Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 47: Dormmate

Chapter 47: Dormmate

"Elysia Avery. What a pretty name, can I just call you Elysia or Ely?" Evelyn shook Elysia's hand for a moment before removing it.

"Okay." Elysia didn't mind that and nodded slightly.

"Great! Then you can just call me Evelyn or Eve!" Evelyn spun around, making her uniform skirt flutter. For some reason, she is excited about having a dorm mate who might also be her first best friend.

Evelyn had come and registered a week before the opening ceremony began, but after seven days and the opening day had arrived, there wasn't a single roommate she had been waiting for. So, Elysia's arrival at this time really made her very happy.

After turning around once to match her overly happy mood, Evelyn realized that Elysia was hugging an adorable white stuffed cat.

"Aww~ so cute. Do you also like stuffed animals, Ely?" Evelyn leaned her face closer to the stuffed cat that Elysia was hugging.

"She is not a stuffed animal, but a real cat. Isn't she adorable? Nice to meet you, my name is Vanessa." Elysia grabbed Vanessa's little paw and moved it to wave at Evelyn.

"Meow." Vanessa's meow proves that she is a living being and not a doll.

"Oh my... Cute, nice to meet you too, Vanessa." Evelyn covered her mouth gracefully before waving her hand to return a wave from Vanessa's little paw.

"Um... Miss Eve. Err... Eve, I need to change into my school uniform because the afternoon class is about to start." Elysia mentioned Evelyn's name officially and changed it immediately when Evelyn wore a dissatisfied expression.

"Go ahead, Ely. This is my room and there is the room reserved for you." Evelyn pointed to the two rooms opposite each other.

"Are the only two of us living in this dormitory room? How about the other room?" Elysia opened a room that was intended for herself, there were only a single bed and some other furniture.

"Yes, it's just the two of us. Rooms one to twenty of the silver cards have room wide enough for two students to live together and help each other. Apart from that, the other rooms will be occupied by three to four students and that also applies to all bronze cards."

Evelyn told Elysia what she knew even though she didn't know about the gold card and the platinum card it was clear that she got a mansion to live in during their school days.

"Then I will change my uniform first." Elysia nodded lightly at the additional information but before she could close her bedroom door, Evelyn held the door as if she was going to say something.

"Please wait, may I take care of Vanessa for a moment while you change your uniform?" Evelyn looked at Elysia with a pleading look then looked at the white cat in Elysia's embrace.

'Vanessa, do you want?'

'Okay, she doesn't have any evil or suspicious aura at all, master.' Vanessa said that everything is fine.

"Sure, Eve. Please take care of Vanessa for a moment."

"Yes, with pleasure. Aww ~ Why are you so cute? I want to have a pet too..."

Elysia hands over the obedient and docile Vanessa to Evelyn before she closes her door to change into her school uniform.

'The girl named Evelyn is so cheerful and active. We can wish her well, and maybe your day will be bright too, Lil Ely.' Elena spoke while Elysia was changing clothes.

'Yeah, with her personality, I'm sure I'll be in some trouble later. I hope I can overcome it and transcend my past.' Elysia sighed slightly, she had agreed with Elena's plan to overcome her fear and she had prepared herself for it.

'That's my Lil Ely! Ara ~ what do you mean by her personality? I saw the shadow of a person with big breasts but no brain and so careless. Fufu... It is wicked to label that girl you just met.' Elena giggled in amusement at the image of someone in Elysia's mind.

'Things might happen, and I'm just anticipating them. There's nothing wrong with that, I actually quite considerate of other people.'

Elysia spoke in her mind while wearing long stockings on her legs then looked at her reflection in the mirror. She is now wearing a white school uniform with a badge indicating she is in first grade.

The beautiful girl with long black hair like waterfall with purplish-blue eyes was facing herself in the mirror. She decided to wear stockings because she felt embarrassed that the uniform skirt felt quite short above the knee.

'Perfect. You're so graceful and charming, Lil Ely. Everyone will be stunned because of you.' Elena praised Elysia without further ado.

'Thank you. But is that so? I didn't really pay attention to myself at the opening ceremony earlier.'

'Yeah, it's because you've gotten used to ignoring the crowd. Who knows, maybe you have actually become the subject of their conversation and everyone wants to meet and greet you.' Elena convinced Elysia by starting to build self-confidence and a more flexible sense of self.

'If that's true, I will definitely be troubled.'

Elysia smiled as she shook her head slightly without denying anything else. Feeling that she was in uniform with complete attributes and without flaws, Elysia came out of her room.

"Evelyn... It's about time we got back to the main building for the daytime class. Let's go, I hate being late." Elysia greets Evelyn who is playing while giving snacks to Vanessa in the living room.

"Meow." Vanessa immediately jumped away to approach her master and rubbed her body again at Elysia's feet.

"Ahh... I just got dumped without hesitation. I thought our relationship was special." Evelyn spent a moment playing with the tame white cat and felt sad that she was neglected when her master appeared.

"What are you saying, let's go. Vanessa, good girl."

Elysia has no clue what Evelyn is saying, and crouches down to caress Vanessa's soft fur while telling her a few things before leaving.

"Okay, let's go. See you again, Vanessa." Evelyn waved her hand at the white cat that dwelt in the living room and followed Elysia who was about to leave.

After Vanessa was left alone in the living room, she immediately camouflaged herself and followed her master who waited at the door that was kept open for a moment.

Elysia closed the door to the dormitory room which was locked automatically after Vanessa came out and positioned herself.

Then Elysia and Evelyn head back to the main building for their afternoon class which will be filled with introductions between the new students on the first day before being divided into smaller classes.

The initial step for Elysia to return to school days that still leaves wounds and gloom without anyone caring, but this time she will not feel alone because at this time her guardian angel is really there with her.

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