Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 45: Opening Ceremony (2)

Chapter 45: Opening Ceremony (2)

Elysia got some trivial information from four students who came from normal families with no background about what they knew from their point of view.

According to them, most aristocrats are people with high self-esteem and are reluctant to interact with ordinary people if there is no other purpose. Friendly people like Elysia were quite rare among aristocrats.

Meanwhile, the person in question can only smile wryly considering that she is not an aristocrat at all but is only considered by other people by that and she has no intention of denying it either.

The four of them came from different cities in the northern region under the rule of the Ariatha Kingdom, and when they asked Elysia's origin, the latter only answered vaguely as usual.

Their light conversation continued until the opening ceremony was about to begin and everyone was already in their positions. The entrance to the main hall was closed and the lights dimmed, leaving only the stage area for everyone to focus on.

Elysia observed with her advanced perception, and she was able to detect three other people whom she had met previously sitting in their chairs not far from her.

"Shhh... The event is about to start, we can continue at another time." Elysia put her index finger to her lips in a silent gesture in a soft whisper.

"Yes, Miss Elysia." Joanna who was right beside Elysia nodded, followed by the other three girls.

Only from the small talk just a moment ago, they could already briefly describe Elysia, the two keywords for being kind and beautiful.

The opening ceremony began with a speech from the principal and various other formal discourses by various parties regarding the inauguration of new students.

Elysia listened to it all blankly due to the tedious event she had predicted. She began to go into daydreams while thinking about many things.

Everything went normally until the closing speech from the principal was finished. Elysia snapped out of her reverie as the new students clapped their hands loudly as the headmaster stepped off the pulpit and exited the stage. She just followed the others and clapped her hands too.

The last event was presented for the student council president to deliver her speech on the pulpit. A girl with long hair tied in a ponytail came onto the stage for a short speech.

"Good morning, new students! My name is Rosie Reinhard, I as the student council president congratulate all of you once again for officially becoming students of the Deterry Academy of Magic! You have..."

Elysia heard no further than that. She only focused on the name of the student council president who introduced herself as Rosie Reinhard, the same surname as Harold.

Which means the girl who was giving the speech there was the older sister of the previous owner of this body, before turning into Elysia and undergoing drastic changes.

She only recovered from that thought as the student council president stepped down from the pulpit marking the end of the opening ceremony and closed with loud applause.

Even though she was clapping her hands, she always paid attention to the student council president who got off the stage. She could guess at a glance the sad look that was still sculpted on her face and the sparkle of her eyes when the student council president was no longer in the spotlight.

The tragedy in Avrora Forest must have been conveyed to her and she already knew what really happened. Even though Elysia felt a little guilty, she immediately threw away the thought because it was like what Elena said a few days ago which explained Elysia and Alisha as two different existences.

After the opening ceremony was finished, one by one the disciples walked out of the main hall. They wanted to take their identity uniforms at the counter that had been provided outside the main hall.

"Miss Elysia, we better go get our uniforms first. The class will start this afternoon to introduce new students to each other." Joanna kindly reminded.

Elysia saw the students who had already taken their uniforms and gone somewhere to wait for class this afternoon.

"You're right, let's go. I still have to check out my dorm room." Elysia nodded gently before getting up from her chair.

Then she and four other girls she just met went to pick up a school uniform package consisting of seven uniforms before going to the dormitory building while chatting lightly back on the way.

Joanna, Lana, Maggie, and Betty live in dormitory 121AAA which means room 121 in building AAA. Dorm buildings are differentiated according to the privileges of the academy card owner.

A three-letter building for students with bronze cards, a two-letter building for silver cards, a one-letter building with two-digit room numbers for gold cards.

The last one is the most special thing, the platinum card. One letter and one number no longer indicate the name of the building and room but the mansion which is allowed to accommodate other students and servants with the permission of the platinum card owner and the school.

Elysia sighs with relief she gave Serena the platinum card three days ago when she saw the luxurious area of ??the mansion lined up for platinum cardholders.

Elysia sighed in relief that she gave Serena a platinum card three days ago, she saw the luxurious area of the mansion lined up for platinum cardholders with some thoughts.

She would be even more miserable to live in such a grand mansion without any friends living there, or she still wasn't sure she would have friends who wanted to live there. A spacious and luxurious place will actually make her nervous and insecure if that place is used as a place to live.

Little did she know, this card exchange and the flawed system regarding the privileges of the card tier enforced by the academy would actually alarm higher-ups later because the owner's identity was not encrypted there and only served as a tool, but that's a case for later.

Even though the privileges and services are distributed according to the level, she is more satisfied with this silver card because she doesn't need to be afraid of feeling insecure.

She realized the previous method she used when she was in a crowd, a method like hypnotizing herself was not quite effective. That method has been revoked while in the library due to discussion with Elena because it is only an alternative diversion, not a recovery, she still needs to handle her fear properly.

Elena will move on to the second plan for that while they are at the academy and Elysia is already preparing for it. The academy, the school where all the nightmares from the past start and she needs to overcome them.

It was far from being cured, but the light had come to it because of Elena's existence alone, and Elysia was aware of it. Her mind was clear but her spirit was afraid and her body reacted which needed to be suppressed to be released later, that was all that needed to be resolved to something better.

The five of them went around the dormitory building together until they finally returned to the AAA building because Elysia's new acquaintances needed to do something and change into their school uniforms so they needed to return to the dorm room.

"Miss Elysia, the AA building is over there. It was fun spending time with you."

"We need to change into uniforms too."

"Yes, the class will start in an hour. It doesn't feel like we've been touring in the dormitory area for quite a while."

"See you in class, Miss Elysia!"

The four of them waved their hands when they entered their dormitory building, they were no longer so formal with Elysia by saying standard sentences with respect.

"Yes, see you later. Thank you for showing me around." Elysia also waved her hand for a moment before walking towards the AA building, where her dorm room is located.

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