Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 483 Advisor Fang Qiu

Jin closed his eyes before opening them a few seconds later with a light smile on his face. Just now, he used the power of his soul to sense everything in the house and its immediate surroundings.

At the moment, Reilei was safely in her room, and there were no issues present. He was somewhat concerned that Reilei's body may have some trouble adapting to the piece of his soul, as well as the Eight Lunar Cycles physique. But, it appeared that his worries were unwarranted. In fact, he was surprised by what he observed.

'Interesting... Her Eight Lunar Cycles physique is progressing faster than it should be able to in this realm. Is it connected to the system as well?'

Ever since he first entered RML, Jin's biggest curiosity was the mysterious system that set and maintained the rules in the virtual world. Although its understanding was not perfect, when it came to deciphering his heavenly laws, in most cases, it was not too far off from the real thing.

From Jin's understanding, the system in RML was the pinnacle of this world's artificial intelligence.

'It's a shame this world lacks spiritual essence. If its technological advances and science were to be amplified by techniques from the Seven Realms, the results would be quite impressive.'

In terms of raw power, needless to say, this realm did not come anywhere close to comparing to that of the Seven Realms. However, in terms of the ingenuity and creativity of its mortals, surprisingly, the Seven Realms was not its match! Of course, this was only when comparing the mortals between both realms.

"I've already broken through to the 3rd stage of the Heavenly Golden Body?" Jin said to himself as he looked down at the palm of his hand before making a fist.

According to his original estimate, he should not have broken through to the 3rd stage of the Heavenly Golden Body in the real world until he reached the 5th stage within RML. At the moment, he was only at the 4th stage in RML! So, how did he advance so fast with this world's weak spiritual essence?

'I suppose that explains this.'

Jin looked at the window and saw his reflection. His hair was disheveled and had grown to the point that it reached more than halfway down his back! This was a side-effect of breaking through to the 3rd stage of his Heavenly Golden Body. Though, right now, Jin was more intrigued by his swift advancement.

'A physique requires a minimal amount of spiritual essence to cultivate compared to that of a heavenly law; however, it should not be this easy for me to advance. How unusual...'

Jin held out his index finger as he lightly waved his hand towards the closed window before him. Without warning, the air around his finger expanded, creating a silent boom before quickly calming down.

A few moments later, a hole no larger than one's finger appeared at the center of a tree outside Jin's window. If one looked closely, they would notice that the hole actually traveled all the way through the tree!

'Good, with this, I can use the most basic form of spiritual essence attacks. Though it would seem that my control still requires some improvement.'

Jin examined a small mark on the window. It was a scratch with no depth and was barely half a centimeter across. But, Jin intended to completely bypass the window without affecting it. It was only then that his control could be considered perfect.

'Even with my Heavenly Golden Body and knowledge, it's impossible to make up for this body's absence of muscle memory. It looks like I can't depend solely on RML for this matter.'

Knock! Knock! Knock!

All of a sudden, Jin heard the sound of someone knocking on the door to his house.

'They're here. I will deal with this another time. For now, I have to make do with this level of strength.'

"Now, I suppose I shouldn't keep my guest waiting," Jin said as he made his way towards the front door.


Meanwhile, in front of Jin's house stood a woman who appeared to be somewhere in her mid to late twenties. She wore a pair of glasses and had carefully managed black hair, amber-colored eyes, and was above average when it came to her beauty. From her tidy to a fault physical appearance and clothing to the way she carried herself, one could instantly tell that she was a highly professional individual. Her name Fang Qiu, and she was currently at this location to visit a potential client.

To be more precise, Fang Qiu had only agreed to meet with this individual to show some face to the person who recommended them. But, not even considering the fact that that person was not someone they could afford to offend, Fang Qiu also owed them a personal favor.

"Well, it's fine. If anything, once I settled this matter, the favor I owe will be paid. To think there would come a day that I, Fang Qiu, would change my flight plan just to meet with some unknown person. When did my time become so invaluable?" Fang Qiu sighed.

When that person first told Fang Qiu that the person she was going to meet only had a mere 100 million RMB to his name, she brushed it off as a joke. But, when she found out that they were serious, she could not help but lament at agreeing to pay a visit. Just 100 million? She had met with clients with billions—no, even trillions of RMB! How could she be interested in meeting someone who was still scraping coins?

However, in the end, Fang Qiu was a professional. Therefore, even if she were somewhat reluctant to do so, she would approach this person as she would any other client.

Fang Qiu snapped out of her thoughts when she saw the door before her open. It would be a lie if she said that she was not curious as to what kind of individual was capable of making that person use a personal favor.

When the door opened, Fang Qiu was greeted by the sight of a young man who wore casual clothing and looked as if they did not cut or manage their hair in months. This person was, of course, Jin.

Fang Qiu inwardly furrowed her brows. Her first impression of this individual was not great. Nevertheless, she gave a small respectful bow as she introduced herself.

"I am Advisor Fang Qiu. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Fang Qiu said in a polite tone that was neither submissive nor arrogant.


Jin nodded and said, "I have been waiting for your arrival, Advisor Fang Qiu."

Two days ago, Jin contacted Mariposa and asked her to introduce him to a competent advisor that he could meet in the real world. At the moment, Jin had other priorities to handle, and so, finding someone who could manage his accounts was a must. After all, although 100 million RMB may seem like a lot to the average person, it was nowhere near enough for what Jin hoped to accomplish.

"This won't do. Even though I have not officially become your advisor, I cannot stand idle and allow this to go on. It seems we will have to make a few stops." Fang Qiu stated as she shook her head and released a small sigh.

Jin was taken aback by Fang Qiu's words. Go on? They had just met, what could be going on?

Fang Qiu pointed towards Jin and said in a stern tone, "Your appearance. Have you never heard the saying that first impressions mean everything? No one will take you seriously; let alone meet with you in that state. It must be corrected at once. Let's go."

Fang Qiu turned and walked back towards the direction she had initially come from. Given Jin's current appearance and nonchalant attitude, Fang Qiu assumed that he was not a rich young master from a wealthy family. Instead, he must be someone who recently ran into some money. Since that was the case, she had to change the way she approached him.

When Fang Qiu first started to build her name as an advisor, the amount of fools she came across that ran into a bit of money thinking that it would never run out was not small. The number of them that ended up poor again was too many to count. In the end, no matter how good the tools at one's disposal were, it was useless if they had no intention of using them. Fang Qiu believed that Jin was bound to turn into this sort of person if she did not use a more hardened approach.

'She certainly has no fear of speaking her mind. But, I don't necessarily dislike this kind of dedicated person.'

Jin followed Fang Qiu and soon arrived at an expensive-looking sports car.

"Do you have a license?" Fang Qiu questioned.

"I'm afraid not," Jin replied.

"I will take care of it. For now, I will drive." Fang Qiu stated as she got into the sports car along with Jin and drove off.


Around one hour later...

"Was this much necessary?" Jin questioned. It had already been one hour since they left his house, and they had yet to talk about anything regarding finances.

"This much? It is barely acceptable. Besides, whose fault do you think it is? Honestly, to suddenly say you want to set up a meeting... Just who do you think you're asking to meet with? It's a miracle they agreed on such short notice. After all, that person may seem friendly, but they can be rather ruthless when it comes to business. Nevertheless, you look quite presentable now." Fang Qiu stated as she looked Jin up and down before giving a nod of approval.

Jin's appearance got a complete overhaul! For one, his hair had been cut and suitably styled. As for his clothing and shoes, they had been replaced by something much more expensive and stylish than the casual wear that he previously had on. Fang Qiu told him to think of it as a small self-investment.

At the moment, Jin and Fang Qiu were outside a building that was more than 30 floors high. But, this was not the first time Jin had been to this building. It was the same building that used to be the main hideout of the Dragon Stone gang and belonged to the Orion Corporation!

Surprisingly, even after the commotion that was caused at the Orion Corporation the last time Jin was here, there had not been a single mention on the news or any type of media platform. As for the building itself, it appeared to be in perfect condition. It was as if what happened that day never took place!

'The Orion Corporation... Then, it's not just a coincidence, after all.'

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