Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 46: Dorm Room

Chapter 46: Dorm Room

The AA dormitory building with the same five floors as the other dormitory buildings. Elysia entered the building with light steps.

"Good afternoon, ma'am." Elysia with a cheerful smile greeted the middle-aged lady who was on guard there.

"Good afternoon for you too, young girl. Beautiful day for you. This is my first time seeing you here, are you a new student who has not visited the dormitory?" The dorm lady greeted back in a friendly manner.

"Um, that's right. I just visited my dorm room after the opening ceremony. This is my card, if I may know where is room number 9?" Elysia took out her silver card and received a nod from the dorm lady.

"Rooms one through twenty are on the first floor. You can easily find them in this hallway." The dorm lady pointed inward and there Elysia could see the number nine printed on the door of a room because of her advanced perception.

"Ah... I can see my room is there, thank you, ma'am!" Elysia waved her hand and left the dorm lady who was a little confused.

The middle-aged lady tried to see room number nine from there and couldn't see it from her position, she just thought this new girl had a very good and sharp eyesight.

'Ahm... Lil Ely, is it morning already?' Elena woke up from her sleep when Elysia was walking lightly into her room.

'It is daytime now, Sister Elena.'

'Daytime? Already afternoon! I missed you at the opening ceremony! 'Elena exclaimed with a hint of regret.

'You're the lazy one.' Elysia rolled her eyes, she actually couldn't bear to wake Elena from her sleep who likes to hug Elysia's spirit form that resides in the Soul Realm.

'Uuu... Why didn't you wake me up? How many times have I missed events just because I fell asleep...'

Elysia can clearly see the cute behavior of Elena who feels a little regretful while blaming herself a little because she likes to sleep long.

'I will definitely wake you up if it is critical and important. What do you expect from the opening ceremony of the new school year? It's pretty boring and bland if I need to describe it.'

'Huh? Can you handle your anxiety in the crowd? Tell me the story ~ 'Elena was a little surprised while humming for a story. She had discussed with Elysia a better recovery plan while still in the library.

'Err... To be honest I only chatted with the four girls I just met and ignored the rest until the event was about to start. Then I pondered and started daydreaming until the event was over.'

Elysia can't explain much because she has missed most of it and only takes the important points even though she is in her daydreams and thoughts.

'Four people? Friends or acquaintances?'

'Acquaintance.' Elysia immediately answered without having to think about it. The word 'friend' still felt bad enough to her.

She then told Elena about the student council president named Rosie Reinhard and the sadness that was still visible when she came out of the spotlight.

Based on the badge on her uniform which has five white petals and four gray petals, it was clear that Rosie was in her fifth year at the academy and possibly Alisha's older sister as well.

The short story lasted until Elysia stood at the door of her dorm room, number 9.

"Vanessa." Elysia called out the name of the white cat who was approaching her slowly. She knows Vanessa has always followed her master from a safe distance.

Hearing the call, Vanessa came beside Elysia's leg and rubbed her body against her master's leg then looked up. Her camouflage magic was removed when she rubbed her body there.


Elysia smiled seeing the white cat's cute behavior on her feet then she crouched down to grab the white cat's body for a soft caress.

'Good girl, after this there is a class during the day. Do you want to stay in the dorm room or follow me? ' Elysia gently strokes Vanessa before picking her up and hugging her.

'I will follow you, master. I was also able to take a walk during that time.' Vanessa chose the latter choice even though she knew her master could put up a barrier in one fixed place to disguise her body, thanks to the theoretical knowledge in the library.

One small 'Spirit Beast' wandering around in disguise and camouflage was much better than hiding in a barrier and disguise. Even if she was caught, no one would know that this adorable white cat was a Spirit level beast.

'Is that so? It's good for you, Vanessa. Let's see what kind of roommate we have now.'

Elysia just smiled while opening access to the dorm room with her silver card, similar to the room in the library which has a lock function similar to the security system in modern hotels on Earth.


The lock of the door opened and Elysia entered the room she would probably stay in for a few years.

A comfortable room with a small living room, dining room and kitchen, and bathroom can be seen on the side of the corridor when Elysia first entered the room.

A soft sofa which is a living room that is neatly arranged around a small table, a simple dining room with kitchen utensils, and a bathroom complete with a sizeable bathtub and shower. Elysia goes around the dorm room which she will be living in from now on with enthusiasm.

'Wow! There's a balcony here too? I thought we were on the first floor... Oh, there's another floor below us.'

Elysia looked out of the closed balcony window and saw the sloping terrain that made this room look like it was on the second floor. There were also two doors that closed, and she just assumed it was the bedroom.

'There are two bedrooms? I thought the students in the dorm room would sleep on bunk beds like the four cheerful girls had told me earlier...' Elysia muttered in confusion.

While Elysia was still in confusion, one of the closed bedroom doors opened then a girl came out from there and she looked at Elysia with a slightly surprised look.

"Whoa! I thought I was going to spend my school time without my dorm mates! It turns out I have."

A beautiful girl with long golden blonde hair and green eyes with a well-developed body rushed over to Elysia as if she wanted to jump over to her for a best friend's hug.

Meanwhile, the target felt strange as it was their first time meeting and someone with this bubbly personality actually came jumping for a hug as if they were old friends who hadn't seen each other for a long time. Uncertain, the target immediately avoided the surprise hug to the side gracefully.


The golden-haired girl fell down after her hug target disappeared, but she immediately got up as if nothing had happened with her cheerful smile.

"Uh... Why are you avoiding me? I just want to hug and say hello, ah nevermind. Greetings, my name is Evelyn Mitchell." Evelyn with her bright personality introduced herself to Elysia who felt a little overwhelmed by this girl's cheerful disposition.

"Yes, my name is Elysia Avery. Nice to meet you."

Elysia returned the friendly smile as she grabbed Evelyn's hand who had already reached out for a handshake.

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