with rare resource farming areas, and what truly drove economies—war.

To be more precise, the major PVP competitions at higher-levels, and the benefits it would draw out was one of the things that would generate a massive return!

Naturally, Fang Qiu was also interested in having a solid foothold in RML. However, it was not easy to compete with the big companies and firms to snatched up all the top guilds, or ones that they believed had the potential to be a top guild.

Fang Qiu did not lack when it came to money. Still, even if she had ten times as much wealth, it would not come close to comparing to the deep pockets of those giant corporations. Therefore, how could she draw in a group full of potential like a top guild?

As for just picking anyone—Fang Qiu was not the type of individual to tolerate mediocrity.

"I-" However, just as Jin was about to speak, a woman approached him and Fang Qiu.

The woman's name was Yuan Ju, and she worked as an assistant for the Orion Corporation. She was also the one who greeted Jin and Fang Qiu when they first entered the front door.

The two had been waiting for her Yuan Ju's return ever since she went to inform the person at the top of their arrival.

Yuan Ju gave a polite and respectful bow as she said, "The second young miss will see you now. Please, follow me."

"We will have to finish this conversation at a later time. Right now, this meeting takes priority." Fang Qiu stated. She understood the general finances that Jin had to work with, and so, Fang Qiu would proceed with that in mind. But, seeing as how he mentioned RML, it was likely that his source of income had to do with that Second World of Opportunities. If that was the case, then perhaps changing her flight would not be a complete waste of time. Of course, she did not expect anything too spectacular. After all, everyone knew that it was the top guilds or big organizations that ruled over the most popular and valuable resources in RML.

Fang Qiu hid her thoughts well; however, it was not enough to keep Jin from discovering them. Ever since they first met, Jin had been evaluating Fang Qiu just as she had been evaluating him.

'Her character is straightforward, and she does not hesitate to point out what bothers her. I can see why she came strongly recommended by that woman.'

Jin and Fang Qiu stood to their feet and followed after Yuan Ju, who walked towards the nearest elevator as the doors closed behind them.

"Requesting access to Penthouse with two guests. Name, Yuan Ju. Temporary authorization code M-48501." Yuan Ju said.

"Requesting confirmation..." A computerized voice sounded from the elevator.

"Strange, this was not here during my visit last year. Did this place upgrade their security measures?" Fang Qiu questioned.

"Yes. This specific Orion Corporation building has been chosen as a testing facility for the corporation's newest security measures. Once its success has been confirmed, this security system will be present at all Orion Corporation facilities across the world." Yuan Ju explained with a smile.

"I've never heard that the Orion Corporation planned to release a new security system. Interesting..." Fang Qiu furrowed her brows. With the number of connections she had in the Orion Corporation, it was impossible for her not to know when a regular employee like Yuan Ju was aware of it.

Of course, Jin was aware of the real reason behind the increased security measures. Without a doubt, it definitely had something to do with those individuals who invaded the Orion Corporation on that day he visited the Dragon's Den.

A few moments later, the computerized voice sounded out, "Identity confirmed. Guests allowance confirmed. Elevator access has been temporarily restricted. Next stop, Penthouse."

The elevator started to move up towards the Penthouse. In the meantime, Fang Qiu took the time to remind Jin of some things.

"Remember, we are here on official business. The second young miss is someone that neither of us can afford to offend, so mind your words. I say this for your own good." Fang Qiu reminded.

"You have arrived at your destination." The computerized voice announced as the elevator doors opened.

Yuan Ju guided Jin and Fang Qiu to the only entrance into the Penthouse as she lightly knocked on the door.

"Assistant Yuan Ju pays respects the second young miss. I have brought the guests as you have requested." Yuan Ju spoke in a calm and respectful tone.

"By the way, what is your relationship with the second young miss?" Fang Qiu asked. It had been on her mind for some time now; however, she had been somewhat hesitant to bring it up. After all, one could not be too careful when it came to dealing with the relationships of an influential individual like the second young miss. In cases like this, it was usually better not to ask at all.

But, in the end, Fang Qiu's curiosity got the best of her. Not only had the second young miss used a personal favor for him, but she was also willing to clear time from her busy schedule to take an abrupt meeting. These actions did not match the second young miss that she knew over the years.

However, before Jin could answer that question, the door opened.

A lovely voice that carried a pleasant tone flowed out and said, "He is the lover that I plan to run away with. Advisor Fang Qiu, surely you will keep this a secret, right?"

"This is..." Fang Qiu had a troubled expression on her face after she listened to those words. A love affair with the second young miss?! If her family was aware of this matter, or worse, if they discovered that she knew of it and kept it a secret then...

Jin shook his head and said, "Your jokes are quite cruel, second young miss. Or do you prefer Mariposa?"

"Do you think so? Let me tell you, it is difficult to get the Ice Queen Fang Qiu to lose her composure." The beautiful woman who opened the door said with a light chuckle. Although her clothing and appearance were slightly different from that in RML, it was undoubtedly the guild leader of Sleeping Gardenia, Mariposa!

Joke? Fang Qiu released an inward sigh of relief. Still, what a cruel joke! Fang Qiu's heart nearly jumped from her chest when she thought about potentially getting dragged into something she tried her best to avoid.

"The second young miss' jokes and sense of humor is 'tasteful' as always." Fang Qiu said as she quickly regained her composure. However, one could tell that she was not amused by that so-called joke.

"Now now, don't be upset, Fang Qiu. After all, I have given you quite a big gift this time." The second young miss responded.

Fang Qiu was confused by her words. Gift? She did not remember recently receiving any gift for the second young miss.

The second young miss then faced Jin and said, "We are in the real world; therefore, it is only right that you call me by my real name. But, I suppose this is the first time we have properly met face to face. Then, allow me to introduce myself."

She then continued, "I am the second young miss of the Zi family and temporary executive director of the Orion Corporation, Zi Jiaxiu. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Zhang Jin."

The Zi family! Jin had his suspicions about Mariposa's and Zi Yi's identity; however, it was never confirmed—until now. But, it certainly made sense considering that Mariposa offered billions of RMB to purchase the rights to his shop. Needless to say, that was not an amount just anyone could pull out.

As for whether or not the Zi family was tied to the Dragon Stone gang, Jin dismissed this fact. After all, with the influence and power the Zi family possessed, it did not make any sense to rely on some small-time gangs. This was even more so given their prestigious reputation. But, Jin was still curious about how the Dragon stone gang could gain such a firm footing in the Orion Corporation.

"Yuan Ju, bring our guests some refreshments. We have much to discuss." Zi Jiaxiu said.


A few moments later, Jin, Fang Qiu sat across from Zi Jiaxiu on a luxurious sofa. The inside decor as gorgeous, and one could immediately tell that it was done by a professional.

Yuan Ju placed a cup of tea down before Zi Jiaxiu, Jin, and then Fang Qiu before bowing. Afterward, she immediately took her leave from the room.

Zi Jiaxiu picked up her teacup and took a sip before placing it back down onto the saucer.

"I'm sure you of all people understand that this is an important time for my Sleeping Gardenia. With the world event that's happening tomorrow, I do not have much time to spare, so I hope that we can make this quick."

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