Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 41: Holy Library

Chapter 41: Holy Library

Elysia and Kayla return to the section near the entrance of this shop where lots of cute and lovely pet clothes are on display. Then Elysia went around looking here and there.

'Hehe... Vanessa. Look at all those clothes. Isn't that fine and beautiful?' Elysia tries to tease Vanessa in her arms.

'You want me to wear clothes like that, master? I'm going to look weird...' Vanessa began to hesitate.

'Huh? Why is it strange? Look at that little dress, wouldn't you look prettier in that?' Elysia is confused by that.

'My fur is my clothes. Since I don't have a human form yet, I don't know. If you wish, I will be happy to wear it, master.' Vanessa looked at the beautiful white dress featured on the cat statue then rubbed her cheek on her master's arm.

The response from Vanessa surprised Elysia and Elena a little. Since when was the fur of the beast also their clothing... They were literally naked. But Elysia did not dwell on that thought and chose some clothes for Vanessa.

'Vanessa, I'm going to help you put on this dress, okay? I want to know what you will look like.'

Vanessa agreed with that and Elysia immediately helped put the dress on Vanessa.

'Cute...' Elena muttered with a sparkle in her eyes as Vanessa wore a white dress with a small crown on her head. Vanessa currently looks like a princess from the land of cats in a fairy tale.

'I thought so.' Elysia nodded and took off the dress again from Vanessa then gave Kayla some of the clothes she had chosen.

"Miss Kayla, I've had enough shopping for today. Let's head to the cashier now." Elysia spoke while grabbing Vanessa and holding her again in a soft hug.

"Yes, young lady. Please follow me to the cashier there." Kayla nodded with a smile and made a welcoming hand gesture.

They both head to the cashier to calculate all the fees that need to be paid.

*Tut* *Tut*

Elysia saw one after another the clothes from her shopping bag were counted on a semi-automatic machine by a clerk at the cashier and Kayla who neatly folded the clothes and wrapped them into a large tote bag.

Then she saw that the price printed on the black screen was similar to that in a convenience store earlier and continued to increase until it stopped at a value that had many numbers there.

'Sister Elena, there are so many numbers there. We are already being extravagant...' Elysia lamented a little as she calculated the money she needed to pay this time and if it was rounded up it would be 268 gold coins.

'Yeah... I guess, over a hundred clothes are probably too many right now. Eh? Don't you have a lot of gift money from Harold, Lil Ely? 268 gold coins isn't a big number if it's taken from there.'

Elena somewhat agrees but immediately denies it because she knows that Elysia likes to be thrifty even though she is an affluent and wealthy person, but that is no reason not to beautify herself.

Elysia knows very well the value of these garments only by considering the materials and details based on her knowledge on earth.

On further calculation, at least fifty bronze coins had the same value as one dollar or two dollars for one silver coin.

So, in this department store, she has already spent almost 54 thousand dollars on clothes alone. Great value for people who are frugal and don't like to be extravagant.

Elysia sighed for a moment and reluctantly paid according to the price printed on the black screen. Although she still has a lot of money, the academy has not yet started and she needs to watch over it if additional fees are needed later.

Then Elysia slung the large tote bag containing the clothes over her shoulder and received a piece of paper containing a long list of her shopping from the clerk at the cashier.

On the bill, Kayla's name was written as her salesperson, and judging by Kayla's happy expression, it was certain that there was a bonus waiting for this girl.

"See you again, Miss Kayla. Have a nice day." Elysia said goodbye while waving her hand.

"Yes, see you later! Thank you for shopping at our shop."

Kayla cheerfully gave a professional salute with a smile on her face. She clenched her fists with determination while remembering her loved one. She also calculated that her bonus from one sale this time would yield at least 268 silver coins, a large amount for a commoner.

Elysia once again put the large tote bag she was carrying into the [Space Storage] when no one was watching her as she slipped into an alley.

'Now that's all, we're going to the library for knowledge.' Elysia talking to Elena.

'Fufu... Sure. Knowledge is important, we need to know the history of this world too. Maybe we'll find a clue to our troubles.'

Elena nodded in agreement because she had made a deal when she persuaded Elysia to try on the sexy lingerie earlier.

'Yes, we have to know more about this world. It's a bit impossible for us to return to earth. At least we have to prepare to survive in this world.' Elysia added while continuing her steps towards the city library in the center of this capital city.

The city library called the 'Holy Library' was the library with the most comprehensive knowledge records on the Human Continent. This magnificent place in the center of Aeddoterra City attracted many seekers of enlightenment for knowledge and magic.

Elysia entered the library with the people who were also going there. After passing through the entrance, there is a reception desk like in a hotel that welcomes newcomers when they first enter.

Everyone who went there seemed to be handing over a membership card to be checked before being allowed into the library hall at the advanced entrance on the side of the reception desk which was guarded by several uniformed guards.

"Young lady, what can I do for you?" A lady on duty at the reception desk greeted Elysia who was standing in front of her.

"I saw everyone hand over a card to the guard there before entering the guarded entrance. But I don't have one. What do I need to do?" Elysia asked while tilting her head slightly in confusion. She needed to know and had to get permission to enter this magnificent library.

"Oh! That's easy. You just have to make it here. Let me help you." The lady smiled kindly at the flustered beautiful girl who looked like someone who had just come to the capital.

"That's great. Then, I'd like to make one for me, ma'am. What does it take for that?"

"Library card creation is free but you need a minimum deposit of 10 silver coins on the card."

Elysia was somewhat relieved to hear that. Making a membership card in a place as grand as this turned out to be not as complicated as she imagined in her mind.

"Here are 10 silver coins, ma'am. Please make a library card for me." Elysia put down the coin while smiling happily with the ease of making a library card.

"Of course, young lady. Wait a moment. All right, what is your name, young lady?" The lady took a card from under the table and asked again.

"Elysia Avery."

"All right, now please touch this crystal."

The lady did something to the card then she stuck the card into a green crystal and handed the crystal to Elysia. Whereas the latter didn't think much about it and put her finger on the crystal, she just thought it was just a procedure like asking for fingerprint data to create a formal identity card.

"Hehe... That's not it, young lady. You need to grab hold of the crystal and your library card will be finished." The lady giggled with amusement at the innocence of this young lady as well as her ignorance.

Elysia blushed a little because she got it wrong. Then she immediately grabbed the crystal and it glowed and worked to scan her physical body for a moment until the crystal dimmed.

After that, Elysia returned the crystal to the lady at the reception desk. The Lady received the crystal and pulled out the card that was stuck there before giving it to Elysia.

"This is your library card, young lady. If you are new to this library, all the library rules are already displayed on the wall when you enter. Have a nice day."

"Yes, thank you, ma'am." Elysia accepted the light green library card and proceeded to the entrance to the actual library.

She handed the newly made card to the guard like everyone else to check before being allowed into the library.

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