Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 488 Some Matters Must Be Handled With One's Own Hands, Fang Qiu Accepts

Chapter 488 Some Matters Must Be Handled With One“s Own Hands, Fang Qiu Accepts

Zi Jiaxiu thought that Jin would ask for something less reasonable, but he just wanted her to look into a few people for him? As the second young miss of the Zi family, she did not give out favors easily. With her standing in the Zi family, Zi Jiaxiu was confident that Jin would make a more fitting request.

"Just that? Very well. As long as it exists, I am confident in my Zi family's ability to acquire information about it. However, are you sure that's everything? If you have any troubles, I do not mind personally making a move on your behalf." Zi Jiaxiu said with a meaningful expression.

Fang Qiu was taken aback by Zi Jiaxiu's words. She was willing to personally make a move for Jin?! Just how high was her impression of him?

"It seems I still underestimated how much value the second young miss places on him. Is his worth that great in her eyes? I know that he is the owner of the Mystical Realm Palace and has accomplished great things in RML; however, his background is too ordinary. No, it is because his background is so ordinary and yet he still managed to catch the attention of the second young miss, that his value must be special. Still, it's surprising. After all, not even the young masters from the other Great Families receive this kind of treatment. This Zhang Jin is not simple. Perhaps..." Fang Qiu thought to herself.

"There is no need. Some matters must be handled with one's own hands—I'm sure you understand this point. Just looking into them will provide more than enough assistance. I will take care of the rest myself." Jin responded unhurriedly.

Zi Jiaxiu sighed, "I figured you would say this. Then, I won't continue to push the subject."

She then continued, "So, who do you need me to look into?"

"Just two," Jin replied as he held up two fingers.

He then said, "Wendell Wilson, the leader of the Headhunter Syndicate. As for the second... he goes by Jiang Gui."

A cold and distant look flashed through Jin's eyes as he spoke those names. Wendell Wilson was the name of Jin's ex-best friend, who was also the Headhunter Syndicate's leader, Vault.

As for Jiang Gui, it was the name of Jin's birth father! The same individual who abandoned his family and changed his entire identity. He even went as far as forsaking his own family name! It was because of him that Jin's mother, Reilei, had to undergo such terrible hardships due to the mounting debt he left in her hands.

'All debts of blood must be repaid as such.'


After Jin finished his conversation with Zi Jiaxiu, he and Fang Qiu took their leave from the Orion Corporation building.

At the moment, Fang Qiu was driving Jin home; however, there was an awkward silence that lingered in the air. There had been nothing but silence ever since they left the Orion Corporation.

"Is he in a bad mood?" Fang Qiu thought as she glanced over at Jin, who was gazing out the window with a serene expression. On the way to the Orion Corporation, there was no end to the questions he asked. But now, he was quieter than ever.

"I-" Just as Fang Qiu was about to speak, surprisingly, Jin opened his mouth for the first time since they entered the car.

"Advisor Fang Qiu, I just so happen to be searching for a manager to take charge of my Mystical Realm Palace. It will also help if that person has the experience to assist in expanding that influence into the real world. I wonder if Advisor Fang Qiu is interested?" Jin said without averting his gaze from the window.

At this point, Fang Qiu was not shocked by Jin's directness. But, she was surprised that Jin wanted to expand his influence to reach the real world. That was something easier said than done, especially given Jin's unknown background. At least, this would have usually been the case. However, since Jin had the support and backing of someone of Zi Jiaxiu standing, it should be possible for him to set his foot onto a bigger stage.

Still, Fang Qiu was uneasy about Jin. It was not that she found him suspicious, just that she could not read him. Whenever Fang Qiu tried to do so, Fang Qiu felt like she was staring into a bottomless abyss.

Everyone she worked with, regardless of their nature, Fang Qiu had a basic understanding of their overall character. However, Jin was different in a way that she could not quite put her finger on. He was full of unexpected surprises, but this was not necessarily a bad thing.

"I am interested. However, I can only accept under two conditions." Fang Qiu replied.


Jin was not oblivious to Fang Qiu's interest when it came to his Mystical Realm Palace. So, he was somewhat surprised that she did not accept without hesitation. Nevertheless, he decided to hear what she had to say.

"That is?" Jin questioned.

"The first is that you take my advice under serious consideration. I have come across many foolish clients that have lost everything due to ignoring my counsel. Right now, being the owner of the largest player-owned shop in RML, you have before you a golden opportunity. I do not wish to see you squander this chance." Fang Qiu stated.

"This is not unreasonable. Only a fool dismisses the words of his advisors. I will take Advisor Fang Qiu's words to heart. You have my word." Jin responded.

Fang Qiu nodded and said, "Good. In the end, a man is only as good as his word."

She then continued, "Lastly, I refuse to have anything to do with dirty money earned through unjustified methods. I, Fang Qiu, will never bend on this condition as long as I live."

Jin gave a slight nod in response as he replied, "This, too, is not unreasonable."

"Then-" Fang Qiu was suddenly interrupted by Jin.

"However," Jin redirected his gaze to Fang Qiu.

He then said, "Never betray my trust, Advisor Fang Qiu. No matter who they may be, I always repay kindness tenfold, and contempt a thousandfold."

Fang Qiu inwardly furrowed her brows as she felt a shiver run up her spine. What was this presence? How could someone from an unknown background make her feel so much pressure? She had felt this way only once before, and that was when she met the current head of the Zi family. However, Jin had not even hit the age of 30. How could he give off a similar presence to someone who was the head of a Great Family?

But, the presence only lasted for a split moment before it vanished without a trace as if it never existed in the first place.

"Did I imagine it? Or... Forget it, today has been too strange." Fang Qiu thought to herself as she released a small sigh.

"I understand." Fang Qiu answered calmly after a brief moment of silence.


Less than thirty minutes later, Fang Qiu had arrived back at Jin's home. On the way, the two exchanged some crucial information. In addition, they went over the essential details regarding the Mystical Realm Palace and its future management.

"The capital city of Amaharpe, right? I will pay a visit as soon as possible to take a look at things." Fang Qiu stated.

"Oh? You already have an account?" Jin asked. Initially, he planned to have Fang Qiu create an account so that she could have a direct and better understanding of the inner workings of RML. Not to mention, it would allow her to take a more hands-on approach. But, it seemed that this was unnecessary.

"How can I not? If opportunities do not present themselves to you, you have no choice but to find your own. Unfortunately, it is seldom easy to locate." Fang Qiu said with a hint of disappointment in her voice. She had been searching, without luck, for a way to set a foot into RML on a bigger stage.

In truth, Fang Qiu had been offered a high-ranking position in Sleeping Gardenia by Zi Jiaxiu. However, Zi Jiaxiu already had He Huian as her main financial advisor. If Fang Qiu joined, she would always be under He Huian. How could she accept having such small goals?

Besides, Sleeping Gardenia was already a well-established organization. If she suddenly joined the higher ranks, she may be accepted, but she would be seen as a stranger by those who worked their way up. What Fang Qiu wanted was to be a part of something fresh that had the potential to grow.

"I already have your information, so I will send you a friend request when I go online. Since you will be busy during the upcoming event, I would like to visit the Mystical Realm Palace today, if possible. The more thorough understanding I have, the better I can set up a suitable structure and system of operation." Fang Qiu said.

"I still have a few things to take care of before the event starts, so I'm afraid I won't be able to give you a proper tour. However, I will make the necessary arrangements so that you have the authority to start immediately." Jin responded.

Fang Qiu nodded, "If I can get started right away, then there is no problem."

"Then, I look forward to Advisor Fang Qiu's visit to my Mystical Realm Palace," Jin said with a carefree expression.

Fang Qiu exchanged farewells with Jin as he stepped out of the car and headed into his home.

Fang Qiu kept her gaze on Jin until the last second as a thoughtful expression found its way onto her face.

"Zhang Jin and Jiang Gui—is it possible that...? No, it's unlikely. I have never heard of either of them. Then, am I thinking too deeply?" Fang Qiu thought to herself as she drove away from Jin's residence.


〈System Alert: Welcome Player Izroth, to Realm of Myths and Legends!〉

Izroth stood inside a private room located within the Mystical Realm Palace. As he opened his system interface and looked at a particular section, he could not help but release a faint inward sigh.

'It's still not enough?'

[Total Essence Contributed: 7,024/???]

'The event starts tomorrow, so I don't have a lot of time remaining. At this point, I can only push forward and hope for the best. Whether or not it finishes before then—I can only rely on my own luck. Still, who would have thought that it would be this gluttonous? But, if it's truly as described, even I cannot predict what may happen.'

"Let's just hope it's worth it. This Soul Avatar." Izroth said as an object appeared in the palm of his hand. It was the True World item that he received from the True World Treasure Chest after completing the quest Journey To The Chaotic Dogma Realm. However, there was something different about it this time.

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