Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 39: Lingerie

Chapter 39: Lingerie

"Very well, Miss Employee. I will take these clothes too." Elysia handed over the newly tried clothes to the employee.

"Yes, young lady. What clothes would you like to look for next?" The employee puts the clothes that were given to her into a shopping bag.

She had accompanied Elysia around looking for clothes of so many kinds as if all of them could fill a whole wardrobe just from the clothes in this shopping bag.

"Um... I need some lingerie too..." Elysia told the employee what she needed with a slight blush.

"Then let's go over there." The employee smiled professionally and just thought this young lady only prepared a lot of spare clothes for various circumstances.

Elysia just nodded and followed the employee to the women's lingerie section.

There are so many variations of lingerie, ranging from cute ones with pictures to slightly transparent ones that make Elysia think it's so indecent.

"Young lady, what are your three measurements?" The employee asked politely.

"Three sizes? Err... I'm fine, I'll find it myself..."

Elysia blushed even more at the three-body measurements. She didn't want to have her body measured by the employee because she was so embarrassed. Even though she doesn't know her exact body size in measured values, she can calculate it using her advanced perception.

'Hehe... It's so nice seeing you blush, Lil Ely.' Elena teases Elysia's current state.

Elysia did not answer Elena and immediately went around to find the right size for her body using her ability and then gave it to the employee until she had enough.

'Lil Ely, don't just buy the normal and cute ones. Buy sexy ones too... Look at those black lacy ones and that, and that too...' Elena pointed here and there from Soul Realm.

'But... But I find it so indecent... Look at that slightly transparent one. I've lost my identity, and now you want me to die of embarrassment too, Sister Elena?' Elysia feels both embarrassed and helpless at Elena's request.

'Hehe... How is that possible? I know the inside out of you, my intentions are good... After all, how could you die of embarrassment if you put all that sexy lingerie under your clothes?' Elena tried to persuade.

'... Alright, I'll buy some sexy underwear too, but I won't try to wear any of them this time.' Elysia decided after a moment of thought while taking some of the lingerie in question.

'You can't do that. Try a few too... Just three, just three like the previous one...' Elena tried to persuade Elysia again with a mischievous smile.

'I don't wanna do it.'

'Oh no. You can't do that to me. Just two, just try two of that sexy lingerie... Do it for me, Lil Ely.' Elena started whining when Elysia seemed not going to change her mind.

'Oh yes. Why can't I? Erm... Just one lingerie and we're done shopping, deal?'

Elysia at first wanted to act tough and ignore Elena to try this inappropriate lingerie, but she couldn't bear to refuse Elena's request when she saw Elena's face in her Soul Realm with her new technique.

'Deal! That's my Lil Ely! Now go to the dressing room! I need to see how far you will grow.' Elena was cheerful again. For some reason, Elysia smiled and blushed a little when she saw Elena's behavior.

After that she gave some of the lingerie she took to the employee and rushed to the dressing room to try on the lingerie which was both embarrassing and indecent.

'Vanessa, I will try this lingerie but I feel embarrassed. So, you're here and don't turn around, okay?' Elysia put the white cat in her arms to the floor near the exit of the dressing room.

'Ok, master.'

Vanessa just nodded her head and obeyed even though she didn't understand what made her master embarrassed.

'Good girl. Wait here for a moment.' Elysia stroked Vanessa's soft fur for a while.

Then Elysia faced herself reflected in the mirror as she mustered up her resolve. She didn't really pay attention to her body in several previous instances even when she was washing her body clean in the lake, but now she needs to see her reflection in the mirror to try this lingerie.

After gathering enough determination, she took off the dress she was wearing along with her lingerie and immediately put on her sexy black lace lingerie.

Now Elysia looked at her reflection in the mirror shyly and blushed brightly. Even though she already knows her body features and the ins and outs of each curve thanks to her advanced perception, she is still shy to see her own body clearly.

'You're so hot and sexy, Lil Ely. You will grow up to be an extraordinary woman and that's for sure. Now I can rest in peace and die without regrets, uh...'

Elena says it as if she is a mother who has raised her child and made sure that her body is healthy and growing well. She smiled calmly and floated down on the Soul Realm as if she was going to rest without sin and regret.

Unfortunately, Elena's words of praise sound like a tease to Elysia. Because of that, she didn't take long to see her beautiful body and immediately returned to her original clothes then came out of the dressing room with Vanessa while her face still slightly blushing.

Elysia still has to get used to her body, she can't be so embarrassed just looking at her own body.

When she returned to the place where the employee who accompanied her was waiting, she saw an unknown woman having an argument with the employee who accompanied her while shopping for clothes.

'Sister Elena, don't sleep just yet! Look at that, they seem to be arguing.' Elysia exclaimed in her mind as she walked over to the two women who were exchanging words and it was clear because of her ability.

'Huh? Oh! The employee who accompanied us was like being bullied there. Lil Ely, we need to help her even though we don't know what really happened.' Elena who pretended to be dead immediately opened her eyes.

'En, alright. But I need to find out more before helping her.' Elysia agreed with Elena with an opinion similar to what she had in mind.

"This is the shopping section in my area of ??responsibility. So you can hand over the responsibility for completing the transaction from the customer you accompany to me." A woman in an employee uniform sneered disrespectfully.

"I can't do that, Senior Erika. Under the rules in this 'Ethereal' store, an employee in charge of the customer will take care of it until the customer has finished shopping. So I can't leave it to you because I'm going to break the rules."

The employee who has accompanied Elysia with a pitiful face is holding Elysia's shopping bag tightly.

"That's okay, I know a lot more than you. Kayla, now give me the shopping bag and you can go back to your work." Erika with a smile stretched out her hand while signaling to give the shopping bag Kayla was holding.

Erika is a senior at this department store and she loves to bully new employees by getting their customers to swallow up all the sales bonuses for herself.

Kayla's fate as a new employee is no different from the other new employees who were bullied by Erika. Kayla was caught carrying a large shopping bag with so many clothes belonging to her customer, and Kayla will definitely be big prey for Erika when she just returns to the women's lingerie section.

Erika isn't afraid of rules and doubts because she has a secret backer. She just needs to think about bonuses and how to get more money without fear of reciprocity.

When Kayla was in a dilemma and hesitation, Elysia approached them as a customer who must be respected and served politely according to the rules of this shop.

"What are you doing, you know each other? Miss Employee, add this too." Elysia handed the black lace lingerie to the employee and she immediately put it in the shopping bag.

"Ah, this is nothing. We already know each other and are having a light conversation. I'm Erika at your service for your shopping." Erika salutes with one hand near her upper chest.

"Is that so? Then what's wrong with the lady who has accompanied me shopping from the beginning until now? Did something happen?" Elysia saw the employee she mentioned and looked back at Erika.

"There's nothing wrong with it. It's just that here is the shopping section in my area of ??responsibility. So, I told Kayla to hand over the responsibility for me to continue." Erika smiled professionally as she put a stern face to Kayla.

Kayla started to feel bullied with tears in her eyes, the gossip about senior Erika who was feared by new employees was indeed true.

Maybe the bonus she had imagined would be forfeited because of this. Although she desperately needs money for some reason, she values ??this job more and doesn't want to get fired if something happens just because of this senior.

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