Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 40: Troublemaker Back Off

Chapter 40: Troublemaker Back Off

"You are Kayla, right? So, Miss Kayla, what really happened? Is what Miss Erika said true? Don't be afraid to talk to me..." Elysia spoke softly to the employee who felt bullied.

Erika who feels that she is not being looked at by the rich customer girl immediately puts on a fierce face to intimidate Kayla into following her intention.

Unfortunately, this inappropriate behavior was noticed by Elysia's perception, which already felt this weirdness even though her eyes were on Kayla.

Kayla doesn't want to get into trouble with Senior Erika and make her life difficult, Erika is known to be fond of cheating on other employees without fear of rules and penalties, especially new employees and Kayla's career will not be good if she goes against this senior.

Because of that, she just nodded at Elysia while taking off the shopping bag that she slung around her shoulder. But before Kayla was about to hand Erika the shopping bag, Elysia immediately stopped it and slung it on herself.

"This is strange, I'm the one shopping why are you making a fuss? Then I better go to the cashier without the two of you."

Elysia seems impartial because Kayla doesn't want to talk, but she needs to know about how the employee and shopping systems in this place work. That's why she's trying to trigger the event for something.

"I can't allow it. If you wish to go to the cashier to make your payment, let me accompany you there." Erika spoke politely when the shopping bag she was about to receive was grabbed by the customer herself.

Erika realizes that the decision of this rich girl will not be profitable for her because it is certain that this girl will answer Kayla as her salesperson when she will make her payment at the cashier.

Elysia furrowed her brows at the unreasonable chatter of this woman named Erika.

'Lil Ely, this woman is so suspicious. I'm sure nothing good will come of her... So, what are you going to do?' Elena spoke while narrowing her eyes at Erika from within the Soul Realm.

'Yes, I guess so too. I've never encountered such an absurd employee. What does she want and aim for? Is there a sales bonus like a marketer in business?' Elysia began to analyze the situation based on her business experience with only a little information she had so far.

'Oh! That's the most likely thing to happen! Money! Erika wants to take the sales bonus from Kayla for absurd reasons. Even though we don't know the rules here, we do know this woman's behavior is odd.' Elena exclaimed while clapping her hands together at this realization.

'Hmm... If that's true. I know what I have to do to help this friendly girl named Kayla. She has been accompanying us and carrying this rather heavy shopping bag for quite a while so she deserves a prize. Not this woman named Erika.' Elysia snorted through her mind with a plan.

"Hmm... You said I needed to entrust my shopping bag to you because this section is your area of ??responsibility, right?" Elysia smiled generously, in contrast to the plan she had already formed in her mind.

"Yes, let me guide you to the cashier there and assist you." Erika smiles professionally as she nods happily at an easy-to-understand customer.

Most customers do not really care about the salesperson who helps in their shopping, as long as shopping is good they don't care who is their salesperson. At least, that's what Erika thought of Elysia's smile.

"Hehe... Miss Kayla. Where is your area on duty? Was that near the entrance earlier when you greeted the confused me?" Elysia giggled and turned back to Kayla.

"Ah? Um, that's right. I was in charge of the pet clothing section upfront earlier." Kayla nodded absently at the question from her customer.

"Ah... So, you actually greeted me a while ago because I brought this cute white cat? Hi! I'm Vanessa, nice to meet you, Miss Kayla!" Elysia grabbed Vanessa's little paw in her arms and waved it at Kayla.

"Hehe... Cute cat with a pretty name. Nice to meet you too." Kayla seemed to forget the feeling of being bullied earlier and waved her hand at the white cat in Elysia's arms.

"Meow." Vanessa seemed to say hello back by meowing.

"Then, what are you waiting for? Let's go back there. I also need some charming clothes to dress up Vanessa hehe..."

Elysia was happy about that and adjusted some of her plans to get Erika out of the show. Then she grabbed Kayla's hand to drag her away from this woman's lingerie section, but before the two of them could get away, Erika blocked them in their path.

"Then, let me accompany you to the pet clothing section. Kayla is new, maybe she doesn't know many things." Erika tries to prevent this rich customer from leaving. The bonus that is waiting is not allowed to just go away.

"Huh? Why did you decide for me? Who are you to me? You are so strange and absurd. I will file my complaint later for you, I want to know what will happen later." Elysia made a displeased face while giving a threat.

While still on earth, one of the things that can damage an employee's reputation is a complaint report to superiors about the behavior that the employee has done to customers which results in customers being dissatisfied or disappointed.

This could lead to a warning letter, a strict sanction, or a layoff. It also leads to an examination and a request for further clarification of the employee. In short, a complaint report that Elysia mentioned is what employees dislike the most and could jeopardize their careers depending on the issue.

Elysia had thought twice before making this threat. Even though she doesn't know much, at least this can make this woman named Erika back off and not bother anymore.

"Eh? Please don't make a complaint report for me. I am a good and exemplary employee. If you have decided, I will excuse myself. Kayla, please treat our customers with respect. You can ask other employees if you are confused. Bye."

Erika smiled wryly and saluted Elysia before speaking to Kayla and seemed to run away from there. If a complaint report was issued from a rich noble girl, Erika's career would be in jeopardy, even her backer at this shop couldn't save her at that time if that really happened.

"..." All of them were at a loss for words, even Elena.

"It's fine now. Let's go to the pet clothing section." Elysia nodded and slightly nudged Kayla who was still stunned at how quickly things had changed.

"Um, at your service, young lady. Let me carry your shopping bag."

Kayla immediately recovered and carried Elysia's shopping bag with gratitude. Although she doesn't really know why Senior Erika quickly stepped down, she can be grateful for this and she can secure this sales bonus.

Similar to Kayla, Elysia and Elena also don't know much about Erika's behavior, but the two of them shook their heads a little to get rid of this matter because the problem has ended without lingering too long.

Elysia and Kayla head out of the women's lingerie section to find charming pet clothes for Vanessa.

A little away from them, Erika irritatedly clicked her tongue because she failed to snatch a customer from a rookie. She also could not understand why the rich aristocratic girl was so concerned about who would become her salesperson.

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